Joe LIEbermouse

From The Hartford Courant:

WASHINGTON — – Senate Democrats will decide by secret ballot Tuesday whether to take away Sen. Joe Lieberman’s chairmanship of the Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee — a post from which he oversees U.S. security issues, as well as the operations of a wide segment of the federal government.

The anger over Lieberman’s campaigning for the Republican presidential candidate is still boiling — fueled by memories of his undercutting Barack Obama, including in a nationally televised speech at the Republican National Convention.

Majority Leader Harry Reid met with Lieberman two days after the election, telling him that his chairmanship might be on the line.

But just as it looked as if his future in the Senate could be as a political hermit, the backlash against him has faltered. So Tuesday’s vote — the talk of Capitol Hill — has become as uncertain as a stock market investment.

Original DVD cover.

Only a few of Lieberman’s fellow senators were open about their opinions.

Two fellow New England senators, the duo from Vermont, want Lieberman’s gavel taken away. Sen. Patrick Leahy, judiciary committee chairman, said in a Vermont Public Radio interview Friday, “I’m one who does not feel that somebody should be rewarded with a major chairmanship after doing what he did.”

And Bernie Sanders issued a statement quoted by the Associated Press: “To reward Sen. Lieberman with a major committee chairmanship would be a slap in the face of millions of Americans who worked tirelessly for Barack Obama and who want to see real change in our country. Appointing someone to a major post who led the opposition to everything we are fighting for is not ‘change we can believe in.'”


Sen. Evan Bayh, D-Ind., told Fox News, “I don’t think retribution or revenge is in the best interest of anyone.” […] But he said in a different interview Wednesday night that Lieberman should apologize for what he did — a sentiment that Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., echoed in another interview.

Whether he is calling to issue apologies or not, Lieberman has been trying to set up a phone conversation with Obama. He has already spoken on the phone recently with Vice President-elect Joe Biden — a call that was said by a Lieberman aide to have been “a friendly, congratulatory conversation.”

Sen. Chris Dodd has said he’s trying to find a way to keep Lieberman in the caucus, although his office wouldn’t say Friday whether he would vote against stripping Lieberman of his chairmanship.

Obama’s spokespeople said the president-elect is not holding any grudges and wants Lieberman to keep caucusing with Democrats. After threatening Lieberman’s position, Reid said in a CNN interview, “Joe Lieberman votes with me a lot more than a lot of my senators. He didn’t support us on military stuff, and he didn’t support us on Iraq stuff. But you look at his record, it’s pretty good.”

Jim Shea at The Hartford Courant:

How should the Democrats punish Say-It-Ain’t-So Joe Lieberman for palling around with Republicans?


Say-It-Ain’t-So toured the country this summer and fall with his buddy John McCain, cheap-shotting Barack Obama at every opportunity.

Is Obama a Muslim?

Say-It-Ain’t-So didn’t think so but he wasn’t 100 percent sure.

Is Obama a Marxist?

Say-It-Ain’t-So thought that was a “good question.”

And then there was the little matter of the speech Say-It-Ain’t-So gave at the Republican National Convention in which he said:

“When others wanted to retreat in defeat from the field of battle, which would have been a disaster for the U.S.A., when colleagues like Barack Obama were voting to cut off funding for our troops on the battlefield …”

Low blow, Say-It-Ain’t-So, low blow.


What you have to ask yourself is this: If the Republicans, and not the Democrats, had been in the position to offer Say-It-Ain’t-So the chairmanship of a powerful committee, which side of the aisle do you think he would have been sitting on?

Another defense Sen. Home Loan [Chris Dodd] and the boys are spouting is that Say-It-Ain’t-So votes with the Democrats 90 percent of the time.

OK. But on the other hand, wasn’t Say-It-Ain’t-So just a hair’s breadth away from being McCain’s running mate, a guy who voted with George W. Bush 90 percent of the time?


And what about Say-It-Ain’t-So’s thinly veiled threat to go over to the Republican side if he loses his chairmanship?

Is somebody missing a loyalty gene?

Unless the Democrats want to be played for saps yet again by Lieberman, they need to remove him from the Homeland Security committee.

If they want to give him another chairmanship, I don’t know, Chairman of the Senate Conscience Committee, fine.

