Happy Thanksgiving!



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10 responses to “Happy Thanksgiving!

  1. And a belated Happy Thanksgiving to you, too, Nonnie!

  2. thank you, neon vincent! 😀 i hope your thanksgiving was a pleasant one!

  3. nightowl724

    Oh no, nonnie! Have you become a Marxist? Say it ain’t so, kiddo!

    I hope you had a happy!

  4. i so hope you had a terrific holiday — thanks for making me smile and laugh A LOT — and for being such a cool and terrific person

    one day i will get to meet you and we can produce our first feature


  5. nightowl,
    i have always been a groucho marxist! 🙂 i love the marx brothers’ movies and i am still hoping that one of the networks once again airs all of the you bet your life! episodes. funniest game show ever!

  6. dcAp,
    i hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving as well! you not only make me smile and laugh, but, damn you, you make me learn and think, too! 😡

    we really do have to collaborate on something. we will take the blogosphere by storm! 😉

  7. I ate a little turkey but my heart wasn’t in it. That Sarah Palin video kinda put me off my feed.

  8. karen,
    i did not allow myself to think about princess sarah. her ability to befoul my mood is over. she will still be around, and she will always be a source of comic relief, but she is not to be feared, just ridiculed.

  9. Not a Lennonist? Ever hear the one about the couple on YBYL that disclosed during the chit chat that they had 11 kids? “I guess we just like kids” the dad says to which Grocho remarks”Well, I like my cigar but I take it out every now and then”. He caught hell for that from network.

    • i’m definitely a marxist. i love groucho! he’s my favorite philosopher. they used to rerun all the old ybyl shows. i wish they would again. they were hilarious.