Get (Incum)bent!

WASHINGTON (AFP) — The epic 2008 election may yet have a sting in its tail two weeks after election day, as Democrats pin hopes on three yet-to-be decided Senate races which could further tip the balance of power.

In a long-shot scenario, races in Alaska, Georgia and Minnesota could take Democrats to the magic 60-seat threshold which would frustrate Republican obstruction tactics.

Original DVD cover.

Their next victory party could come as soon as Tuesday, with 24,000 absentee ballots set to be counted in Alaska in the race between convicted felon and Senate veteran Ted Stevens and Democrat Mark Begitch.

Anchorage mayor Begich leads Stevens — convicted of corruption days before the November 4 election — by 1,022 votes from a total 293,000 cast, according to the Alaska Elections Division.

Begich is favored by most analysts after performing better-than-expected in the 40-year-incumbent’s strongholds.

Some Republican senators, sensitive that the taint of corruption and scandal contributed to their drubbing by Democrats on November 4, have already said they will act to expel Stevens even if he wins the race.

Another undecided race will also be in the spotlight on Tuesday, with Minnesota Democrat and former comedian Al Franken expected in Washington, despite trailing Republican foe Norm Coleman by 206 votes pending a recount.

The hand recount, which starts Wednesday is drawing comparisons to the 2000 Florida presidential election recount debacle, with dueling lawsuits already flying.

A recent Dartmouth College study found that the key to the race could lie in 34,000 “residual ballots” — on which a preference was not properly registered, or too many options filled out.

Franken may be favored given the waver-thin margin and anecdotal evidence suggesting more residual votes may emanate from Democratic-leaning areas.

The final unresolved Senate race is in Georgia, where a run-off election will be held on December 2, after Republican incumbent Saxby Chambliss failed to surpass a 50 percent threshold on November 4.

Both parties are pouring money and resources into the state, which Chambliss won by 50 to 47 percent on November 4 over Democratic challenger Jim Martin.

Martin however may have been helped by a huge turnout among African Americans enthused by Barack Obama, and some analysts believe the key Democratic constituency may not vote in such high numbers in the run-off.

Defeated Republican presidential nominee John McCain came out of his post-election seclusion to campaign for Chambliss last week.

Former president Bill Clinton, still wildly popular among grass-roots Democrats, is expected to stump for Martin this week.


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15 responses to “Get (Incum)bent!

  1. All of the GOP incumbents in the (so far) not officially called Senate races can get bent!

  2. one down and two to go! 😀 uncle ted lost on his birthday!! now he can leave to spend more time with his lawyers.

  3. jlms qkw - jenn

    at least bent, lv. i was thinking of something a bit stronger myself.

  4. nightowl724

    Ah, poor Ted. We knew him well. B-B-B-Bye… Ga-Bye…

    Love the title, nons, and the poster – especially your modification of the lines “Swing Parade” and “Jacks of all Trades.”

  5. well, jenn, you know how kind i am. 😉

  6. nightowl,
    i thought that maybe i had a small stroke or something. i did change swing parade, but i didn’t touch jerks of all trades. check the original; that’s what it said.

    what’s just as good as uncle ted being thrown out on his keister is that princess sarah doesn’t get to decide who goes to dc. she doesn’t get to fill uncle ted’s seat either. hopefully, this will show alaskans that it’s okay to vote for democrats, and they will get rid of trash like princess, don young (if he doesn’t go to jail) and murkowski.

  7. Jenn, something stronger would work for a sex scandal. Unfortunately, none of these guys is Larry Craig or David Vitter.

  8. nightowl724

    Well, I’ll be dingied… It does say “jerks!”

  9. nightowl,
    i had a bunch of 3 stooges movies picked out, and i chose this one, mostly because i liked that it said jerks on the cover. that’s why i had to do a double-take when you said that you liked that i changed it.

  10. jeb

    Man I hope Saxby loses. If there is one MF in this world who really deserves to lose, Saxby is that MF.

  11. amen, jeb. i despise that asswipe. how anyone could pick him over max cleland still amazes me.

  12. ted – gone

    but did you see his senate sendoff — accolades for a convicted felon and one of the biggest thieves ever in the Congress

    wait till coleman starts whining….

  13. dcAp,
    gee, you really do have nothing to do! 😆 this makes 4 comments so far! 😉

    i found that display in the senate disgraceful. if they wanted to give him a nice send-off, then they should have done so in a private place. what are they telling the american people by applauding (against senate rules, for that matter) a convicted felon seven times over? it really is a country club, and they don’t give a damn about the rule of law. i include the democrats in that statement.

    i hope that coleman has good reason to whine. i wish they would finish the damned recount already! did you see some of the ballots the coleman camp are disputing? watch the video here. unreal!

  14. Poor Norm! Who else in the history of mankind can say they lost major political races to a comedian and a wrestler.