Go read the entire thing, kids. Shea lists punishments for Say-It-Ain’t-So. 😆


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21 responses to “Joe LIEbermouse

  1. Alfie

    Although I think the Dems are well within their rights to strip him of his chair I do find a number of things kinda funny.
    #1 The Dems are going to vote via a secret ballot. Why won’t they allow the unions to keep that ?
    #2 There are a number of legit reasons to whack Joe but it really seems like the cry baby we don’t need you anymore reason is number one.
    #3 This will be strike two against the Dems with Joe. Any Senators (D) with some skeletons in their closets ?

  2. It is very much chapping my ass that they might let him keep his chairmanship.

  3. alfie,
    i see nothing wrong with a secret ballot. people will be more willing to vote their true convictions instead of how they think everyone else wants them to vote. regardless of how the vote turns out, they still have to work with the little slimebag.
    unions are a completely different issue, and it might surprise you that i think that union votes should be secret.
    i can see both sides of the argument as to whether to keep joe schmo. however, i think the most important thing to decide is whether he can be trusted or not. i don’t think he can be. what is to prevent him from coming from a strategy meeting and running to the other side to blab what he just heard?

  4. dcup,
    first of all, gold bond is the best! put some on your poor chapped tushy, and you will feel better. 😉

    i think they should give him the chairmanship of some crappy little committee just to save face. let him prove that he can be trusted. if he doesn’t like it, then too damned bad. if he goes to the other side, he will lose the next time he is up for reelection.

  5. nightowl724

    I think they should do to Lieber-liar what he did to Obama and every other Democrat in the nation – kick him to the curb.

    Superior poster, nonnie, but the expression on Joe is super-sickening…

  6. from what cnn is now reporting, it looks like the little weasel will be allowed to keep his chairmanship. however, he will have to give up a chairmanship of a subcommittee on the environment. big friggin deal.

  7. jlms qkw - jenn

    i think lieberman should share an apt with lindsey poo.

    gagh, i hate this situation.

  8. ooh! good idea, jenn! lindseypoo can do his princess sarah impression and run around the apartment in just a towel when capt u visits! 😯

  9. Good Lord, a picture of Burgess Meredith many years before he’d played The Penguin. I’d never seen him so young before!

  10. neon vincent,
    i was looking through movies from 40’s. it was fun finding some movies i had never heard of but starred very famous people.

  11. jeb

    Joe wasn’t holding out for a committee if the Rethugs won. If McBush won, Joe was going to get something like Defense. McBush wasn’t allowed to name him as running mate but he would have anointed him with a plum position and Joe would have been his faithful lap dog.

    Joe is loyal, he is loyal to the party of Joe. That’s who he serves and always has.

    It’s interesting though, I was watching someone on Countdown the other night (may have been Fineman) who said Joe is actually very well liked and he can’t see too many Dem’s staying mad at him. Conversely, he said, if the Dems push out Stevens, Rethugs will probably join in because he is really despised by everyone.

  12. jeb,
    i think joe is well-liked only because he comes in handy when it’s time to get out the jewish vote. the problem they don’t seem to understand is that a lot of jews can’t stand the little weasel any more. let’s see what happens the first time he tells his rethug buddies the plans the dems made, and he screws up their strategery.

  13. Too bad that shriveled up fu¢k probably lacks the conscience to realize what a traitor he’s been.
    I hope the Democrats put boogers in his food.

  14. LOL! Boogers in his food! I don’t think that would be Kosher.

  15. I’m pissed off as hell about this weasel getting away with this. In fact, much of the dem base is also screamin’ mad (I was over at HuffPo, lotsa bitching going on).

    Love the poster, old Meridith Baxter! Wow….!

  16. ha ha!! I meant Burgess Meredith… ?? Not Bridget loves Bernie woman.

  17. karen,
    not boogers. instead, let them put in all the bits of capt underpants that the doctors take off him.

  18. neon vincent,
    i guess it would depend on where the boogers were from. cow boogers would be kosher, but not pig boogers. i’m just not sure if boogers would be considered meat or dairy.

  19. helen,
    i can see the argument for making nice to the weasel. however, it still pisses me off, too. however, i have hopes that he will pay down the road. he will have to walk on eggshells for a long time, and, hopefully, the voters in connecticut will get it right the next time.

  20. I’m sure they’d be human boogers–certainly not Kosher!

  21. considering that the vast majority of people in congress are pigs, i would suspect you are correct, neon vincent.

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