Saint Blago

From the Chicago Tribune:

Saying the Illinois House impeachment vote against him was “not a surprise,” a combative Gov. Rod Blagojevich defended his work in office and again asserted his innocence of any criminal wrongdoing, vowing to “continue to fight every step of the way.”

At a brief news conference Friday afternoon, Blagojevich sought to undermine the House vote by depicting himself as a public servant who does not deserve to be kicked out of office but rather should be recognized for saving lives.

Original DVD cover.

Blagojevich said a hostile House had conspired to impeach him since shortly after his re-election in 2006.

“From the very moment of my re-election I’ve been engaged in a struggle with the House to get things done for people,” Blagojevich said, flanked by a dozen people who he said had benefited from his programs.


Blagojevich’s stand, while coming under extraordinary circumstances, was in many ways a classic response for a politician who has long portrayed himself as the people’s champion against enemies ranging from state bureaucrats to well-heeled lobbyists. The event was vintage Blagojevich, featuring the governor surrounded by women, children and senior citizens, and quoting poetry, this time from English poet Alfred Lord Tennyson.

But he did not address many of the actions lawmakers deemed worthy of impeachment.

He skirted allegations he tried to sell the U.S. Senate seat vacated by President-elect Barack Obama and did not address accusations he attempted to get Tribune editorial writers fired and traded support from his office in exchange for campaign contributions.

Lt. Gov. Pat Quinn, who is next in line for the state’s top office, said Blagojevich “is missing the point of the impeachment.”

Quinn said while expanding health care may have been “worthy,” Blagojevich was out of line by pushing his agenda without lawmakers’ approval.


In establishing the health theme, Blagojevich went jogging near his Ravenswood Manor home early Friday.

“He jogs before most press conferences—collects his thoughts,” said spokesman Lucio Guerrero.

Blagojevich said he is confident he will be cleared of any criminal wrongdoing.


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24 responses to “Saint Blago

  1. jeb

    You really have to wonder where this guy gets his advice. When you’re found standing over a dead body with gun still smoking in your hand, it’s really hard to repeatedly claim your innocence. Get a clue and jog out of office before they get the rope up in the tree you moron.

  2. writechicpress

    What a piece of work he is! “They impeached me because I love everybody” is pretty much what is freakish press conference amounted to. What a scary weirdo.

  3. I’m almost more disturbed by Milton Patterson (lone IL rep to vote against impeachment) and Rep. Elga Jefferies (voted ‘Present’).

    Only party loyalty – or perhaps a desire for attention – could make a person stand up in the face of evidence like this and say, “Eh…I need to see more.”

  4. jeb,
    so far, blago has shown himself to be pretty politically savvy. his appointment to the senate will probably stand, and he managed to create a new kerfuffle that took attention away from himself and focused it on burris. yesterday’s presser was an attempt to reach the jury pool. the impeachment is probably a done deal, so the criminal trial is what he is focusing on. it doesn’t hurt to parade people out and have them say that blago saved their lives. if he can manage to beat the rap or only get a light sentence, then he probably figures he can make lots of money writing books and taking his freak show on the road. as much of a scumbag that he is, there will still be people who sympathize with him.

  5. wcp,
    i really wonder if he’s as nuts as he sounds or if he’s only as crazy as a fox.

  6. hello nimrod,
    welcome to the raisin. 😀

    i don’t know anything about the reps you referenced, so i can’t comment on their motives. maybe they just feel sorry for him, knew the vote would be overwhelmingly against him, and they figured their votes weren’t necessary. then again, maybe they didn’t think the evidence was there.

  7. Dusty

    I vote for “crazy like a fox” but I really do hope his time in office is coming to an end. IL politics is so damn dirty..what is it..4 of the last 8 governor’s have been charged with graft?

  8. He’s definitely politically savvy. His weakness is arrogance.

  9. dusty,
    illinois politics is unreal–and that’s from someone living in floriduhhhh!! 😆 i hope he’s gone soon, too, as he is a thorn in the side of dems, but he always seems to have another trick up his sleeve. i don’t totally trust patrick fitzgerald since the scooter libby debacle, and i don’t trust that he has a slam-dunk case. did any actual money change hands or was blago just talking like a big shot? i wouldn’t bet against b-rod yet.

  10. nimrod,
    you’re quite correct–b-rod’s problem is definitely arrogance, but he’s either smarter than he looks or he’s lucky as hell.

