Trick or Treat!

Original DVD cover

Kids, those guys are very scary, and you should not, under any circumstances, go near them this Halloween!

Be safe when you go out trick-or-treating!

Maybe it would be a good idea to bring some friends!

Happy Halloween, Raisinettes!


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12 responses to “Trick or Treat!

  1. Happy Halloween, Nonnie! I didn’t know you were going to use that pic of my tuchus!

  2. happy halloween, dcup!! 😀
    your tuchus? the fotomat must have mixed up our negatives. i thought that was my tuchus!

  3. I thought it was MY tuchus!

    LOL nonnie! holy $hit, the ONLY scary movie I’ve ever seen is the original Halloween! I love what you did… sheer genius. And the cute doggies… awww, you are a woman after my own heart.

    Geez.Happy Halloween! Things are looking up. OMG, I’m giddy as a school girl for this election.

    GAAAAH! OK some junior mints to calm me down…

  4. uhoh! we might have to call forensics to figure out whose tuchas that is! aren’t the doggies adorable? i have other doggies-in-costumes pics, and i wish i could post every single one here. i just found this one, so i used it. i love them!
    and, missy, i think you are a little too excited. just put down the junior mints and walk away…..

  5. For my contribution to Halloween, click on the link to my LiveJournal.

    Haroo! Werewolves of London!

  6. what, neon vincent? you aren’t going to claim ownership of the tuchas, too?
    interesting song selections. i never heard either one before. i like the second one.

  7. nightowl724

    Pumpkinhead Cheney. The stuff of nightmares.

  8. Bush has been lying low this week.
    His costume is the invisible man. Yay!

  9. dick-o’lanternjaw, the symbol of what makes halloween scary! 😈

  10. karen,
    he may be invisible, but he is still fu¢king things up. he is using the election coverage as a shield to carry on his nefarious work while nobody seems to be watching.

  11. Nah, someone else can have that tuchus. Now, a belly painted as a jack 0′ lantern, that I might claim.

    I can believe you haven’t heard of Nemesis by Shriekback (weird song by an even weirder band), but you’ve never heard of Werewolves of London? You’ve either been unlucky or lived a sheltered life.

  12. neon vincent,
    i am terrible when it comes to music, especially new stuff (and by new, i mean anything from the past 10 years). i rarely listen to music. when i do, it’s usually old stuff. even when it comes to the stuff i listen to, i usually can’t tell you the name of the song or who performed it. i do like music, i just never seem to make time to listen.