I’t Getting Ruff Out There!

(CNN) — Sen. John McCain said Sunday he’s “very happy” with the way his campaign is going, despite his “underdog” status in the polls.

“We’re going to be in a tight race and we’re going to be up late on election night. That’s just — I’m confident of that. I’ve been in too many campaigns, my friend, not to sense that things are headed our way,” McCain said Sunday on Fox News.

Sen. Barack Obama leads McCain by 6 points, according to CNN’s latest average of national polls.

“I love being the underdog. You know, every time that I’ve gotten ahead, somehow I’ve messed it up,” the Republican candidate said.

He must be thrilled out of his mind!! Here’s the very happy underdog at a rally with some of his supporters, who look pretty darned ecstatic, too!

Original action figure.

If Captain Underpantsdog was happy before, he must be on cloud nine after today’s developments!

From McClatchy:

WASHINGTON — Colin Powell, a retired general [and George W. Bush’s Secretary of State during Bush’s first term] who’d often been mentioned as a Republican presidential candidate himself, endorsed Democrat Barack Obama for president Sunday during the taping of NBC’s “Meet the Press” television program.

Political analysts said Powell’s endorsement, coupled with a blistering critique of the campaign of Republican Sen. John McCain, especially of the selection of Sarah Palin as his running mate, was a serious blow to McCain’s candidacy, particularly in swing states with large numbers of undecided voters.

The timing of the endorsement is key as well. In some swing states, voting has already begun. And in Florida, early voting begins Monday.


McCain, interviewed on Fox News, discounted the potential impact. “This doesn’t come as a surprise,” McCain said. “But I’m also very pleased to have the endorsement of four former secretaries of state, Secretaries Kissinger, Baker, Eagleburger and Haig. And I’m proud to have the endorsement of well over 200 retired Army generals and admirals.”

McCain made it clear later in a conference call with Jewish leaders that he intended to hammer home his attack on Obama’s economic and tax policies, a strategy he said is working.

“I believe Sen. Obama’s comments to Joe the Plumber in his driveway that they need to ‘Spread the wealth around,’ I think, is having an impact on the American people. I guarantee you,” McCain said.

McCain also promised to continue to bring up Obama’s ties to former Vietnam-era radical William Ayers, though he told the Jewish leaders that discussion of Obama’s former pastor, Jeremiah Wright, was off the table.

Powell said that McCain’s emphasis on Ayers — whose fleeting relationship with Obama, Powell said, was irrelevant to America’s concerns now — was one of the reasons he found McCain’s campaign disheartening.

In a seven-minute explication of his reasons for endorsing Obama, Powell also critcized McCain for his response to the economic crisis and said that McCain’s choice of Alaskan Gov. Sarah Palin as his running mate led him to question McCain’s judgment.

Wow! At this rate, his tail is never gonna stop wagging!


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10 responses to “I’t Getting Ruff Out There!

  1. Captain Underpants never seems comfortable in the lead. The first time he gets ahead in a race, he blows himself up. Then he works like mad as the underdog and pulls back ahead, if he gets the chance. Let’s not give “Shoeshine Boy” (Underdog’s alter ego) the chance.

    So, if Captain Underpants is Underdog, does that make Palin Polly Purebred?

  2. neon vincent,
    do you think it’s possible that subconsciously, capt u knows he would suck really bad as prez, so he sabotages himself?
    i was trying to figure out if princess sarah or cindy lou would be polly purebreed. i’m not up on all things underdog, so you can make the decision.

  3. jeb

    I watched the Powell endorsement. It might be my bitterness at his performance at the UN but when he mentioned how disheartened he was with the more conservative turn of his party, I couldn’t help wonder what he was thinking when Bu$h, KKKarl and Lord Vader were screwing the country while he was Secretary of State. What did he think when veterans like Max Cleland and John Kerry were smeared and their patriotism was questioned. Better late than never but pardon me sir, this $hit ain’t a recent occurrence.

  4. jeb,
    maybe powell chalked up the disgusting attacks on kerry and cleland as politics-as-usual. what i find unforgivable is how he defended chimpy when american kids were dying in a war that should never have been fought. i know he is an intensely loyal person, but i think his first loyalty should be to his fellow soldiers, not that piece of $hit in the white house. i lost total respect for him when he stood by the gangsters in the white house, knowing full well that they were constantly lying. that said, i still think that his endorsement was a very good thing. i think he will bring a lot of independents with him, as well as some rethugs.

  5. lol….love it! 😆

  6. i’m very glad you do, dusty, and very happy that you’ve been visiting! 😉

  7. Hmm, that’s a difficult choice. Probably Cindy, as Polly Purebred is a blonde. However, Palin is trained as a broadcaster (note that I didn’t type “journalist”), while Polly is a reporter, so that’s almost a match.

  8. neon vincent,
    i really think you are spending too much time thinking about this! 😉

  9. i love the puppy, karen! puppies make everything better. 🙂