Stupid Has Left the Station, All Aboard the Train of Thought

From Forbes:

President-elect Barack Obama’s historical whistle stop tour to Washington has gotten under way after an enthusiastic send-off from Philadelphia, the cradle of American democracy.

Original DVD cover.

Obama and his family and a traveling party of guests, public officials and reporters rolled out of the city’s 30th St. Station shortly before noon under a frigid, but sunny and clear blue sky.

As the train lumbered out of the station, a conductor bellowed: “Welcome aboard the 2009 inaugural train to DC.”

Good riddance to evil engineers…

…and others who helped steer the train off the tracks…

Original DVD cover.

Original book cover.

and evil conductors…


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21 responses to “Stupid Has Left the Station, All Aboard the Train of Thought

  1. Good gravy Nonnie! When do you eat, sleep, and brush your teeth!?!
    You’re a train unto yourself, girl!

  2. i cheated a little, saitia. the condi poster is an old one, as is the book cover (which i really would have liked to fix a bit, but i only decided to add extra pix at 5 this afternoon). the karl rove one is old, too, but i changed his ugly mug. the cheney conductor one is new. i couldn’t leave him out, and then i decided that i couldn’t leave ashcroft and rummy out either.

  3. Dusty

    Nonnie, you have outdid yourself woman.I Love you!!!


  4. Ram Venkatararam

    I would be proud to sell these magazines and DVDs in my convenience store. I mark things up a few hundred percent, plus we’d want to do it under the table to avoid paying taxes….buy hey, all in the spirit of the material. (Call me, we’ll hook this up).

  5. thanks, dusty! love you, too, and i hope you are feeling better, sweetie.

  6. ๐Ÿ˜† ram,
    welcome to the raisin! ๐Ÿ˜€

    that’s the best proposition i’ve gotten all week. i just spent some time at your store, and i was very impressed. if i decide to market any of this crap, yours is the store i will choose. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    p.s. kids, click on ram’s name and read about his store. very funny!

  7. writechicpress

    Woo-woo! I’m on board! Nice work.

  8. we have a nice comfy seat all ready for you, wcp. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    p.s. am i the only one mysteriously in the mood for good & plenty candy?

  9. jeb

    It will be nice to have the train back on the tracks again.

  10. Sublime!
    That offer to move you to Texas and get you a giant screen iMac still stands.

  11. Good riddance to the Bush Mob! What a bunch of incompentents! After 911, I thought, “at least this group knows how to fight a war.” They couldn’t even do that right!

  12. Ram Venkatararam

    Thanks for the kind words and the plug. 50% off any processed cheese food for you nonnie9999!

  13. Friend of the court

    Hey nonnie! Is Rummy wearing a body bag? Or is it a bullet proof vest? Cheney got a gun……

  14. jeb,
    i haven’t watched any of the concerts or anything. i am waiting for the swearing-in. that’s when the overwhelming relief of chimpy actually being gone will finally settle in.

  15. karen,
    should i take the train to texas? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  16. neon vincent,
    good riddance doesn’t quite say it. i think fuยขk off and never appear on our tv sets again captures the mood better.

  17. oh boy, ram!!! processed cheese!!!!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. fotc,
    i think rummy is wearing a flak jacket. it’s fitting, as he was the biggest flack in selling the iraq war.

  19. nightowl724

    Did you ever notice how “nonnie” almost rhymes with “funny?” Well, pretend you did!

    My family endured a cross country train trip a few years back, so Conductor Cheney caps it for me. I’ll never do that again โ—

  20. i went from new yawk to floriduhhh by train, and i loved it! i would rather travel by train than any other way.

  21. Train travel #1. Listen to the wise woman!