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A Musical Refrain for John McCain

FromThe Salt Lake Tribune:

WASHINGTON – Not content to sit on the sidelines, longtime senator and one-time presidential hopeful Orrin Hatch has penned a song for his Senate buddy John McCain in hopes of helping his White House bid.
Really, he did.

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Your Appointment Has Been Cancelled!

From the Washington Post:

Speaking of Iraq, the Georgetown Hoya newspaper last week quoted a student saying she was “displeased that university officials have not asked” former Pentagon undersecretary Douglas Feith”to return to teach next year.”

Asked about Feith’s status, Robert Gallucci, dean of Georgetown’s foreign service school, told us that when Feith was hired — something that caused an uproar among the faculty — it was understood he “was on a two-year appointment.”

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Yoo (not you) Hoo!

Yeah, I’m talking to you (not Yoo)! Kids, I want you (not Yoo) to run on over to a very good blog called the Grievance Project. My friend, E.M., unlike myself, covers very important stuff. The latest post over there is on an op-ed by Scott Horton about John Yoo (not you). In fact, there are lots of posts about John Yoo (not you) over there, and i suggest you read them all. Oh, did I tell you that E.M. was good enough to allow me to illustrate the diary? (All credit for the title goes to E.M.)

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He Said, She Said

ATLANTA, April 23 (Reuters) – Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter on Wednesday accused Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice of not telling the truth about warnings she said her department gave Carter not to speak to Hamas before a Middle East trip.

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Say It Ain’t Snow!

Tony Snow has been hired by CNN and appeared last night on Larry King’s show. 😯

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The Big Shill

Hey kids, The New York Times has published an eleven-page article by David Barstow that is absolutely fascinating, and I suggest you read the whole thing. Here are snippets:

In the summer of 2005, the Bush administration confronted a fresh wave of criticism over Guantánamo Bay. The detention center had just been branded “the gulag of our times” by Amnesty International, there were new allegations of abuse from United Nations human rights experts and calls were mounting for its closure.

The administration’s communications experts responded swiftly. Early one Friday morning, they put a group of retired military officers on one of the jets normally used by Vice President Dick Cheney and flew them to Cuba for a carefully orchestrated tour of Guantánamo.

To the public, these men are members of a familiar fraternity, presented tens of thousands of times on television and radio as “military analysts” whose long service has equipped them to give authoritative and unfettered judgments about the most pressing issues of the post-Sept. 11 world.

Hidden behind that appearance of objectivity, though, is a Pentagon information apparatus that has used those analysts in a campaign to generate favorable news coverage of the administration’s wartime performance, an examination by The New York Times has found.

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In a League of Their Own

From The Guardian:

America’s most senior general was “hoodwinked” by top Bush administration officials determined to push through aggressive interrogation techniques of terror suspects held at GuantĂĄnamo Bay, leading to the US military abandoning its age-old ban on the cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners, the Guardian reveals today.

General Richard Myers, chairman of the US joint chiefs of staff from 2001 to 2005, wrongly believed that inmates at GuantĂĄnamo and other prisons were protected by the Geneva conventions and from abuse tantamount to torture.

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