Rethuglican National Convention in Pictures, Final Installment

These are the remaining pics from the Rethuglican National Convention 2008. It was a splendid affair, complete with a huge screen that served as a backdrop as it showed a continuous loop of all the Underpantses’ houses. Oh, the excitement! Oh, the fashions!!


It was time for the headliners. First up was Sister Sarah, in her Bridge to Nowhere finery….


When she was done with her vitriolic pile of flame throwing bull$hit speech, husband Todd drove one of his snowmachines onstage to show how virile he is and to make Captain Underpants look even more decrepit, along with daughter Discus Bering Eucalyptus Algebra Piper.


Soon it was time for Captain Underpants to take the stage and mesmerize the crowd! He started with his energy policy, cheered on by Governor Tim Pawlenty and Sarah Pawlenty…I mean Palin….


By the time he finished, the crowd was so asleep comatose, they could barely even remember his name!


Then the Underpantses and the Palins took the stage, and the Rethuglican National Convention was history.


What an exciting time! I bet Chimpy and Deadeye Dick are sure disappointed that they missed it!


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20 responses to “Rethuglican National Convention in Pictures, Final Installment

  1. So accurate. So true.
    I just can’t compliment your talents enough.

  2. sardonyx

    I understand that, as usual, Chimpy phoned it in. You expect him to change after nearly eight years?

  3. this is one of the funniest things i have EVER read — you owe me a keyboard – there is soda all over it

    why are you not writing for letterman!

  4. jlms qkw - jenn

    you are truly amazing, every single day, nonnie dear!

  5. you are too kind, karen! i look at the pics and see little mistakes that make me cringe. funny how things look one way in photoshop, another way in photobucket, and yet another over here.

  6. sar,
    8 years of him phoning it in, and he still can’t dial a phone by himself. πŸ™„

  7. then we’re even, dcAp! πŸ˜› you owe me a chair for when i read your version of shakespeare! it’s still a bit damp!

  8. thank you jenn. i β™₯ you!

  9. Got a Grip

    nons, that pic of CU and Tom Ridge makes me think of “Field of Dreams” for some reason. CU has that “just envision it!” thing going on.

    If you build it (or at least lie about building it repeatedly) they will come….

    P.S. Cindy Lou’s drapery dress still looks atrocious, although I do think that you’ve done wonders with her hair. πŸ˜‰

  10. gotta,
    i can see what you mean, though i love the movie, and i certainly don’t like these guys. what i think of when i look at the pic is sophia in golden girls, when she starts with “picture this, sicily, 1924….”.
    you know i couldn’t possibly leave out cindy lou’s dress! she has so many different hairstyles, so that was quite challenging, but i think i did her justice. i just hope i didn’t put too much makeup on her. i don’t want her to look like a trollop! πŸ˜‰

  11. Got a Grip

    I like your original vision better than mine. I like “Field of Dreams” too and that thought of it was kind of depressing. But now that you’ve given me the Sophia reference I can cling to that (along with my guns and God) and happily discard the other. Maybe Johnnie is give Ridge a rundown on one of his many exciting plane crashes. Or perhaps describing chasing Cindy Lou around the table while conveniently forgetting his poor, mangled wife.

    I think you did fine work on Cindy’s hair and make-up. She doesn’t look more than 75% trollop-like. As to that other thing John Boy called her (you know..the “c” word), well, I’m just going to put that down and back away….

  12. I kept waiting for Beavis and Butt-Head to make an appearance.

  13. cling, gotta, cling!! i am glad i could give you a bit of peace, but now i am upset with myself for besmirching sophia!
    don’t congratulate me on not using too much makeup on cindy lou. all the lipstick was used up on a pig.

  14. neon vincent,
    you really didn’t watch the convention, did you? beavis stayed at the white house and made a speech from the oval office. i am not sure where butthead was. maybe he was out shooting someone in the face.

  15. Friend of the court

    Butthead usually stays in an undisclosed location.

  16. Got a Grip

    Neon Vincent, you said butthead.

    heh, heh. heh, heh, heh….. πŸ˜‰

  17. fotc,
    with his head up some oil company’s butt. hence, his name.

  18. gotta,
    neon vincent is a scientist. he is allowed to use words like butthead. it’s professional.

  19. I worked most of the evenings of the GOP convention. I did catch Fred Thompson, 9iu11iani, Boris (Huckabee), Natasha (Palin), but missed everyone else, including Capt. Underpants. As for Beavis, you’re right, I forgot. His image was there, but not his body.

  20. neon vincent,
    you really didn’t miss anything, especially since the entire thing is being replayed in installments whenever one of these morons sees a tv camera. it is striking how they just repeat the same asinine soundbytes from their speeches. not one of them has an original thought.

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