Princess and the Pea-Brains

(CNN) – Rick Davis, the campaign manager for former John McCain’s White House bid, came to Sarah Palin’s defense in an upcoming interview with the National Review, saying the now-infamous $150,000 clothing tab for the Alaska governor was caused by a “failure of management.”

Original DVD cover.

In the interview, set for publication next week, Davis notes Palin’s appearance at the Republican convention came only days after she was named to the GOP ticket, and the Alaska governor had few clothes on hand that were appropriate for the event.

The campaign went on for 2 years, and they only picked her days before the convention? Geez, and people get mad at me when I take too long to pick something from the menu in a restaurant. 🙄

“We flew her out from Alaska to Arizona to Ohio to introduce her to the world and take control of her life. She didn’t think ‘dress for the convention’, because it might have just been a nice day trip to Arizona if she didn’t click with John. Very little prep had been done and if it had, we might have gotten picked off by the press. We were under incredible scrutiny.”

She had a couple of days, but she couldn’t pick some clothes out of her closet without tipping off the press? It’s not like she works at McDonald’s; she’s a friggin’ governor! She didn’t have 3 suits in her closet? 🙄

“We were under incredible scrutiny,” he added. “We got her a gal from New York and we thought, ‘Let’s get some clothes for her and the family.’ It was a failure of management not to get better control and track of that. “The right hand didn’t know what the left hand was doing, what it was worth or where it was going. No one knew how much that stuff was worth. It was more our responsibility than hers.”

Got her a gal? And you wonder why you lost the female vote, moron? And you can’t keep track of what she spent on clothing? And we were supposed to trust you a$$holes with the budget and the economy? 🙄


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20 responses to “Princess and the Pea-Brains

  1. Friend of the court

    Hey nonnie, This is exactly the way the outgoing administration has run our country, for the last eight years. The right hand never did know what the other right hand was doing. Just, 150,000 dollars to put silk on a pig with lipstick, chump change for these hard workin’ folks.

  2. Exactly.
    The GOP has been winging it since they threw their lot in with an incurious dry drunk of dubious intellectual capacity.
    They are half-assed and we all know they are.
    I’m totally sick of the Republicans. All of them.

  3. Friend of the court

    Each and every one, half-a$$ed a$$hole$, and they are going to fill their pockets and pillow cases on the way out.

  4. fotc! 😀
    you are correct. the government, for the last 8 years, has been run like the capt underpants campaign. no accountability, nobody takes responsibility, and a lot of money is wasted.

  5. karen,
    you and fotc are correct. i think the goopers should dump the elephant and make half an ass their new logo. not a donkey like the dems have, but a butt.

  6. jlms qkw - jenn

    why isn’t she wearing a towel? what brand is that dress? Neiman Marcus, good.

  7. neiman marcus, of course! is there any other place to shop with someone else’s money?

  8. jeb

    My friends, I’m the only one in this campaign with the experience needed to keep this country safe. I’m the only one who can pick a vapid airhead “executive” who owns nothing to wear besides some jeans and moose jacket. Obama can’t do that, only I can. Look at his choice, an experienced person with a full wardrobe and ready on day one of being named the running mate. Now who would you rather have in charge of the country?

    Does everyone have get that same feeling of driving down the road when something runs/pulls out in front of you and you slam on the brakes or swerve and barely miss it? You know you sit there white-knuckled on the steering wheel shaking and in shock but so relieved that you just missed the collision.

  9. nightowl724

    jenn – if you want to know about The ‘Burgh, I just might be able to help. I was born in Pittsburgh and I’ve lived here almost my whole life.

    I hope, I hope, I hope I can be at Netroots Nation! It’s only about 1 1/2 hours from where I live now, but the cost and my health are a problem. Maybe we can meet, too. I’d like that.

  10. jeb,
    what used to drive me crazy was when capt u would go down the long list of problems, declaring that he knew how to fix every one of them. he never said how he would fix them or why he never made the suggestions on how to fix them in the senate. a couple of times, i was going to use the movie the man who knew too much and change it to the man who knows so friggin’ much, but never bothered to tell anyone. other stories came up, so i never did them.

    you describe perfectly the feeling i get whenever i think that capt u and princess might have been in the white house. we dodged a bullet. make that a cannonball.

  11. nightowl724

    Your titles have been “extry special” lately, nonnie – like yesterday and today.

    I’m loving this poster, too! HAHAHAHA!

    Hey, is anyone else as POd as I am at the poli-terms of “managing” and “handling” people? I mean, you handle horses. And, you handle dogs… Oh, wait… A pit bull IS a dog!

  12. Nieman Marcus=Needless Markup.

    Great work, Nonnie! Last time, it was Lisa Kudrow. Now it’s Sarah (how appropriate) Jessica Parker. So, who’s next to have Natasha’s head pasted on, yay?

  13. nightowl,
    thanks for that, because lately, the titles have been killing me.

    the rethug aides and advisers don’t handle or manage. they manipulate the facts afterwards to try to mitigate the damage that their stupid decisions have caused.

  14. needless markup! i like that, neon vincent!

    i am pretty sure which movie poster i am doing for tomorrow night, and the answer to your question is………dean martin! 😉

  15. jeb

    Yeah Nonnie, it’s that Rethug sense of self-entitlement like Bob Dole in ’96. The only reason he could give for wanting to be President is “because it’s my turn.”

  16. exactly, jeb! capt u put no thought into his campaign, because he really thought the amercian people would and should hand it to him on a silver platter.

  17. Well, Nonnie, you inspire me once again.

    As for Captain Underpants, we should write to Dav Pilkey and suggest that he incorporate Bush-Cheney into his next thriller:

    Captain Underpants Defeats Booger Bush and Dink Cheney.

  18. hey lulu! 😀
    the capt underpants thing started over at american street. it was my mission to have everyone call the doddering old fool capt u. since i borrowed from dav pilkey, it’s only fair that he borrow from me! 😉

  19. You started “captain underpants”? I’ve read that term in lots of places and wondered about where it began. Why “captain underpants” instead of some other name?

  20. hey dhc!
    nice to see you again! 🙂

    captain underpants is a character in children’s books by dav pilkey. i put up a post over at american street about superheroes, and i chose capt underpants for mccain. i started calling him that and encouraged other people to do the same. you can see the original post here.