For the Birds

From The Washington Post:

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin visited a turkey farm in her home town of Wasilla yesterday to grant the traditional Thanksgiving pardon to one turkey. But as the former Republican vice presidential hopeful took questions from reporters, a farm worker was seen slaughtering other turkeys and feeding the birds into a grinder.

Video by KTUU-TV of the governor and the bloody work over her shoulder became an overnight YouTube hit. Holding a cup of coffee, Palin said of the outing at Triple D Farms, “Oh, this was neat.”

Original DVD cover.

“I was happy to get to be invited to participate in this,” Palin continued. “For one, you need a little bit of levity in this job, especially with so much that has gone on in the last couple of months that has been so political obviously that it’s nice to get out and do something to promote local business and to just participate in something that isn’t so heavy-handed politics that it invites criticism. Certainly we’ll probably invite criticism for even doing this, too, but at least this was fun.”

From USA Today:

Aides to Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, the Republican vice presidential nominee, should do a better job picking the locations for her on-camera interviews. While the GOP vice presidential nominee talked politics after pardoning a turkey for Thanksgiving, the camera caught workers slaughtering turkeys in the background.

For what it’s worth, President Bush is set to pardon a turkey of his own next week. We don’t expect to see any blood and guts during that event.

Nah, Chimpy only enjoys slaughtering people, and he doesn’t allow cameras!

From Pine Magazine:

Just as it seemed McCain didn’t give much thought to his choice of a running mate in the recent presidential election, Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin might not have fully considered her choice of a press conference location.

After pardoning a 30-pound turkey named Tom, Palin held a press conference discussing some of her plans for the future. Unfortunately, none of the turkeys behind her had a future. While Tom escaped certain death, at least two birds were slaughtered by a smiling executioner who couldn’t keep his eyes off the camera.


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20 responses to “For the Birds

  1. i have been way too busy for the past 2 weeks – so i am taking off the next week to do NOTHING

    not only was the whole scene something out of Monty Python — did you listen to her — she truly is a Moron of the Ages.

    this country truly has no hope if some people continue to think sarah palin can actually lead and decide.

  2. dcAp,
    enjoy your time off. doing nothing is sometimes the best thing to do.

    if any substantial percentage of americans honestly believe that princess is smart, then i am devoid of hope. it’s time to pack up and move to an island somewhere.

  3. God… she does talk like that all the time… not just when she’s in “over her head.”

    Alaskans have no taste.

  4. nightowl724

    Oh, nonnie… And, we were worried that you’d run out of fodder after O won the election! I just love this poster, kiddo! The MGM turkey, Palin’s expression, the combo of toons + photo, the irony of the real Birdman of Alcatraz’s attitude v SP’s… This IS a f—–g classic!

    Apparently, this also happened that day:

    When the reporter pointed out that the turkey-slaughtering machine might not be the best background for the interview, Palin said she didn’t mind. “This was neat,” Palin gushed. “I was happy to get to be invited to participate in this.”


  5. armchairmba

    I’m shocked!

    (For those of you with ADD and only focus on the bird – there is actually a very shocking message).

    The shocker: A state actually saved money during a surplus!

    Ok, I’m officially shocked!

    Other states like Illinois spent all their surplus and now asking for help. What if companies did this – saved money for a rainy day – instead of spend.

    It is really common sense. We need that in our government.

    And the reason why so many people are still talking about Palin is because she is a threat. You see the Obama administration is so focused on presentation, even to a fault, spending great time making sure they look good.

    The biggest threat to Obama’s strategy is having someone who is real and authentic come along with an actual REAL record to show for it.

    So what a turkey is slaughtered. I’d rather my leaders spend her time worrying about government spending, than making sure her setup is perfect.

    But as for Me…

    I look at the record of leaders, not how they present themselves. Saving money. Now that’s smart.

  6. @armchairba.

