Princess Sarah Goes to Duh-bate Camp!

(CNN)– Gov. Sarah Palin will now spend two and a half days near Sedona, Arizona, to prepare for Thursday’s debate, instead of prepping in St Louis, as originally planned.

Sarah Palin will be at John McCain’s rustic creek side home outside Sedona for what a top aide calls “debate camp.”

Original DVD cover.

[An] aide said “John McCain himself came up with the idea after thinking it would be great before his next debate.

Pailin has already been hunkered down for four days in a Philadelphia hotel for debate prep with advisers.

From the Telegraph:

The Alaska governor picked by Mr McCain as his White House running mate has been assigned a group of senior aides and advisers whose background is at odds with her carefully honed image as a maverick anti-Washington reformer.

Mrs Palin’s chief coach for the sole vice-presidential debate against Joe Biden, the veteran senator who is her Democratic counterpart, is Mark Wallace, who was Mr Bush’s deputy campaign manger in 2004 and later the US deputy ambassador to the United Nations.

Her chief of staff and permanent companion on the campaign trail is Tucker Eskew, a senior Republican strategist who was at the forefront of Mr Bush’s ugly primary battle against Mr McCain in 2000.


They have been drafted into the team as Steve Schmidt, another old Bush-Cheney hand who is now running Mr McCain’s team, has instilled a “take-no-prisoners” approach in place of the previously more relaxed, but less disciplined, approach.

The appointment of Mr Eskew as Mrs Palin’s chief handler raised the most eyebrows. For as Mr Bush’s top advisor in South Carolina in 2000, he was closely associated with what Mr McCain viewed as a vicious smear campaign that derailed his previous run for his party’s nomination.


As The Sunday Telegraph has reported previously, prominent neoconservative thinkers are seeking to shape the foreign policy views of Mrs Palin, whom they regarded as largely a “blank page” on international affairs.


Her aides will now have their work cut out before Thursday when she will face the full glare of publicity in St Louis, Missouri, as she confronts Mr Biden in the only televised debate between the vice-presidential candidates.

Mr Wallace, a lawyer who played a key role working for the Bush legal team in the decisive Florida recount in 2000 before helping run the 2004 re-election campaign and then being appointed to the UN, is leading the team prepping her for that showdown.

Mrs Palin is also receiving advice on delivering her message from Mr Wallace’s wife Nicolle, a former White House communications director, while Steve Biegun, a long-time member of Mr Bush’s National Security Council, has been briefing her on foreign policy.


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24 responses to “Princess Sarah Goes to Duh-bate Camp!

  1. speedmeisterp

    The reason that McCain and Palin are not well spoken is that they don’t have truth on their side.

  2. hello speedmeisterp!
    welcome to the raisin! 😀
    captain underpants and princess don’t have truth on their side, but you sure speak the truth!
    hope you visit and comment often.

  3. Friend of the court

    Tonight, CU and the hockey mom were on Couric news. What a train wreck. McSkivies just kept saying how excited he was to have the princess on the ticket. In other news…..the local paper endorsed the first Democratic candidate for President in 78 years.

  4. fotc,
    i just watched a clip of katie couric interviewing capt u and princess. they twisted a question from a voter that princess answered into gotcha journalism, because her answer was the opposite of what capt u said he would do. is that the same interview you are talking about?
    did you hear, too, that other than roe v. wade, princess can’t name even one supreme court case?

  5. Friend of the court

    That’s the one. The woman is a “regular gal”, kind of gal. She knows better than to say she is going to attack a country, before she attacks.

  6. fotc,
    while i was watching it, i thought to myself that it looks like katie couric was the principal, princess was the misbehaving student, and capt u was the annoyed parent who had to take time off from doing something else to come to school to make excuses for his child.

  7. jlms qkw - jenn

    nonnie, it looks great. palin is a smear campaign upon the usa people. back after i finish my ond!

  8. thanks jenn! 🙂
    see you over at ond!

  9. jlms qkw - jenn

    thursday night: knitting or debate? knitting and debate? hmm. so many choices.

  10. you don’t have to choose, jenn. watch princess debating, and i have no doubt you will be knitting your brow. 🙂

  11. Got a Grip

    I haven’t seen the CU/princess joint appearance yet. I just don’t think I have the stomach for it tonight. I’ll have to look at it tomorrow after I take some anti-nausea medication.

    CU totally blew it today, claiming credit for the bailout passing right before it failed to pass. I laughed so hard I peed my pants. I can do that since I have no money whatsoever to lose in the current financial meltdown. Tomorrow will be an interesting and scary day, I think…..

  12. I think Thursday will be entertaining. Then again, I’m fascinated by train wrecks.

  13. gotta,
    you might have peed your pants, but i think capt u pooped his! no matter what he does lately, he gets made a fool of, and it’s always his own fault!

  14. neon vincent,
    i can’t wait!! 😀 the office is usually my favorite show on thursday, but this will be right up there with it for comic relief!

  15. Got a Grip

    True that, nons. I can’t think of any politician who works so hard to manipulate a situation only to have it repeatedly blow up in his face. He makes poor old Georgie look like a piker in comparison.

  16. gotta,
    the best part is how smug he looks when he announces one of his schemes, thinking that it will be what brings him back from the brink. so much fun watching as the bottom falls out of his plans.

  17. jeb

    Skip the camp Princess. Just let them deck you out in full battle gear with a hockey mask for the hockey mom.

    Putting her in there with Biden is almost like puttting some middle aged, out of shape guy in the ring with Ali in his prime. It almost doesn’t seem fair.

  18. jeb,
    i heard that they have given up on teaching her anything and are spending their time rolling her in bubble wrap and encasing her in cement. 😉

  19. My favorite show on Thursday used to be Survivor. That was when I was a moderator of a Survivor fan forum. Then, the forum crashed, and the community moved to the backup site. I didn’t get my moderatorship back so I quit watching. I guess I was more interested in the power than the show by that time.

  20. A more fair contest would be Sarah Palin vs. Barack Obama in a game of one on one. That would be worth watching. I’ll bet Sarah couldn’t go five minutes without fouling him!

  21. neon vincent,
    i wonder if they will be showing my name is earl before the debate, and, if they do, how many people won’t realize that earl is over when princess starts speaking?

  22. The “other” supreme court cases she couldn’t recall would include the very recent final ruling in the Exxon Valdez oil spill case. What a maroon!

    • i don’t think she ever expected anyone to actually ask her any questions. she thought everyone would just stand in line to tell her how wonderful she is.

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