Burris Tsuris

tsuris: NOUN: trouble; aggravation.

From The Washington Post:

With five days until the start of the 111th Congress, the corruption scandal surrounding Illinois Gov. Rod Blagojevich (D) has complicated what was already shaping up to be a dramatic start in the Senate.

Senate Democrats are left to deal with the mess of the successions of President-elect Barack Obama, Vice President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr., Secretary of State-designate Hillary Rodham Clinton and Interior Secretary-designate Ken Salazar.

But the most high-profile scenario involves what Democrats will do if Roland W. Burris, Blagojevich’s choice, makes good on his pledge to appear Tuesday on Capitol Hill to try to take the oath of office for Obama’s seat.

Original DVD cover.

This defiance has left several possible outcomes:

· Burris arrives on Tuesday and is sworn in with the senators who were elected in November.

· Burris shows up, and his appointment is rejected because the Illinois secretary of state, Jesse White, has refused to sign the paperwork certifying the appointment.

· Burris shows up in Washington, and his appointment is referred to the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, which conducts an investigation of his selection by the governor to determine whether Burris should be seated.

· The matter ends up in Illinois and federal courts as Burris tries to force the Senate to seat him.

Another article from WaPo:

A day after an announcement that shook Illinois politics, African American politicians and activists remain divided about supporting embattled Gov. Rod Blagojevich’s surprise choice to replace President-elect Barack Obama in the Senate.

Since Blagojevich (D) tapped Roland W. Burris, a former state attorney general and the first black politician to be elected statewide in Illinois, for the seat on Tuesday, Rep. Bobby L. Rush (D-Ill.) has repeatedly invoked the importance of replacing Obama with another African American.


“I understand Congressman Rush’s concern about having an African American senator, but there are concerns about the cloud that has gone on regarding the current governor,” said Rep. Gregory W. Meeks (R-N.Y.). “His qualifications are impeccable, his name has not been involved in scandal, but that has to be considered.”

Karen A. Yarbrough, an Illinois state representative who represents a district just outside of Chicago, said: “I don’t think this governor should be appointing.”

But Marc H. Morial, the head of the National Urban League, defended the selection of Burris and questioned setting the precedent of allowing the Senate to reject controversial appointments, calling “very, very limited” the power Majority Leader Harry M. Reid (D-Nev.) has suggested the Senate may attempt to exercise.

“He is by far the most qualified person that I know,” Constance A. Howard, an Illinois state representative whose district is in Chicago, said of Burris.


Yesterday, Burris filed a motion with the Illinois Supreme Court asking it to compel “the Secretary of State to countersign and affix the state seal to the Governor’s commission appointing Roland Burris to the United States Senate.”

Democratic leadership aides in the Senate said the controversy could be referred to the Senate Rules and Administration Committee, which would investigate the appointment. The move would also offer Democrats a way to stall the process while Illinois legislators consider whether to impeach the governor.


And Rush, who has a complicated relationship with Obama since the president-elect unsuccessfully challenged him in a primary contest for Rush’s House seat in 2000, continued to use sharp racial rhetoric in calling for the appointment.


Black activists and politicians largely distanced themselves from Rush’s tone.

“As much as I would like there to be a black in the Senate, we should not turn around and impose any kind of racial litmus test,” said the Rev. Al Sharpton, a former Democratic presidential candidate and longtime civil rights advocate who said he has not taken a position on the appointment.

And even among Burris’s backers, it is unclear whether a groundswell of support will develop that forces Senate Democrats to change their minds. Some officials, including Rep. Danny K. Davis (D-Ill.), said they back Burris but do not plan to organize against the strong opposition to Blagojevich’s decision by contacting [Illinois Secretary of State Jesse] White, Senate Democrats or Obama.


Davis had been offered the seat first by Blagojevich but said he did not accept it because “the environment was too murky for me.” And both Sharpton and Davis said Obama’s pointed opposition to the appointment could make it difficult for other blacks to support Burris.


