Have Some Respect–That’s *Governor* Whack Job!

From The Huffington Post:

One of John McCain’s advisers recently called his running mate Sarah Palin a “diva” after she went off-script at a rally, and suggested she was looking after her own political future over the current campaign. Now another adviser ups the ante in a conversation with the Politico’s Playbook, labeling Palin a “whack job.”

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From Dana Milbank at The Washington Post:

Add this to the Republicans’ lessons learned in 2008: One man’s maverick is another man’s diva.

John McCain thought he was being clever picking a fellow maverick to be his running mate. The problem with mavericks, however, is that they don’t follow instructions. Pretty soon they go rogue and before you know it you’ve got a full-fledged diva on your hands.

When Sarah Palin, looking sharp in a black suit that could have come from Neiman Marcus, took the stage at a campaign rally in Leesburg yesterday, it didn’t take long for roguish elements to creep into her speech.

She was introduced by a construction company owner, Tito Munoz, whose name is common among Hispanics but not to the governor of Alaska. “I’ll tell you, Tito,” Palin said, “not since the Jackson Five has the name Tito been used so often.”

The Diva then introduced the Dude. “Someone I’d like you to meet, and that is my husband, Alaska’s ‘first dude,’ Todd Palin,” she said. When the crowd answered with chants of “Duuuuude! Duuuuude!” she added: “It’s about time we had a dude in the White House.”


Of course, the prospect of Palin coming to Washington in January seems increasingly academic; a Washington Post poll out Monday showed the Republicans trailing by eight points in Virginia, the latest in a catalogue of woes for McCain’s ticket. Assessing the wreckage, McCain advisers are piqued that Palin has out-mavericked the original maverick. She has broken with her boss on such disparate topics as Jeremiah Wright, Michigan, economic stimulus and, most recently, her $150,000 clothing allowance. Over the weekend, one McCain adviser said Palin is “going rogue.”

“She is a diva. She takes no advice from anyone,” a McCain adviser told CNN. “She does not have any relationships of trust with any of us, her family or anyone else. Also, she is playing for her own future and sees herself as the next leader of the party.”


“Sarah Oh-Twelve!” bellowed a man in field coat and jeans, one of several thousand at the Leesburg rally, when Palin spoke about her tax policies yesterday.

The oh-twelve message, if mathematically flawed, seemed to capture the crowd’s sentiment. There were “I [Heart] Palin” bumper stickers on cars, “Team Sarah” T-shirts in pink, “Sarah!” pins and countless signs: “You Go Girl.” “You’re in Palin Country.” “Maverick Barracuda.” One of the souvenir vendors said his most popular offering was a pin showing Palin next to a pit bull and the usual “McCain-Palin” logo reversed, with her name first and in larger letters.


Palin made an attempt to limit her rogueishness. Ten times she used the phrase “John and I,” and she mentioned her running mate by name 18 more times. But the adoration of the diva in Leesburg is the sort of reception the man who picked her rarely gets from a Republican crowd.


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16 responses to “Have Some Respect–That’s *Governor* Whack Job!

  1. you gotta love when the Veep keeps throwing the Top under the bus — for her own ambition — and GETS away with it — because of her descamisados…..

    palin is a cult, plain and simple — a brownshirt cult….. and a dangerous win

    can you please have her walked UNDER the ladder

  2. Cindy is digging the upskirt!

  3. Oh, dear. I knew one day you’d miss the mark with your acerbic wit and Photoshopping genius.
    See, you pictured Cindy McCain poised to catch Palin if she falls- but in real life I’m pretty sure Cindy would like to drill baby drill Palin right in the middle of the third eye with a Jimmy Choo stiletto.
    I can’t wait till Nov. 5 so I can watch the McCains and Palins tear each others’ heads off with their bare hands.
    And let’s start praying Palin plans to run for president in 2012–with Joe the Plumber/Congressman/country music star as her running mate.

  4. dcAp,
    the fact that capt u still has to keep saying how thrilled he that he picked princess while she is actively stabbing him in the back is delicious! 👿 she doesn’t have to walk under the ladder. she’s having plenty of bad luck lately. she just had another ethics violation lodged against her for charging the state for taking her daughters on trips that had nothing to do with state business.

  5. dcup,
    cindy lou is pissy, because she thought she would be the female getting all the attention.

  6. karen,
    you big silly! look at the looks on the faces of everyone except princess and todd. they are all hoping that she falls, and cindy lou is trying to grab her by the skirt and pull her down. notice that she’s making a fist.
    dont’cha just love that they aren’t even waiting until the election is over to start pointing fingers? i hope the war lasts a long time afterwards.

  7. you gotta love when the Veep keeps throwing the Top under the bus

    Distributorcap, who says Natasha from Moosylvania isn’t a Top already? 😉

  8. 😆 she’s top in her own mind.

  9. nightowl724

    Good one, nonnie, good one!

    Sarah is about to fall hard only, she doesn’t know it yet. Or, maybe she thinks her “holy spirit” will stop her from tumbling down on her crown, I mean tiara…

  10. yeah, nightowl, maybe she thinks obama is a witch, and the preacher who visited her church will cast him out! 🙄

  11. Yeah- that witch removal rite was priceless. Imagine if it had been Obama on tape being dewitchified. We’d never hear the end of it.

  12. jeb

    Palin in 2012, Oh please God, Palin in 2012.

    Nothing like have a terrorist supporting (AIP) traitor with no brains at the top of the ticket!

  13. karen,
    if that moron really could remove witches, princess would have disappeared before the entire congregation’s eyes.

  14. jeb,
    you say that as though it is the worst thing about princess. just think what will be dug up by 2012!

  15. nonnie!! I busted out laughing harder at this even than the McSame video/Joe the Plumber no-show today!


    Hi-larious!! I can’t wait for them to claw each other’s faces off on the 5th either.

    Palin is a complete train wreck. She’ll be the death of the GOP. So I’m not sure whether to hate her or thank her.

    LOL!! Don’t topple from that pedestal – oops I mean ladder — miss Princess, or the sharks’ll have atcha! *wink*

  16. helen,
    it’s one embarrassment after another for capt u! 😆 the worst part for him is that almost all of them could have been avoided. he looks more and more incompetent every day. that said, i won’t exhale until next wednesday. i still worry about voting machines.