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From The Boston Globe:

WASHINGTON—Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, touted by GOP presidential candidate John McCain as his expert on energy, seemed to have problems Thursday explaining whether the government bans oil exports — especially from her state’s North Slope fields.

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A questioner at a town hall-style meeting in Wisconsin said he had heard that at least 75 percent of the oil drilled in Alaska was being sold to China and said, if true, he would like to know why.

“No. It’s not 75 percent of our oil being exported,” Palin said, suggesting some of Alaska’s oil, in fact, may be going abroad but not that much.

“In fact,” she added, “Congress is pretty strict on, um, export bans of oil and gas especially.”

No Alaska oil has been exported since 2004, and little if any since 2000, according to the Energy Information Administration and the Congressional Research Service.

And Congress has never imposed outright bans on oil exports. Congress prohibited exports of Alaska oil in 1973 when the Alaska oil pipeline was built. But that ban was lifted in 1996 when there were large volumes of Alaska oil coming down from the North Slope and U.S. demand was soft.

The Alaska ban has never been reinstated.


Between 1996 and 2004, about 95 million barrels of North Slope oil, roughly 2.7 percent of Alaska’s production, was exported to South Korea, Japan, China and Taiwan, according to the Energy Information Administration.

There have been little or no oil exports since 2000, according to the Congressional Research Service. The EIA said there have been no Alaska oil exports since 2004.

The United States exports a relatively small amount of oil and petroleum production as Palin acknowledged as part of her answer, which largely focused on the need for more domestic drilling.

“It’s not a huge portion of any domestic supply being exported,” Palin said toward the end of her response, and seemed to contradict her earlier view that Congress bans exports.


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12 responses to “Ask the Expert

  1. dcup

    Everytime McCain or Palin refer to her as an energy expert, a huge chunk of glacier falls into the ocean.

  2. hi pacer521!
    welcome to the raisin! 😀 i just read the post over at your place. interesting.
    hope you’ll come back and comment more.

  3. hi dcup! 😀
    you’re correct. a chunk of glacier falls into the ocean, and a polar bear cub dies of sadness. 😥

  4. jeb

    Well she may not be an expert, but she’s definitely oily.

  5. and todd is a worm. we all know that the oily bird catches the worm.

  6. That stupid bitch.
    The GOP keeps trying to make her an expert on *anything* to give her even a modicum of credibility, then she crumbles into a heap of stupidity when she’s asked a question about whatever her expertise is supposed to be.
    Simply put, anyone who considers her qualified for anything is dumber than she is.
    And that’s pretty dumb.

  7. karen,
    how many of the people who are exalting her executive experience and her expertise in energy and field-dressing moose would hire her to manage their finances or run their businesses? if it was a matter of life or death, how many would trust her to make their life decisions?

  8. she knows as much as about energy as i know about curing cancer…….

  9. dcAp,
    the difference is that, if someone explained to you some of the technologies used to treat cancer, you would understand. i think princess has people who tell her what they think about issues, and, if they disagree, she flips a coin. i don’t think she has any intellectual curiosity (or acuity) about anything.

  10. McPain/Failin’ should hopefully be swirling the bowl by this weeks’ end. I think they’ve successfully horrified their base and I’ve never seen so much side-switching.

    Great post, nonnie and I love it: The oily bird gets the worm 🙂

  11. helen,
    even if they are swirling the bowl, they have opened up a big can of ugly in this country. they have given permission to the snaggled tooth unwashed to proudly voice their hatred and bigotry. the capt underpants campaign has set this country back decades. it’s shameful, it’s disgusting, and it’s destructive.