How’s The View, Cindy Lou?

(CNN) –Cindy McCain, wife of Republican presidential nominee John McCain, criticized the media at a weekend fundraiser, telling supporters that the hosts of The View “picked our bones clean.”

Better not let Phil Gramm hear that whining, Cindy Lou!
Original DVD cover.

From The Los Angeles Times:
NEW YORK — Taking his campaign to the daytime talk show circuit Friday, John McCain said his camp was not out of bounds when it released a Web video this week suggesting that his Democratic rival, Barack Obama, compared Republican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin to a pig.

The controversy began Tuesday evening after Obama told the crowd at a town hall meeting in Lebanon, Va., that McCain’s efforts to present himself as an agent of change were disingenuous. Arguing that the Arizona senator does not differ from President Bush on issues such as tax policy and ” Karl Rove-style politics,” Obama added: “That’s not change. . . . You can put lipstick on a pig, and it’s still a pig.”


During McCain’s appearance on ABC’s ” The View” on Friday, co-host Joy Behar asked him why he approved a campaign Web video that showed Obama’s pig remark after a frame that read “Barack Obama on Sarah Palin.”

“They’re lies,” Behar said, referring to that video and another McCain ad, about Obama’s record on sex education.


“Actually, they are not lies,” McCain replied crisply.


McCain, making a concerted effort to win over female voters, generally received a warm reception from the live audience, though he drew boos when he reaffirmed his position that the abortion rights ruling in Roe vs. Wade was “a very bad decision” that should be overturned.

His appearance also offered another chance to strongly defend Palin’s experience as governor of Alaska for nearly two years and, before that, mayor of Wasilla, Alaska, for four years. “She’s ignited a spark in America,” he said.

In a lighter moment, co-host Barbara Walters needled McCain about his recent statements that Palin is the greatest vice presidential candidate “in the history of the United States.”

“Greater than John Adams, who became president? Greater than father George Bush who became president? That sound a little strong?” Walters asked.

Didja see the interview, kids? I never watch The View, but I saw it online, and it was awesome! If only those who call themselves real journalists would ask the same questions.

Watch the bloodbath here.


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24 responses to “How’s The View, Cindy Lou?

  1. Friend of the court

    I’m surprised that McUnderpants didn’t have a PTSD flashback to his POW days. I’ve heard that he prefers to not be questioned. Not something a “friend” would do.

  2. fotc,
    did you watch it? i think capt underpants thought he was going to be glorified by the ladies, and, instead, he had to go change his poopy diaper during the commercial break.

  3. I guess the view is pretty good when you’re a billionaire heiress.
    You and your husband would then, obviously consider the economy “strong” and you can tell all the common folk to go “eat cake!”

    I dunno – I think McCain is really Bush, only older, and Palin is Cheney with a bra. They chant the “change” mantra, but it’s the same old lies.

    Fool me once and shame . . . Uh, How does that go again??!!

  4. hi christianliberal!
    welcome to the raisin! 😀
    you are much nicer than i am! i had a different name for the captain underpants/palin ticket. you can find it here. scroll down to the second campaign sign.
    nice video!

  5. Got a Grip

    LOL! nonnie, for a minute there I mistook Cindy Lou for that airhead Hasselback in the poster. Cindy Lou better watch out, CU may have his eye on another backside besides Sister Sarah.

  6. Got a Grip

    Oh! I just made myself think of something that you might use, nonnie! In calling Palin “Sister Sarah” it made me think of that old movie (which I’ve always loved, btw) called “Two Mules for Sister Sarah.” Do you remember it, nons? Clint Eastwood comes across Shirley McClain in the desert and she pretends to be a nun instead of the hooker she is. Maybe you could work it into something….. 😉

  7. jlms qkw - jenn

    Gotta, you so funnay!
    nonnie, you so funnay!

    cindy lou, so pitifully picked upon!


  8. gotta,
    i think you are the third person to suggest that movie. 😆 believe me, i thought of it, especially because i used it before.
    i really don’t think cindy lou cares if capt u fools around. that would be one less thing for her to do a couple of times a year. i would say that there is probably not a woman on earth who would want to sleep with him, and then i remember fred thompson. blehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

  9. jenn,
    i used the pic from the article, but cindy looked even meaner and more pissed off in the original. the underpantses have that rich people attitude where they don’t think anyone has the right to question them about anything.

  10. Got a Grip

    D’Oh! I was apparently AWOL when you did that one, nons, and it was a great one, too. Bad gotta, bad bad!! 🙂

  11. nah, it was a terrible one. i think i was still using mostly mspaint back then. i shudder at some of the old posters. i want to redo almost every one of them.

  12. jeb

    I saw clips from the show. It was just turrible how they beat up on that poor man. Calling him a liar (for telling lies) and claiming he wasn’t a maverick (which he isn’t). Who do they think they are?

  13. I think Captain Underpants was almost Captain soiled Underpants when Whoopie whipped out the slavery reference!

  14. Hey nonnie, I just blogrolled you, FYI!

  15. jeb,
    it’s an ugly thing when the truth is told on national tv. they need a new warning for that. something like this program contains the truth and may not be suitable for rethuglicans.

  16. helenwheels,
    i thought the best part was joy behar flat out calling him a liar. i thought he was going to swallow his own tongue!
    thank you for blogrolling the raisin! i am honored! 😀

  17. Got a Grip

    Now, nons, it was too a great one. Just because you were in the early days of your rise to the top of the snarkolicious parody pile doesn’t mean it wasn’t good. Yes, you’re ever so much better now, but you were always good, even in the MS Paint days.

    I’ll have no arguments on the subject. And don’t make me stop this car, young lady! 😉

  18. I saw clips from The View and I don’t think the normal women on the panel were hard enough on the angry old fart.
    I wish they would have picked up Elisabeth by the ankles and beat McCain in the head with her.

  19. karen,
    if they put that on pay-per-view, it would be the very first time that i would pay to watch.

  20. jeb

    Ooooh, I like that image. Elizabeth H, the voice of right-wing unreason being used as a bludgeon on CU. Cooool.

  21. jeb,
    i picture that before i close my eyes at night to insure sweet dreams. 😉

  22. the view has better journalists than alleged journalists – go figure

  23. dcAp,
    go figure, indeed! what does it say about our society and the media that comedy central has more honest news and commentary than the so-called news channels?