They’re a page right out of history!

From The Atlanta Journal-Constitution:

Watching CNN’s Cafferty File, we learn that the collision of the Bush family and the Obama famly at the White House today was something like “the Flintstones meet the Jetsons.”

Close, but no cigar! You see, kids, I have photographic proof that Grumpy Jack was only half right. Here’s are Chimpy and Pickles greeting Michelle and Barack Obama in front of the White House.

Here are Chimpy and the President-elect walking down the Colonnade before entering the Oval Office.

Not only did Chimpy and Pickles greet the Obamas, Barney was waiting inside.

Now back to the AJC article:

Meanwhile, our own U.S. Rep. Paul Broun (R- A$$hole Athens), now free of any restrictions imposed by a November election, has warned of a Barack Obama dictatorship. This from the Associated Press:

    A Republican congressman from Georgia is calling President-elect Obama a Marxist and warning that he might be planning to form a Gestapo-like security force so he can rule as a dictator.

    Two-term Rep. Paul Broun of Athens cited a July speech that has circulated on the Internet in which Obama called for a civilian force to take some of the national security burden off the military.

    Broun said he was not fear-mongering but wants to warn people that the nation could be going down that path.

    His comments came in a Monday telephone interview with The Associated Press after he called Obama a Marxist at a Rotary Club meeting in his district over the weekend.

In case you are wondering what Representative Broun looks like….

Kids, forgive me for going off on a tangent, but it looks like Princess Sarah was right!! From Salon:

Another valley activist, Philip Munger, says that Palin also helped push the evangelical drive to take over the Mat-Su Borough school board. “She wanted to get people who believed in creationism on the board,” said Munger, a music composer and teacher. “I bumped into her once after my band played at a graduation ceremony at the Assembly of God. I said, ‘Sarah, how can you believe in creationism — your father’s a science teacher.’ And she said, ‘We don’t have to agree on everything.’

“I pushed her on the earth’s creation, whether it was really less than 7,000 years old and whether dinosaurs and humans walked the earth at the same time. And she said yes, she’d seen images somewhere of dinosaur fossils with human footprints in them.”


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39 responses to “They’re a page right out of history!

  1. culturepress

    Oh this is genius!!

  2. jlms qkw - jenn

    it is frightening that people like sarah palin are allowed to breath. human/dinasaur footprints? wtf?

    nonnie, a bit of news on a local issue:

  3. thanks, cp, but there was no amount of genius involved. i just happen to have an in with a white house photographer! 😉

  4. jenn,
    she’s a ridiculous woman, and i really wish that the media would stop giving her the attention she so craves. as long as they keep treating her as though she is an intelligent person and a viable candidate for national office, i will continue making fun of the moron.

    i can’t believe some of the comments at that link, jenn! 😯 i am beginning to think that the citizens of utah (with exceptions such as yourself and your family) are as nuts as those in alaska!

  5. That top picture reminds me that Laura Bush really is Madame of Waylen Flowers and Madame!

    A total crack up, nonnie!

  6. I saw Caveman 25 years ago as part of a Stupid Movie Night (the other feature was Barbarella). They used a made-up language for all the dialog, of which I remember only one phrase, “Zug zug.” Since that’s what Ringo’s character wanted to do to Barbara Bach’s character, I think you can figure out what it meant. 😉

    As for Representative Braun being in it, that’s an insult to cavemen!

  7. jmadlc55

    Hey Nonnie,

    Did you notice that, as they walked down the colonnade, Chimpy was only aware of the moments when he had to wave to the press while our next President could wave and carry on a conversation at the same time? Change is good!

    BTW President Elect and his first Lady exude elegance and grace.

    Great work as always!

  8. Dahling! Your talent knows no limits! Your inspiration is boundless!

    This one’s suitable for framing!!

  9. dcup,
    pickles can’t be madame! madame was way more animated and had more warmth!

  10. neon vincent,
    no matter what i do, i piss someone off. i’ve already gotten a earful from the geico cavemen.

  11. hey jesus! 🙂
    too bad someone didn’t throw chimpy some gum. or a banana. that really would have been entertaining!

  12. hey lulu!
    i was hoping that you would not be disappointed in my treatment of braun. funny that you asked about him just as i got done with the poster.

  13. disapointed dem

    I’ve taken more educated $hits than this trash article. Save yourself the photoshop time and swallow a 45.

  14. apparently, your $hits are more educated than you are. disappointed is spelled with 2 Ps.

