Turds of a Feather

From the Hartford Courant:

Lieberman Says He Keeps Campaign Comments Within Bounds

From The Hill:

[Lindsey] Graham casts doubt over Powell’s GOP credentials

Original DVD cover.

Back to the Hartford Courant:

Sen. Joseph I. Lieberman, one of John McCain’s closest political allies, said Friday he does not believe that Barack Obama is unprepared to be president.

“I’m saying he is less prepared than McCain,” Lieberman said.

But what about Sarah Palin?

Is she ready?

“If, God forbid, an accident occurs or something of that kind?” Lieberman said. “Um, she’ll be ready. You know, she’s had executive experience. She’s smart and she will have had on-the-job training.”


“When I go out, I say, ‘I have a lot of respect for Sen. Obama. He’s bright. He’s eloquent.’ Someday, I might even support him for president, but now in the midst of this series of crises, John McCain is simply so much better prepared that that’s who I am proud to support,” Lieberman said.


Lieberman said he felt no obligation to address comments by McCain and Palin questioning the patriotism of places in America that are not supportive of McCain.


Palin apologized this week for suggesting that some regions were more American than others. She had praised small towns as “the real America” and “the pro-America areas of this great nation.”

McCain called western Pennsylvania, where he is competitive with Obama, “the most God-loving, most patriotic part of America.”

Lieberman laughed when asked if McCain was suggesting that states like Connecticut, where polls show Obama is far ahead, pale in their faith or patriotism.

“Connecticut has always seemed to me to be a God-loving state,” Lieberman said.


Lieberman initially sidestepped a question about Palin’s readiness to be president on day one.

“She’s not going to have to be president from day one because McCain is going to be alive and well. I’ve been talking to actuaries and doctors,” Lieberman said. “He can be expected to live to his mid-80s and probably longer.”

When pressed about when she would be ready, Lieberman replied, “Well, let’s hope she never has to be ready.”

He laughed, then quickly added, “Because we hope McCain is elected and lives out his term.”

And from The Hill:

Colin Powell’s endorsement of Democratic presidential nominee Barack Obama is a sign that he was never truly a Republican, Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) asserted on Sunday.


Powell last week gave Obama a boost when he announced that he would support the Illinois senator in his quest for the White House.

A retired Army general, Powell was President George W. Bush’s first secretary of state and served as chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under President George H.W. Bush and as national security adviser under President Reagan.


Graham suggested that the prospect of the next president appointing new Supreme Court judges was partly behind Powell’s support for Obama.

“I think one of the reasons he didn’t want to support Sen. McCain is he was worried about the judges that would be picked, and he believes that Senator Obama has a better plan,” Graham stated.

“When it comes to judges, they just disagree,” he said of Powell and McCain (Ariz.), the latter of whom supported President George W. Bush’s nominations of two conservatives, Chief Justice John Roberts and Justice Samuel Alito.

Powell’s imprimatur could have the effect of bolstering Obama’s credentials on foreign policy issues, an area in which the freshman senator has little experience.

As McCain and Republicans have done throughout the presidential campaign, Graham sought to highlight Obama’s inexperience and called him “dangerous” on foreign affairs.


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20 responses to “Turds of a Feather

  1. OMG you’ve outdone yourself, darling! I am laughing PLUS grossed out!!! LOL!!

    LIEberman trying to worm his way back into favor with the dems is hysterically funny and epically pathetic! The sleazebag knows his BFF is about to lose, is my guess.

    Why does graham have a lips tattoo on his ass? From McInsane or LIEberman?

    EL OH EL!

  2. helen,
    i can’t stand these 2 little weasels. you know that they had to be the kids that everyone threw food at in the cafeteria! they think that hanging out with capt underpants makes them cool now. 🙄
    i made that image a while back for american street. it was part of a series of magazine covers. i figured i would dust it off and post it here. i think i’ve posted it here before, too. the tattoo is actually a heart with an arrow through it and with john in the middle. i wouldn’t put a tattoo of lips, as i couldn’t even virtually kiss his ass. 😉

  3. nightowl724

    nonnie… Read. My. Lips. No. New. A$$E$!

    Lieberman gives me the creeps. He’s the kind of guy that, if I met him at a party, I’d let him talk a minute and then respond, “Why, isn’t that interesting?” and then beg off by claiming a need to “check out the little girls’ room.”

