The Revile-y Factor

From the Los Angeles Times:

A year or so ago, at a dinner of media executives and a few journalists, one of the guests told this joke:

“Rupert Murdoch, asleep in the middle of the night, is awakened by a flash of light. He sits up, rubs his eyes and sees Satan standing at the foot of his bed.

” ‘What are you doing here?’ the mogul demands.

” ‘I have come to offer you any deal you can imagine,’ the devil responds.

” ‘What do you want in return?’ says Murdoch, clearly intrigued.

” ‘You can have any deal in the world you can imagine,’ replies Satan, ‘and, in return, all I ask is your immortal soul.’

” ‘Any deal?’ asks a skeptical Murdoch.

” ‘Any deal,’ purrs the devil, ‘but in return, I take your soul.’

” ‘Hmmm,’ muses Murdoch, ‘what’s the catch?’ “

From Politico:

Wolff: Murdoch ‘absolutely despises’ O’Reilly

In Michael Wolff’s forthcoming biography of Rupert Murdoch, “The Man Who Owns The News,” the author writes that the media mogul has seemed to turn away lately from his cable news network, and isn’t fond its top-rated personality, Bill O’Reilly.

Original DVD cover

    • “It is not just Murdoch (and everybody else at News Corp.’s highest levels) who absolutely despises Bill O’Reilly, the bullying, mean-spirited, and hugely successful evening commentator,” Wolff wrote, “but [Fox News chief executive] Roger Ailes himself who loathes him. Success, however, has cemented everyone to each other.”

“The embarrassment can no longer be missed,” Wolff wrote, in another section of the book. “He mumbles even more than usual when called on to justify it. He barely pretends to hide the way he feels about Bill O’Reilly. And while it is not that he would give Fox up—because the money is the money; success trumps all—in the larger sense of who he is, he seems to want to hedge his bets.”

There’s more about old Rupie and the book at both links above, kids. I just wanted to cover the fun parts!


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8 responses to “The Revile-y Factor

  1. jeb

    Well, what’s not to hate? O’Rally covers all the bases; mean-spirited, self-aggrandizing, smug, dishonest, vengeful, perverted and those are his good qualities.

    I saw this on Countdown last night. Keith told Wolff that discovering that his two greatest enemies hated each other left him with a moral dilemma.

  2. jeb,
    😆 i saw that on ko’s show last night. i’ve been meaning to do a poster about rupie and ailes hating billo, but i couldn’t think of the right dvd cover to use.

  3. dusty

    I saw Wolff as well on Countdown last night…KO was almost giddy wasn’t he at the knowledge that everyone hates Bill-o. 😉

  4. dusty,
    somehow i don’t think it was a big secret that bill0 is widely disliked. 😆

  5. nightowl724

    Hey, nonnie! Your creative mind was in high gear with this one! I especially enjoyed the flip from The Third Season to For Good Reason.

    According to that LA Times article, we shouldn’t look for Billo to be fired. Not while his show is still a ca$h cow anyway!

  6. It’s all about the moolah.

  7. nightowl,
    rupie would be the first to hire oj simpson, if he thought it would make him money. money is all rupie cares about, and he would allow billo to marry his daughter if it meant he could make a buck from it.

  8. karen,

    by the way, what’s up at your place? i left 2 comments there, and neither one of them showed up. am i on a no-post list? should i just change my name to spam? 😥