Bernie’s Back!

From The New York Times:

WHITE PLAINS — Bernard B. Kerik, the former New York City police commissioner who was once President Bush’s top choice to lead the Department of Homeland Security, pleaded not guilty on Monday in federal court to new tax fraud charges that were added to his public-corruption case.

Original DVD cover.

Yay! Bernie’s back! Remember when he last haunted the Rethugs?
Original DVD cover
. (I admit it–I like this poster, and I took advantage of having an excuse to post it again.)

As part of a superseding indictment, Mr. Kerik, 53, was arraigned on charges involving the preparation of false tax returns. He was originally indicted in November 2007 on charges including corruption, fraud and making false statements.


The heart of the federal case includes allegations that a construction company suspected of having ties to the Mafia paid for renovations at Mr. Kerik’s home in the Bronx in the hope that he would help the company obtain a city license.

Mr. Kerik also faces charges that he failed to disclose a $250,000 loan financed by an unnamed Israeli businessman, and failed to report more than $500,000 in income beginning in 1999, including three years when he was the city’s correction commissioner, then police commissioner.


In a filing earlier this month opposing the defense motion to dismiss, the United States attorney’s office said that Mr. Kerik engaged in “an extensive crime spree,” from about 1998 until 2006, when he pleaded guilty to related charges in a deal with the Bronx district attorney’s office.

At the hearing on Monday, there was also discussion about whether Mr. Kerik would waive his right to a trial in Washington, as two of the counts concern what the authorities say are false statements that Mr. Kerik made when he was being vetted by the Bush administration in 2004 for secretary of homeland security. No decision was reached on those questions.


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13 responses to “Bernie’s Back!

  1. Dusty

    Bernie is a real piece of work ain’t he? Jeez what a tool….

    Wonder how Mr. Noun,Verb and 9/11 feels about him now?

  2. he really is, dusty, and i hope he stays in the news. he was not only a colleague of rudy’s but a friend. this will help put the kibosh on a run for the senate for mr. 9/11.

  3. nightowl724

    Welcome to nonnie and the neo-cons, where the fun never ends!

  4. That photo of Bush in the lower one makes him look like he should be playing Gilligan.

  5. how’d you know the name of my band, nightowl?

  6. neon vincent,
    i did use that same pic in the gilligan’s island post! scroll down.

  7. nightowl724

    Oh, a little turd told me…

  8. better a turd than a turdblossom.

  9. nightowl724


    You said it!

  10. The neo-cons have launched the careers of more fu¢kin’ clowns than Ringling Brothers.

  11. Hah, I thought I’d forgotten about it, but I suppose some part of my mind remembered that you already had cast him as Gilligan!

  12. karen,
    😆 and all the clowns are piled into really, really tiny inefficient gas guzzling cars.

  13. neon vincent,
    i’m surprised i remember. i swear, i have forgotten over half the posters that are over here. sometimes, when i am looking for something, i happen upon one of them, and i say oh yeah, i liked that one!