  15. jlms qkw - jenn

    nonnie, i’m sorry for the nutty comments – the trib lets anybody post practically anything on their message boards.

    at least a local columnist realizes the error of the ways of the lds church in this matter.

  16. no worries, jenn!
    hell, i can stay here and see nutty comments! just look above! 🙄

  17. jlms qkw - jenn

    dd is obviously a maroon. can’t spell. mean comment. the very definition.

  18. jenn,
    i don’t let the trolls bother me. they just want attention.

  19. jlms qkw - jenn

    oh, just like princess sarah! she must be a maroon too then. she says mean things. i don’t know about her spelling, however, her geographical knowledge is lacking.

  20. i would suggest that maybe one-p disapointed dem is princess sarah, but princess would nevah have ‘dem’ in her name, not even her virtual one.

  21. jlms qkw - jenn


  22. nightowl724

    79 days…

    Bye-bye Bushco!

    Laura certainly looks better in Wilma’s dress than in the dress she actually wore for this event. Perhaps you should become an image consultant, nonnie…

  23. Barney as Dino?

  24. Friend of the court

    69 by my count, nightowl !!! I don’t want to wait, even a minute longer.

  25. Friend of the court

    nonnie, that ddAH is dumb. They don’t make 45’s, anymore, not 33 1/3’s, either. Also, it rewally pisses me off, that so many trools can’t spell.

  26. My colleagues love the Flintstones, but wondered if the Obamas shouldn’t be the Jetsons.

  27. nightowl724

    Doh! Thanks fotc!

  28. jeb

    FOTC, you kill me. That is great!

    Nonnie, I don’t mean to criticize but aren’t Fred and Wilma a bit advanced to be subbing as the President-never-elect and frost lady?

  29. nightowl,
    please don’t give chimpy and deadeye dick even one more day! 68 days, 18 hours and counting!!! 🙂

  30. karen,
    that pic of barney was so hard to do, but it’s my fave! (don’t tell anyone that that really isn’t barney. it’s an impersonator! actually 2 impersonators, one the face and the other the back end! 😉 )

  31. fotc!!!!!
    i smile just seeing your name! 😀 now we just have to get gotta’s name and pic on a milk carton so we can find her and bring her back.
    at least the troll didn’t suggest i swallow a 78. those were so thick and heavy. i bet they would be really fattening.
    p.s. the young’uns won’t even know what we are talking about! 😆

  32. lulu,
    i found a fabulous outfit for michelle, but the only one i could find for obama would have made him look like a schlump, so i decided to dress up barney instead.

  33. jeb,
    any complaints about chimpy and pickles being fred and wilma should be forwarded to jack at the cafferty file. all i did was post some pix sent to me by a white house photog.

  34. i LOVED this…….

    but jenna and not-jenna are not pebbles and bam bam

  35. dcAp,
    i am always happy when you approve of my nonsense. 🙂 i couldn’t bring myself to use cute little pebbles and bambam to depict anyone connected to chimpy. i allowed barney to be dino, because i think his biting the reporter was actually a cry for help. even he doesn’t want to be anywhere near chimpy. he thought that nipping a reporter would have had him taken away and put in doggie prison–which is better than hanging around chimpy and pickles.

  36. Said feetprints and claws may be found in a old creekbed in Glen Rose, Texas. Local Baptist swear they were made at same time. Pay no attention to old tire tracks and pop tops nearby as this would confuse the issue by proving the cavemen were out in pickup trucks with spotlights hunting dinos at night.

  37. Why yes he does! And these days his droppings give B43 a usefullness in life too! Just checking the old comment archive not realizing that you reply to most remarks the first time through them. These two months worth before the election are some of the best, kind of like going back rereading old comic books as a kid. Interesting watching new folks pop up that are regulars now and follow the evolution of trollery in raisinland and your masterly hand at dealing with it. The rethugs wasted no time discrediting our president-elect with the birth thing and todays topic with the commie crap to the fill-in-the-blank of today And one more thing before I go back to archiving, serious business that it is, isn’t that dimwit Bruan the same guy from Georgia I saw on the tube defending his statement about the way to deal with kittens is to throw them in a leaf shredder?

    • wow. i had completely forgotten about what broun said. i do remember him as one of the doctors in the house. he’s the jackass that said that canadians and the british don’t have the same appreciation of life as americans do, and that’s why they have socialized medicine. 🙄 i don’t believe he made that remark about kittens. i would venture to guess that the press misunderstood, because whenever broun crosses paths with kittens, the little furry things throw themselves into the nearest leaf shredder. animals can sense evil. 😛