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The Bushies Can Kiss Our Tushies


There is the prospect of a third member of the Bush family perhaps occupying the White House one day. Former President George H.W. Bush said on “Fox News Sunday” he would like to see his second son, Jeb Bush, become President. Jeb has served as the governor of Florida and is considering a run for the Florida U.S. Senate seat to be vacated by Republican Mel Martinez in 2010. The former President admitted right now would probably be a bad time” for another Bush in the White House, given the low public opinion rankings for the current President Bush. The elder Bush said in spite of that, he wants to encourage his son Jeb’s political aspirations to, “serve the greatest country in the world.”

Houston, we have a problem. This is how Poppy and Bar see their little darlings:

Original DVD cover.

However, that’s not what the rest of us see. This is more like reality:
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