    “Saving money,” eh? As a description of the person who left the town of Wasilla $2,000,000 in debt after her term as mayor, that’s rich. Got any more Kool-Aid to serve us?

  7. writechicpress

    Oh, lookee Nonnie, armchairmba is feigning “shock” with the exact same script he used on my blog. I actually responded thoughtfully when I should have said, “why don’t you just fu¢k right off, Mr. armchair.

  8. writechicpress

    Oh, and love the birds. Poultry cartoons are my favorite!

  9. culturepress

    Fu¢kin’ classic alright!
    Another great one!

  10. Nonnie, well done!! The Birdbrain of Alaska!! That’s one movie I dont’ think I could sit through!

    armchairmba thinks money is the only requisite for a successful term, eh? Hmmm. I wonder what it thinks of GWB or Bill Clinton, who left the entire nation with a surplus? And happens to be a democrat? Doesn’t Alaska have only 600K people? That’s like half the size of Austin, TX I think.

    And yep, she did leave Wasilla 20 mil. in dept. Some say she out-and-out ruined the town (on video on my blog).

    I still find the fact anyone could defend this vapid sociopath anything but repulsive.

  11. I didn’t mean to infer GWB is leaving us w/a surplus! Wondered what armchairmba thought of what he did to the US financially.

  12. lulu,
    if you listen to the gobbling of the turkeys in the background, they have more intelligent things to say than the governor of alaska!

  13. nightowl,
    i was worried, too, that i would run out of material once the election was over. it seems that princess’s 15 minutes of fame have been extended, and we still have bachmann and boohoo boehner and others to pick on, so i won’t close up shop yet.

  14. armchairmba,
    maybe your shock set in when your real leader spent $200,000 to clothe herself and her family. maybe she wants to look good while the obama administration focuses only on presentation. by the way, do you like the way that burberry scarf looks on fiscally-responsible sarah? it retails for around $290 at neiman marcus.

  15. neon vincent,
    i think he spilled all of his kool-aid on his armchair. now he just sits and soaks in it.

  16. wpc,
    armchair is making the rounds? maybe princess sarah has her posse just like the televangelists have theirs. they scour the internets and somehow find the smallest of blogs to attack anytime a disparaging word is said about their thievery.
    poultry cartoons really are fun! 😀 a helluva lot more fun than listening to princess sarah!

  17. thanks, culturepress!! 😀
    always nice to see you!

  18. helen,
    of course, armchair doesn’t mention that the state of alaska takes in something like $1.80 for every dollar they pay in taxes. if someone wants to give me back my dollar plus 80¢ extra for every dollar i spend, how much you wanna bet i would have a surplus at the end of each month? oh, how the rethugs and the palinites love to pick and choose only those facts that are helpful to their arguments, not those that represent the whole truth.

  19. Nice PS work, Nonnie, but I’ve seen that Palin movie and it sucks. What was that woman drinking, really?? There was no coffee in that cup, even though it must have been refilled a few times. And I wish people would quote her correctly instead of pretending she speaks English; here’s what she really said when asked,

    So why was today so important for you, personally?

    “Ohhhhhhh well this was this was neat! It I wuz happy ta git to be invited ta particapate in the this an an uh, ya know for one ya needa little bita levity in this job espeshly with the uh so much that has gone on last coupla months that has been so um political obviously that it’s nice ta git out an an do somthin’ ta promote a local business an an ta jest participate in sumthin’ that isn’t so uh heavy handed politics that uh invites criticism! Certainly we’ll probly invite criticism fur even doin’ this too but at least this was fun.”

  20. hi saitia!
    welcome to the raisin! 😀

    there is some rather good ps work over at the site your name links to! 😆 i think i like the joe mcliebercain one best!

    i bet the coffee cup was really empty. she is actually attached at all times to a kool-aid iv. i agree with you–the media has to stop pretending the the moron is speaking english or saying anything intelligent. the turkeys made more sense than she did.

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