Shootin’ the Bull(winkle)

From Reg Henry at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer:

Since John McCain announced his wild and crazy choice of Sarah Palin to be his running mate in the presidential election, wild and crazy stuff has been coming out about her.

I am not going to do the Democrats’ work by repeating it all here, but Americans shouldn’t go thinking that John McCain’s staff didn’t thoroughly vet her beforehand.

Are you kidding? Her selection was vetted with the same care and attention to detail that the Bush administration took in making the case to invade Iraq.

But I do have some concerns about Palin’s fitness to hold high office. Mostly, I am worried about her penchant for moose hunting.

Original DVD cover.

It would seem to me that, in terms of skill, shooting a large animal like a moose is about as difficult as hitting the side of a barn or taking potshots at a drive-in movie screen. Where is the challenge? And what has any moose done to offend Palin or anyone else?

Moose are known to move ploddingly about the bush, stopping every so often to graze like large government workers at the staff cafeteria. I don’t doubt they can get ornery, especially if you call them homely, but all large, dim-witted animals can be dangerous — for example, Rush Limbaugh.

But I don’t think this is any excuse to open fire.


Frankly, I fear for America’s prestige in the world when mooseburgers are added to the White House menu at the vice president’s behest. Previously, the worst that happened was that visiting dignitaries would be tortured if they didn’t eat their vegetables.


Fortunately, the presumptuous vice president has family values. In fact, with her sort of far-right values, she could be Genghis Khan’s sister.

Still, by picking Sarah Palin as his running mate, John McCain has liberated all of us from the tyranny of experience. He has picked someone who is not just inexperienced but spectacularly so, a privilege reserved for the good-looking.

But experience is so yesterday.


Of course, before this announcement, the conservative talking point was that Barack Obama was not experienced enough for the White House. While some have desperately recalibrated the argument, now saying for the first time that executive experience is what is needed, that won’t fly either. Palin doesn’t have much of that, either.

The experience argument as used against Sen. Obama was always just a convenient way of saying: “Go away. Come back when you are experienced, by which time we will have another excuse and you will be too old to be exciting.” Now his critics are reduced to not liking him because he doesn’t shoot moose.

agent9999hattip Tip of the hat to the handsome and talented Crashing Vor for the DVD suggestion!


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14 responses to “Shootin’ the Bull(winkle)

  1. nightowl724

    I’m from the ‘Burgh, so I thought these lines were funny, too:

    After all, here in Pittsburgh we go to the ballpark and watch pierogies race and oftentimes they provide more excitement than the Pirates’ version of baseball.

    But at least we have the good grace not to shoot any pierogies on the theory that it is not sporting to shoot large lumps of fried stuffed dough. That theory should also apply to moose, which are nothing if not large lumps.

    Poor Bullwinkle! But, it would seem he’s not the only one being “winkled by bull” these days…

    As for your poster, nonnie? 10 out 0f 10 possible bull’s eyes! Kudos!

  2. i hope everyone goes over and reads the whole article. it’s very funny.

  3. jeb

    I watched the Daily Show this weekend and he showed KKKarl on Fox in July pointing out that Kaine would be a bad choice for VP because he was the mayor of Richmond which has a population of 200,000 and he’s only been a Gov for three years. This means he would not be ready to step in for Obama.

    Yep, you know it, he then showed KKKarl recently extolling the Bullwinkle killer by saying she’d been mayor of Alaska’s second largest city and she’d been a Gov for two years which made her supremely qualified to step if for CU.

    The thing with their hypocrisy, is they think that it’s normal, that all people just flat out lie like they do.

  4. jeb,
    that’s why i love tds. jon stewart points out the hypocrisy like the msm never does.
    the claim that being mayor of wasilla being proper qualification for being veep or prez is just plain chutzpah. it is so ridiculous that it is beyond comprehension. what the dems need to do is point out that, even as mayor, sister sarah was a failure. in fact, she was the chimpy of wasilla. she had to hire a city manager to take over the executive functions. she ignored the fact that the city needed roads and a sewage plant and instead put up a sports stadium. the land the stadium was built on didn’t belong to the city, and it cost hundreds of thousands in legal fees to settle the matter. she lowered taxes for businesses and raised them for the residents. she left the city in debt after the last mayor left a surplus. she is chimpy and cheney rolled up in one with an X chromosome thrown in.

  5. Love the cover and a tip of the hat to Crashing Vor!

    FWIW, Sister Sarah would probably find that cover flattering.

  6. neon vincent,
    i hope crashing vor makes his way over here to see it. i emailed him.
    i am sure sister sarah would be quite pleased with the cover. did you see the picture of her and her littlest daughter with a dead caribou? how do her kids not have nightmares?

  7. Sheer genius.
    I just adore your talent.

  8. jeb

    So Nonnie, by rethug standards then she’s an absolute success!

  9. thank you, karen. you are too kind. i hope you are here tonight to see the latest diary. one of your posts inspired it!

  10. jeb,
    by rethug standards, she’s brilliant, loquacious, and endearing. apparently, their standards are a bit different than ours.

  11. nonnie

    this is one of the best — our own natasha (alaska is NEAR russia) is looking for her own boris badenov

    you are a genius

  12. First I find it interesting (even with the eduction available today) that people still have to show their “level of communication skills” by name calling. Sad really.

    Secondly… you have no idea how difficult it is to get close to any prey that is hunted. Their hearing and sense of smell is… well, it’s animalistic.

  13. i find it interesting, mssc54, that people like john mccain show their “level of communication skills” by calling chelsea clinton, who was only about 18 at the time, ugly. you have a cute little kid in your pic next to your comment. would you like a politician to make jokes about your child when he is barely an adult?
    i also find it interesting that he showed his “level of communication skills” when he chuckled when one of his supporters called hillary clinton a bitch and he didn’t tell her to stop calling people names. do you want me to go on about john mccain’s “level of communication skills”?
    what i find really interesting, though, are people who think that killing and field-dressing a moose is a qualification to be vice president.