Rethuglican National Convention in Pictures, Part I

Not a lot of reading tonight, kids! I thought we would take a look at our favorite moments at the Rethuglican National Convention, where John MCain was hailed as King of the Shill King Who’s Over the Hill King of the Hill.

Of course, not everyone could be there….

Chimpy and Condi were too busy…


I don’t know why Dead Eye Dick couldn’t be there. Perhaps he was hunting with Harry Whittington…


But let’s not dwell on those who couldn’t be there, but on the action at the convention! There were lots of movies about the candidates, and they showed us that they are just like us!

Here’s Captain Underpants with Cindy Lou at one of their numerous homes…


Here’s one of the highlights from the Sarah Palin reel…


And there was this touching scene of Todd and Sarah Palin spending time with daughter Bristol and her boyfriend, Levi Johnston. Awwww….


Tomorrow, we’ll focus on the action at the convention. Hope to see you then!

(Inspired by this brilliant piece of snark by our own lovely and talented Karen Zipdrive!)


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17 responses to “Rethuglican National Convention in Pictures, Part I

  1. i love the mccains — is cindy wearing her non-elitist $300,000 earrings? and levi has small feet

    i tried my hand at Shakespeare tonight – let me know what you think

  2. dcAp,
    i am going over there right now. i hope you will stop by tomorrow for part II. the pics are a lot better than tonight’s.

  3. So, who’s the incomprehensible lady-killer Boomhauer?

  4. that would be fred thompson, neon vincent! 😆

  5. jlms qkw - jenn

    oh nonnie. i’m going to have to fix a drink now or something.

    fred thompson/jabba is so revolting. i can’t believe he brags about being a ladies’ man.

    i thought one of the babes at ms wasilla might be cindy lou, too.

  6. cindy lou is too old to be miss wasilla.
    as to grampa fred, i found this (gag alert!):

    For a guy claiming to be the conservative, family values candidate, TV actor Thompson has quite a colorful history with the ladies. He married his first wife after he got her pregnant. Now he is divorced, and during his swinging single years as a senator, gossip columnists called him “Hollywood Fred” and “The Tennessee Stud.” During that time, he dated country star Lorrie Morgan, Republican party girl Georgette Mosbacher, GOP pollster Kellyanne Fitzpatrick (now Conway), and Jeri Kehn, who he married in 2002 and is young enough to be his fourth daughter. (They met in 1996, when he was 53 and she was 29.)

  7. Got a Grip

    “The Tennessee Stud” is the name of a wretched, wretched country song from long ago. It’s a love song to a horse. It has many verses, but the chorus goes like this:

    “The Tennessee Stud was long and lean.
    The color of the sun, and his eyes were green.
    He had the nerve, and he had the blood!
    And there never was a horse like the Tennessee Stud.”

    I hadn’t thought about this song in years. It would have been perfect as a campaign song for Freddie during his glorious run for the White House. *sigh* A lost opportunity…

  8. gotta!
    don’t you remember? you are not allowed to bring any of these hideous songs in here ever since that last one–i don’t remember the name, and i am not going to look for it, lest that atrocity find its way back into my brain! you know the one i mean though.

  9. Got a Grip

    It was “I’m not Lisa.” And now the tune will return to your head and you’ll find yourself humming it while looking for an instrument to commit suicide to make it stop.

    I don’t advise going to look for it. I know what it sounds like. It’s fabulously awful.

  10. Got a Grip

    I do love Cindy Lou and Captain Underpants in the hot tub, btw. Although whenever I let my mind stray to the thought of Cindy Lou without much clothing on (and believe me, I had to force my mind to go there) I pictured her with breasts like dessicated pancakes and a more anorexic body. John Boy looks like someone sunk his battleship. Waaaaahhhh!

  11. gotta,
    why do you think cindy lou has her head thrown back like that? okay, it may be that the botox has made its way all the way to her neck, and she can’t hold her head up, but it is also a great way to perk up the dessicated pancakes and take away the facial wrinkles. if it’s too much for you, gotta, just grab a bottle of pills from the edge of the pool.

  12. jeb

    Looking at this reminds me of that feeling I had when I switched on the convention; well at least there’s beer!

  13. Got a Grip

    jeb, I think that’s what Georgie has been thinking for eight long years….

  14. i’ll bet chimpy can’t wait until there are not so many people around so he doesn’t have to hide his booze in the drapes anymore.

  15. There’s a saying here in Texas. Hank Hill isn’t a cartoon, it’s the guy living next door.