Geld this Guild!

Did’ya see it, kids? The Three Stooges–Joe McLiebercain, Captain Underpants, and Lindseypoo teamed up and wrote up some advice about Iraq for the new Obama administration. And who wouldn’t want advice from them, especially Captain Underpants!? Remember this scene? From Salon (you might have to click on the enter button over on the right to get to the article):

March 21, 2008 | When John McCain, speaking at a press conference in Amman, Jordan, on Tuesday, accused Iran of harboring and training al-Qaida terrorists, he apologized as soon as Joe Lieberman loudly whispered in his ear that he had uttered a blooper. He withdrew that remark and noted that while the Iranian government is training other “Islamic extremists” across the border, that does not mean they are involved with al-Qaida in Iraq.

Original photo.
Original movie still.
(And, yes, I might be obsessed with the Lollipop Guild.)

Anyhoo, the Turd Triplets wrote a piece for The Washington Post. You can read it for yourself, or I will paraphrase it for you:

Everything is hunky-dory in Iraq. They know, because they went over there earlier this month (no report about whether they bought rugs this time or not). The Sunnis are our bestest friends, and they’re gonna kick al-Qaeda’s ass! Democracy is taking off in Iraq, and it’s giving all three members of the Suckers Lollipop Guild hard-ons reasons for optimism.

Now is the time for true bipartisanship in Washington. Barack Obama, with the help of Defense Secretary Robert Gates (they call him Bob, ’cause they’re the cool kids), Secretary of State-designate Hillary Clinton and General Jim Jones, the incoming national security adviser, can work together to figure out an Iraq policy that will bring Democrats and Rethuglicans together. Kumbaya my lord, kumbaya. I wonder if that means there should be none of that stuff like calling members of the other party Communists and Socialists and saying that they are pallin’ around with terrorists.

The parties should work together so that we can responsibly redeploy from Iraq, and for that to happen, Obama and his national security team and Congress should listen to General David Petraeus and General Ray Odierno. Petraeus is now the head of U.S. Central Command, and Odierno is the commander on the ground in Iraq. Thank goodness the Gleesome Threesome suggested this! I bet it never occurred to Obama and the others to ask the generals their opinions.

In addition, Obama should waste no time replacing the departing ambassador, Ryan Crocker. Dayum! It’s like a Diplomacy Hints from Heloise! I bet that Obama never thought of picking a new diplomat, especially after all that talk about more diplomacy!

Iraqis are weary of the presence of our forces in their land, as demonstrated by the flying footwear aimed at Chimpy. As troops numbers diminish, those feelings should abate, but, just in case, we should make sure that all Iraqis are walking around barefoot.

Iraq will be an anchor of stability in the Middle East. It will be rubber, and Iran will be glue, and anything bad will bounce off and stick to Iran.

….Or sumthin’ like that.

P.S. For more Wizard of Oz fun, head over to Distributorcap’s place!


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19 responses to “Geld this Guild!

  1. genius!

    you know i love you to death — just dont throw a bucket of water on me —

  2. 😳 you made me blush, dcAp! i would never throw a bucket of water on you. well, i would if you were on fire, but i hope that never happens! i hope all the raisinettes click over to your place. as long as we are in oz, might as well enjoy all the stops! 😉

  3. They are sooooo frakkin’ adorable!!

    I just wanna smoosh’m into a blender
    and watch’em dance!

  4. 😆 they are the bees’ knees, aren’t they? just wait, saitia! the gleesome threesome will be making another appearance very soon!

  5. sardonyx

    Oh nonnie, the Turd Triplets? A terrible trio if ever there was one.

    I see you have them pictured walking at Turdy-Turd and Turd, but fortunately for us you don’t show the bottoms of their shoes. Yuckity all the way, though truly emblematic of their souls soles.

  6. jlms qkw - jenn

    heh: gleesome threesome. how about on an andrew sister’s album cover?

    i’m waiting for the pope.

  7. sardonyx

    Okay, now guess whether “souls” or “soles” was supposed to have a strikeout through it. The darn tag didn’t work!

  8. sar! 😀
    what a nice surprise to see you over here!

    even if they have been strolling on turdy-turd and turd, the bottoms of their shoes would still be more preferable than the rest of them.

    and, sorry, but strikeouts don’t work in the comments here. i still liked you pun, though. 😉

  9. jenn,
    don’t you remember when the trio were in all kinds’a music groups? as for the pope, he didn’t say anything that i wouldn’t expect him to say. what fun is he?

  10. jlms qkw - jenn

    nonnie you are always brilliant.

  11. awww, thanks, jenn. and i just found another article on what the pope said, so now i know what you were talking about. i will keep it in mind, but i already have plans for tomorrow’s post and the day after that (if i ever get them done!).

  12. Nonnie is a sucker for lollipops? *Makes notes*

  13. neon vincent,
    please make them sugarless! 😉

  14. nightowl724

    Tooooooooo MUCH! 😀

  15. nightowl,
    if you think this is too much, wait until tonight! 😉

  16. Thanks for the holiday spit-take! Holy crap, the Turd Triplets are fugly and adorable all at once, I almost don’t know how to react… except to also want to see them dancing in a blender.

    LOL!!! Hey speaking of dancing, come by my place for a little xmas jiggin’ brought to you by the folks who lost the election. You might get a giggle.

    Happy Holidaze Nonnie, you’re the best!

  17. helen,
    i was just over there, and i watched the video 4 times already. i love it!! KIDS!! click on helen’s name and go over and watch the video. YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! it’s hilarious!

    happy holidaze to you, too, dear helen. please stop by later tonight. i am going to gather all you sweet little raisinettes around the fireplace and sing you a special xmas song! 😉

  18. karen! 😀
    i was just by your place! you have my personal invitation to stop by later. i will be serving hot chocolate (with marshmallows, of course) and carrying out a xmas tradition (i think, what do i know? i’m a nice jewish girl from new yawk!) of gathering up the kids for a little sing-along.