  11. Dusty

    I know what ya mean Nonnie…Blago isn’t under indictment yet..and if Fitz doesn’t have more than those tapes..he is fu¢ked.

  12. if fitz had more than that, i don’t know why he would have waited for more. of course, he would want to spread as wide a net as possible, but, if that’s the case, why did he arrest b-rod when he did? why not wait until he made the senate appointment? if he appointed someone who paid for the seat, then he could have arrested that person, too. there would be no way the senate would seat someone like that. the timing makes no sense to me at all.

  13. jlms qkw - jenn

    love the “price list” – had to click on the big version to see it! and the overstuffed tip jar and the seal of the state of illinois: great details!

    so why did the IL sec of state certify burriss after the court said they didn’t have to. there is no end of stupid in illinois politics, it seems.

  14. sardonyx

    So Blago gets his thoughts by picking random detritus from the ground when he goes jogging before press conferences? How…novel. Oh yeah, that sure sounds healthy to me!

  15. jenn,
    i always try to have something in the larger version that’ll entice people over here and give them a little surprise for their effort.

    i don’t know what’s in the water in illinois. 🙄 frankly, i am having trouble wrapping my mind around the entire story. why did fitz arrest blago when he did? why did the illinois house wait to impeach him if they didn’t base the impeachment on the fitz tapes? why do the rules for burris keep changing daily? illinois is making floriduhhh politicians look like geniuses!

  16. sar,
    he’s not jogging. he’s practicing being on the lam.

  17. sardonyx

    nonnie, it’s water from Lake Michigan. If you live in Chicago, that’s what you drink, shower in, do the dishes with, etc. Blago’s infused with it.

    I think you’ve got it wrong, nonnie. He’s not practicing being on the lam, he’s practicing being lame. And man, is he good at it!

  18. i didn’t see him limp. 😉

  19. I did a Google search on ‘Florida corruption’ and got 3,760,000 hits. Then I did a search on ‘Illinois corruption, and found 3,600,000 results. Florida had nearly 200,000 more hits. Yowzers!

  20. Oh, Nonnie… I am a product of Illinois politics. My dad ran for mayor against George Ryan’s brother & lost. I grew up with Ryans’ kids, and my best childhood friend’s mom was his secretary for 20-something years. Obviously, that’s when dems could actually socialize w/rethugs 🙂 although I do think we were outcast somewhat by the fact my dad is a dem.

    I’ve met some of these characters although it’s been so long since I lived there & my dad was politicially active. I think I met Quinn at some fundraiser when I was a teen.

    Actually, George Ryan is a class act compared to this fu¢king clown. The fact that the guy resorted to claiming the reason he is facing impeachment is because of all the good he does … stunning.

    I agree, though: He is politically savvy. That pick of Roland Burris? Pretty damn smart.

    I bet there are many dem senators who’d like to drop kick him as far as they can.

  21. neon vincent,
    though i have lived in floriduhhhh for many a year, and my son was born here, i will nevah evah consider myself a floridiot. i am a new yawker no matter where i happen to live. therefore, i am neither proud nor chagrined by your google results. 😉

  22. helen,
    cool story! stories are more fun when you have actually met the main characters in person.

    i am still wondering about the timing of all of this. why was he impeached now if the bad behavior had been going on for years? i agree he’s a scumbag (squeezing the children’s hospital is enough to qualify him for that description), but i wonder if he did anything that every other illinois politician has done, too. there were 2 illinois reps on hardball friday, and they said that they had cause to impeach without the fitz tapes. if that’s the case, why wasn’t he impeached way before now? was it because they didn’t want his scandal to possibly taint their own elections, are they afraid of their own questionable behavior coming to light, or were they just forced into doing something because fitz announced the arrest?

  23. nightowl724

    The tip jar! HAHAHA!

    My gut tells me that the Blago $hit-hitting-the-fan timing is not coincidental.

    It is either a distraction from something else we ought to be paying attention to or the $hit was originally stirred-up somehow by the GOP fearing a 60 majority in the Senate and hoping for a special election or trying to taint Obama.

    However, my gut also tells me that Blago is indeed guilty as H-E-double-hockey-sticks…

  24. nightowl,
    i wonder if blago is any more guilty than 90% of all politicians. maybe he’s just more blatant about it. i don’t think the timing is part of a gop plot, but i do think there is something going on behind the scenes that we know nothing about. maybe it’s just a natural balance. a few rethugs get their hands caught in the cookie jar, so a few dems get their hands caught. i hope they all get some nasty disease from the dirty hands they are eating the cookies with.

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