The Party’s Over

From The Washington Post:

Republican Governors Meet, Glumly

Well, to be honest, not everyone was glum!

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MIAMI, Nov. 12 — Republican governors were the brightest spot in an otherwise dispiriting election last week for the GOP, but the chief executives gathered here Wednesday provided a gloomy assessment of their party’s failures and a dark forecast for the future.

The Republican Party is ill situated to serve a changing America, they said. Members make excuses for corruption. The Bush administration and congressional leaders are fiscally irresponsible and have ceded the tax issue — of all issues — to the Democrats. Large swaths of the country are off limits to GOP candidates. Republicans have lost the technology advantage, and if they were part of a corporation, “heads would roll.” It’s going to be worse in 2010.

The Republican Governors Association, meeting at a sleek hotel on Biscayne Bay to survey the damage, itself is a thinned version of what it was in the heyday of GOP dominance of national politics. There will be 21 GOP governors come January, a loss of one, and only 16 of them made the trip.


Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty — passed over by Sen. John McCain for the No. 2 spot on the presidential ticket and one of nine GOP governors who preside over states won by Barack Obama — offered a summary of his party’s predicament at the governors’ opening lunch.

“We cannot be a majority governing party when we essentially cannot compete in the Northeast, we are losing our ability to compete in Great Lakes states, we cannot compete on the West Coast, we are increasingly in danger of competing in the mid-Atlantic states, and the Democrats are now winning some of the Western states,” Pawlenty said. “That is not a formula for being a majority governing party in this nation.”


Gov. Bobby Jindal of Louisiana, at 37 the youngest of the group, was more succinct: “They fired us with cause.” He was referring to the loss of at least six senators and more than 20 House members, the first time since 1932 that the party has lost so many seats in consecutive elections.

A phrase heard repeatedly in the hallways was that the next Republican president — and there are plenty who would like the job — was in the room, or at least in the hotel. Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, McCain’s running mate and the most well-known attendee, skipped the lunch to do a sit-down with CNN and was last seen surrounded three-deep by reporters and cameras before disappearing into an elevator.


Mississippi Gov. Haley Barbour, who took over the Republican National Committee under similarly dim circumstances after President Bill Clinton’s 1992 election, tried to temper the downbeat assessments with some history.

He pointed out that only once since World War II has a party won a third consecutive presidential term. He noted President Bush’s unpopularity and the “financial system’s cataclysm” and said, all things considered, he thought McCain “got a pretty good vote.”


[Jindal] blamed the administration and congressional leaders for cutting taxes without cutting spending and for not offering solutions besides “the other side’s worse,” and he said the party must “stop making excuses for corruption.” He named Sen. Ted Stevens (R-Alaska), who has been convicted of unlawfully accepting gifts but whose reelection race is very tight.

Gov. Dave Heineman of Nebraska was ready to take Jindal up on the challenge. “I think he ought to resign today,” Heineman said of Stevens, and asked his fellow governors if they wanted to make a similar statement. “Do we have the courage to do that?”

There was silence at the table.

There was silence, because they were afraid they would burst out laughing! His name is Heiney-man!!

Although some polling at the end of the campaign suggested Palin was a drag on the ticket, her fellow governors treated any question about her gingerly. They praised her for energizing the base, and moved quickly to extol Obama’s speechmaking skills and his extraordinary fundraising advantage.

As for the way back, Utah Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. said the governors have a chance to show how to apply Republican principles of fiscal conservatism and smaller government to practical problems. He said they should concentrate on “issues that really matter” to voters, such as education, energy, the environment and health care.


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20 responses to “The Party’s Over

  1. YOu are so funny, nonnie!!

    Heiney man….

    This is nearly as fun a read as the article yesterday on HuffPo about the ship of fools….er the GOP cruise. That’s right, the country is in major economic crises and the heads of the GOP are off for a holiday to “regroup.”

    It’s no accident they are becoming inconsequential.

  2. W00T!!! I love you Nonnie!

    I am so sick of this ยขunt getting face time on MSNBC I could go postal. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. helen,
    no wonder the guy is a rethuglican! can you imagine the amount of teasing that goes on in elementary and junior high school when your name is heiney-man? ๐Ÿ˜† dont’cha just love how refined the humor is here?
    i searched for the article on huffpo about the cruise, but i couldn’t find it. do you remember who wrote it?

  4. love you, too, dusty! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    i am tired of looking (and especially listening) to her, too. however, the more airtime she gets, the more i will continue to pummel her!

    by the way, your banner pic today is awesome! it’s almost surreal.