    You’ve captured that feeling perfectly in this party poster!

  4. nightowl724

    PS Love the title!

  5. nightowl,
    while i was making the poster, it kept occurring to me that lindsey-poo looks like alfalfa in that particular picture, even more so when mcliebercain’s big melon isn’t in the way.

  6. W00T!!! Love the VF one sista! 😉

  7. jeb

    Lindsey & Liarman: With supporters like that… Well, let’s just say that they are two of many reasons the McPalin campaign is swirling the drain!

    Graham questioning Powell’s Rethug credentials. I don’t know it sounds vaguely familiar, almost like questioning patriotism? Scumbag!

  8. thanks dusty! 🙂
    hey, raisinettes, run, don’t walk over to dusty’s place and read this!! it’s brilliant! (and look at the pretty pictures while you’re there.)

  9. jeb,
    lindseypoo’s questioning powell like that was the most shocking part to me. of course, joe mcliebercain is going to try to cover all the bases. he is, above all, an opportunist. lindseypoo’s explanation was just plain bitchy. i suppose desperation makes you that way.

  10. jeb

    Come out of the closet Lindseypoo. You know you want to. Drop that Neocon mask and be your true self.

  11. jeb,
    maybe when larry craig fades off into the sunset, lindseypoo will go with him. or maybe charlie crist can dump his fiance, now that he’s pissed off all the rethugs by extending early voting hours, and he and lindseypoo can get a little place on the beach where charlie can keep up his tan.

  12. dummidumbwit

    Hell, we won, I see what you are saying, but if you want to build a better bridge, a rigbtie like Graham who can generally avoid saying something way way off the mark Lindsey is it? Save the venom for Delay and Newt clones, no shortage of them. We need to govern.

  13. hey dummi!
    i’ve got plenty of venom in reserve! maybe lindseypoo isn’t the worst of the rethugs, but he stood there nodding like a bobblehead while democrats were called communists and socialists and unpatriotic. i never could stand him, and i never will.

  14. dummidumbwit

    Politics is cyclical, in order to stay progressive for longer, it would help to a least offer some reward for not being vicious, the Reds in Berlin in the early 30’s certainly stuck up for their positions before they either had to join the NSDAP or vanish in “Night and Fog”. I have too much of a sense of history to want to just shout it out eternally in a center right country, this isn’t Dennmark for better or for worse. Temperment is one of Obama’s best qualities, a nightie with a sunny disposition is actually quite rare? (Reagan)

  15. dummi,
    i, as well as most others, will get past the ugliness of the campaign. i am all for reaching out to moderates on the other side. there are many who did not subscribe to the name-calling and denunciation of all democrats. i don’t include lindseypoo in that group. he was right behind capt underpants and princess sarah, agreeing with everything that was said. that said, i am not saying that the new administration and the dems in the senate shouldn’t work with him. they should. however, i don’t think he should be rewarded for endorsing the cries of socialism and communism. it’s up to lindseypoo to come to the democrats and express his wish for cooperation. the dems don’t have to run after him and kiss his ass.

  16. dummidumbwit

    Republicans have been calling us Commies and Socialists since FDR, I know there are more moderate options than Lindseypoo (which seems to indicate a certain odd fondness), his detainee position and the support of Immigration reform caught my eye. He’s a Jesus freak that manages not to immediately make me reach for a gun, that’s getting rare?

  17. dummi,
    don’t mistake my calling him lindseypoo as fondness. it’s what i imagine him imagining what capt underpants would call him in a romantic embrace. that’s one of the things that drives me crazy. i think he is another closeted gay rethug who thumps his bible loudly so he doesn’t hear his own cries for his wanton desires.
    as for the name-calling, i know that there has been a lot of it over the decades. however, this time around, it seemed to be more vicious. i think princess sarah’s job was to stir up hatred, and she did it well. the dregs of society showed up at her rallies, and she threw them red meat. it was up to capt underpants to call and end to it, and he didn’t, so he is just as guilty as she is.

  18. dummidumbwit

    Yes but feeding them to the lions caused everybody to feel sorry for them and convert and the Roman empire then collapsed (yuk yuk!!0 Peace and Love!!!)

  19. dummi,
    that’s why we should ignore them and concentrate on working with those who didn’t partake in the nastiness.

  20. dummidumbwit

    That would be Arnold and Powell and Hillary gets more right wing when she’s PMSing???