Please line up and leave the sinking ship in an orderly manner.

Kids, not only are the Rethugs trying to distance themselves from Chimpy and Deadeye Dick, but they can’t seem to get far enough away from Captain Underpants either! πŸ˜†
From The Independent:

Senior members of the Republican party are in open mutiny against John McCain’s presidential campaign, after a disastrous period which has seen Barack Obama solidify his lead in the opinion polls.


From inside and outside his inner circle, Mr McCain is being told to settle on a coherent economic message and to tone down attacks on his rival which have sometimes whipped up a mob-like atmosphere at Republican rallies.

Original DVD cover.

Two former rivals for the party nomination, Mitt Romney and Tommy Thompson, went on the record over the weekend about the disarray in the Republican camp. And a string of other senior party figures said Mr McCain’s erratic performance risks taking the party down to heavy losses not just in the presidential race but also in contests for Congressional seats. Mr Thompson, a former governor of the swing state of Wisconsin, said he thought Mr McCain, on his present trajectory, would lose the state, and he told a New York Times reporter he was not happy with the campaign. “I don’t know who is,” he added.

Some Republicans seeking election to Congress have begun distancing themselves from Mr McCain. In Nebraska, a Republican representative, Lee Terry, ran a newspaper ad featuring support from a woman who called herself an “Obama-Terry voter”.

From The Trail at The Washington Post:

CHICAGO — Falling behind in a sheaf of polls amid one of the nastiest campaigns in the country, Sen. Norm Coleman (R-Minn.) announced today that he will unilaterally disarm: He will pull his negative advertising and urge his supporters to do the same.

At a St. Paul press conference, the onetime Democrat-turned-Republican sounded as though he was channeling Sen. Barack Obama, who has taken a strong lead in Minnesota polls.


Coleman told reporters that he would not be appearing at a planned rally with McCain this afternoon. Could it be McCain’s sliding polling numbers in Minnesota? His attacks on Obama? Coleman said he needs the time to work on suspending his own negative ads.

From The Miami Herald:

For the first time in more than a decade, Florida Republicans are considering the almost unthinkable: Their presidential nominee could lose the state.

The economy, an unpopular president, a strong opponent, and the inability of John McCain to reverse poll numbers despite repeatedly revising his strategy has top state Republicans looking for someone to blame.

”There are a lot of folks who have never been in a foxhole before and are clearly nervous,” said Brian Ballard, a major McCain fundraiser. “There is some finger-pointing going on a little bit too soon.”

Even Gov. Charlie Crist, who helped deliver Florida for McCain during the primary, said he will spend the final weeks before Election Day minding the state’s weak economy rather than campaigning for the Arizona senator.

”When I have time to help, I’ll try to do that,” Crist said last week, after he flew around the state with McCain running mate Sarah Palin. Saturday, he skipped a McCain football rally and instead went to Disney World.


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15 responses to “Please line up and leave the sinking ship in an orderly manner.

  1. Got a Grip


  2. Got a Grip


  3. …hate to break the emoticon mood here but I gotta say I loved Charlie Crist’s breezy (gay) comment the most.
    “Well, I’m very busy going to Disneyworld and working on my tan and all, but if I happen to stroll by a McCain rally and someone shoves a mike in my face, I may say something, possibly.”

  4. jeb

    Yep, Crist is promising that the check is in the mail.

    Norm, is scrambling while knowing deep down that his opportunistic little windfall is over and Al is going to clobber the snot out of him.

    Meanwhile they’re holding a seance over at the GOP and trying to get Atwater to tell them what is wrong with the vaunted playbook. It always worked before.

    Goodbye Ratpublicans.

  5. karen,
    can you picture the commercial?

    voiceover: hey, charlie crist! the rethuglican brand is in the toilet! your candidate (the one who you thought was going to pick you as his veep, forcing you to enter into a sham engagement with a ~ewwww~ woman, but ditched you for a vapid airhead) is tanking! the economy is circling the drain! what are you going to do?
    crist: i’m doing to disneyworld!!

  6. jeb,
    isn’t it hilarious? the rethugs aren’t even trying to help each other out anymore. then again, are there any that can actually help? they’re all poison! πŸ˜†

  7. I wonder if Crist still plans to marry his beard now that the VP attention is off him? I somehow doubt it.

    As for the Republicans turning on each other, just fill a cage with rats and don’t feed them for a week or so…

  8. dcup

    The ship’s ballast is a Palin. And she’s shooting holes in the bottom of the ship.

  9. karen,
    i’m wondering the same thing. i am sure he never wanted to marry her, and now he may be stuck. i’m sure he will be thinking it over while he’s at disneyworld. wonder why he suddenly decided to go now. he must have gotten one of those coupons for floriduhhhh residents. i think i got one in the mail, too. πŸ™„

  10. dcup,
    i don’t understand those nautical terms, but i can say that it is a bal-last seeing you here. πŸ˜‰

  11. Maybe Disneyworld was hosting their annual Gay Day.