  5. I loved how TX Governor Rick Perry (just as conceited and prickish as Palin ever was) could no longer stand her getting all the attention and literally shoved her away from the mike and said to the media, “one final question.”
    Then she smiled smugly and walked back to the mike, just assuming that last question was for her.
    Perry had black smoke coming out of his ears. You just know he wants to kill her.
    Heh heh heh.

  6. karen,
    wasn’t that hilarious?! ๐Ÿ˜† all the govs behind here were shooting arrows with their eyes. one of them looked like he was sweating, trying to control his rage. they don’t know what to do! they hate her, but they can’t diss her, or they lose the racist/fundie vote. i never thought i would say this, but i hope princess sticks around. she’s making the rethugs tear each other apart! not only that, she might make pat buchanan’s head explode as he tries to think up new ways to defend her! ๐Ÿ˜†

  7. jlms qkw - jenn

    crist and huntsman. heh.
    is pawlenty the guy who looks like a young abramhof?

  8. jenn,
    left to right:
    crist, huntsman, barbour, jindal, and pawlenty. you know who the bimbo in the middle is.

  9. jmadlc55


    I disagree with the title–she never left!!!

    Hey, Hysterical Raisins is between Fact Check and The Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism on my Blogroll at dK. It’s a nice sandwhich, no?

    Quick ?: how do I insert/place my own little avatar next to my entries? I want something a little cooler, if possible.

  10. hey jesus! ๐Ÿ™‚
    the party’s not over for her, just for everyone else until she shuts her mouth and goes away.

    i blush at being among such esteemed company! thank you! ๐Ÿ˜ณ

    everyone is asking me questions that i don’t know the answer to! i’m really a moron when it comes to doing anything in wordpress. however, i googled, and i think that this page at gravatar might have the answer you seek. if not, jenn will be around sooner or later, and i can ask her how she got her avatar to appear.

  11. jlms qkw - jenn

    nonnie, the repubs have the worst back-handed compliment. the guv’s were using it, mccain used it in the final debate, and princess sarah uses it.

    “he speaks well. he’s an eloquent speaker” blah blah.

    what a frickin’ slam.

    oh geez, that diary about mormon baptisms hit the rec list. save me.

  12. nightowl724

    I didn’t think Palin could diminish herself in my eyes any more than she already had.

    I was wrong.

    This is a wildly clever poster, nons! I hope you find a way to show her in a pair of towels, greeting her handlers, too. Disgusting is she…

    Hey, who knows yet if they are going to Netroots Nation?

  13. jenn,
    all politicians do that. it’s their native language. the dems do it, too.

  14. nightowl,
    every time princess opens her moronic mouth, she diminishes herself further in my eyes. i hope she keeps flapping her lips and taints all the rethugs who have to make believe that they like her.

    i couldn’t find a movie with anyone wrapped in a towel, and it was so long ago that i don’t think i will bother with it.

    i have no idea who is going to nn. i think gotta was planning on going, but she hasn’t been around here lately.

  15. jeb

    As it was so well put the other day, when the reThugs get together these days, it’s a circular firing squad. Enjoy Miami Beach you losers. Oh no Bobby, Bu$h cut taxes but raised spending. what a surprise?!!! You’ve ceded taxes to the Dems, how ever will you salvage your political future… I mean restore responsible governance to the country? Quick someone book them on a one-way trip to the Bermuda Triangle.

  16. isnt it amazing the the republican ‘leaders’ hate her but the media just cant get enough of her

    it is the american idol thing — and i SO HOPE they keep her in the forefront — she has NO chance of ever getting anywhere near the white house

    ps — this was great

  17. Good match of Kudrow and Palin, except that one merely plays airheads, while the other one is one.

  18. jeb,
    i thought it was very entertaining watching the rethugs behind princess trying to hide their contempt for her! i think rick perry should have rammed right into her and knocked her off the stage. think of the millions of youtube views that would have gotten! i think the rethugs realize that tying their futures to princess would be like tying yourself to an anchor. it might work in the fundie states, but not on a national stage.

  19. dcAp,
    if there is no big scandal up in alaska, i get the feeling that princess sarah will be nothing more than a trivial pursuit answer pretty soon. there will be some attention when bristol and levi get married (and capt underpants and cindy lou find an excuse why they can’t attend) and when bristol pops out the kid. other than that, i don’t think the media, other than greta van susteren who seems to have a crush on the palins, will be paying her much attention. she says the same generic crap over and over again. it just isn’t interesting. with a new administration coming, there will be lots of other people to cover.

  20. neon vincent,
    there is no comparison. lisa kudrow graduated from vassar and is actually smart! i worked one tax season for h&r block, and my supervisor was lisa’s first cousin. from what she said, and i know she is biased, lisa is a very sweet and down-to-earth person.