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Cross Palination

From Politico:

Former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee says he was surprised by John McCain’s pick of Sarah Palin because he believes the only difference between himself and the Alaska governor is “she looks better in stilettos than I do.”

Reflecting on the Palin pick in an interview with the New Yorker posted Monday, Huckabee told the magazine that “I was scratching my head, saying, ‘Hey, wait a minute. She’s wonderful, but the only difference was she looks better in stilettos than I do, and she has better hair.’”

Well, kids, we now know the direction the Rethuglican party is going to take. Chuckleberry feels like he is going to have to compete with Princess Sarah next time around, and I suspect the others will follow suit (that is, if the Rethuglican party gives them shopping sprees, too!)….

Original DVD cover.
Apparently, Chuckleberry didn’t get the memo about shopping at Neiman Marcus and rushed over to his local Walmart. Rudy, not to be outdone, goes to Dame Edna garage sales.
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