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Joe LIEbermouse

From The Hartford Courant:

WASHINGTON — – Senate Democrats will decide by secret ballot Tuesday whether to take away Sen. Joe Lieberman’s chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee — a post from which he oversees U.S. security issues, as well as the operations of a wide segment of the federal government.

The anger over Lieberman’s campaigning for the Republican presidential candidate is still boiling — fueled by memories of his undercutting Barack Obama, including in a nationally televised speech at the Republican National Convention.

Majority Leader Harry Reid met with Lieberman two days after the election, telling him that his chairmanship might be on the line.

But just as it looked as if his future in the Senate could be as a political hermit, the backlash against him has faltered. So Tuesday’s vote — the talk of Capitol Hill — has become as uncertain as a stock market investment.

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