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12 responses to “Burris Tsuris

  1. Dusty

    I dunno about this guy. He seems just a tad desperate don’t ya think?

    Blago needs to fall into a very large hole and not come out..evah! 😉

  2. The whole thing gives me a headache.

    But happy new year, anyway, nonnie! I hope 2009 is happy and healthy for you!

    Thanks for all the laughs this year!

  3. dusty,
    i think burris looks like an egotistical opportunist, bobby rush looks like a bitter and foolish, and blago looks like a vindictive a$$hole. i am wondering who thought up this grand little scheme, complete with choreography. this was orchestrated to change the conversation, ingratiate blago with the african-american community, and throw the whole mess in the laps of harry reid and the senate. politically for blago, it was a stroke of genius (and i don’t think he’s a genius, so i wonder who thought it up).

    that said, happy new year, dusty! 😉

  4. hey dcup! 😀
    the minnesota senate race is giving me a headache, this is keeping me entertained! 🙂

    i’ve been sick for the last few days sneezing and trying to breathe without drooling, just broke my glasses (that i bought about 5 years ago for 20 bucks at walgreens), and i was just in the kitchen pouring tums down my throat in hopes that my dinner stays where it is. plus chimpy is still preznit. when the year starts off like that, the rest of it has got to be wayyyyyyyyyy better! 😀

    i hope this year proves to be a wonderful new beginning and an excellent time for you and mathman and the spawn.

    love ya! mmwwaahhhhh!!

  5. I hoped something good would come of that Borat-crap. But you have a gift. =D>

  6. writechicpress

    She does have a gift, Saitia! I can count on Nonnie to make me smile at the least and shoot coffee through my nose at most. (Don’t worry, Nonnie, I drink my coffee iced) 😉

  7. Check out Burris’s tomb if you can. Creepily elaborate, befitting a monarch.
    And he ain’t even dead yet.

  8. saitia,
    don’t tell anyone, but i have never seen borat. i’ve seen a couple of clips, but never saw the movie. i just happened to see the dvd cover, and i figured borat and burris were close enough names, and the cover could illustrate burris’s eagerness to go to dc.

  9. hey wcp! happy new year! 😀

    kids!!! click here and see wcp’s brilliant Battle Hymn of the 2008 Douchebags! you’ll love it! wcp has a terrible habit of not linking over to her site, so i have to do it for her. 😉

    wcp, now that i read blogs, i am very grateful that i have never really liked hot drinks. iced tea through the nostrils can be quite refreshing, especially in the tropical heat of floriduhhhhh!

  10. karen,
    i was skewered over at the big orange by someone for belittling burris with this poster. what i find offensive is this guy’s allowing himself to be the pawn of a possible felon. he is so obsessed with his own greatness that he doesn’t care about putting fellow dems in an embarrassing position. i don’t know a lot about burris, but i have seen the shrine he has built for himself. if that doesn’t tell you that this guy has a very high opinion of himself, then the fact that he named his kids roland and rolanda will. the person who is unhappy with me over at the big orange has anointed him “a good progressive.” i have to wonder, since burris pushed for the prosecution of a kid for murder, even after his deputy attorney general and the lead detective resigned, because they were convinced of the kid’s innocence. oh, and that was after someone else had confessed (and whose dna matched the sperm left at the crime scene). it’s a sordid tale. google the name ‘rolando cruz’. the guy spent a decade in jail. on top of that, he ran for the dem nomination for governor and lost. he ran for mayor of chicago and lost. then he ran again for the dem nom for gov and lost again. apparently, he doesn’t have widespread support in illinois, so why put a guy in there who will most likely lose when he has to run for the senate seat? this was a big fu¢k you by blago, and burris was a willing pawn.

  11. nightowl724

    I could never respect Burris whether he was black or white because he participated in this $hit.

    Great poster, nonnie, as always!

  12. nightowl,
    being in the senate means having to be a team player. how can we think of burris as a team player when he is starting off embarrassing his fellow dems?