GOP: Gratutitously Obstructing Progress

From the Los Angeles Times:

The Senate overwhelmingly approved the nomination of Hillary Rodham Clinton as President Obama’s secretary of State on Wednesday, after a one-day delay forced by Republicans who wanted to continue debating her husband’s overseas fundraising activities.

The delay had the effect of denying Clinton a confirmation vote on Inauguration Day, when six other Cabinet members were approved. But Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), who sought the delay, praised Clinton’s abilities Wednesday and voted in favor. She was confirmed 94 to 2.

The only votes against her came from Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), who favored further restrictions on donations to Bill Clinton’s foundation, and Sen. Jim DeMint (R-S.C.), who cited concern about her support for abortion rights.

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The delay showed the willingness of Republican lawmakers to take a tough line with the new president by closely questioning his legislative proposals and nominees.

Republicans on Wednesday also forced a week’s delay in the consideration of Atty. Gen.-designate Eric H. Holder Jr.


Republicans who initiated the move included Cornyn, Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, Jon Kyl of Arizona and Jeff Sessions of Alabama. The request was made by the committee’s ranking Republican, Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania.

The delay in the Clinton confirmation was sought by Cornyn, who said he requested it to allow senators to voice further concern about the former president’s foundation, which, among other things, works to provide healthcare and promote economic growth in underdeveloped countries.


Sen. Mary Landrieu (D-La.) accused Republicans of political motives. “This may give them some ability to do some fundraising they need to do for the coming election,” she said.

An hour after the vote, Clinton was sworn in as secretary of State and resigned her U.S. Senate seat.


The issue of Bill Clinton’s charitable activities has been a concern for senators of both parties, who said that foreign governments and businesses could use donations to curry favor with the top U.S. diplomat.

To dispel concerns, the Clintons agreed in December with the Obama transition team to disclose the identities of future donors and to submit to State Department ethics reviews of foreign donations.


DeMint, though voting against Clinton, said she was “uniquely and highly qualified.” He raised concerns that the Obama administration might lift restrictions on federal funding of abortions overseas.

Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.), who lost the presidency to Obama, supported Clinton. McCain at one point proposed to halt the debate for a vote that could allow her to begin work immediately.

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16 responses to “GOP: Gratutitously Obstructing Progress

  1. jlms qkw - jenn

    the repubs suck big rocks.

    stooopid to the max.

  2. nightowl724

    There’s that name Vitter again! I don’t understand why he doesn’t just slink off to the nursery or something. Why is this man still in politics?

    Another great cov, lov!

  3. got that right, jenn. i see the rethug talking heads on tv, and their doomsaying tone sounds ridiculous. they’re just picking out people to put in their fund-raising letters.

  4. nightowl,
    and the morons in louisiana who voted for him want to lecture everyone else on “values”?

  5. Vitter wasn’t caught with a live boy or a dead girl, so he’s still viable in Louisiana.

  6. but there’s still time before his next election, neon vincent! 😉

  7. Dusty

    I just did a post on the Rethugs fu¢kery about the Stimulus Package. Those stupid bastards are gonna screw with everything and anything the Dem’s put out there…bet on it..

    Like little kids that got passed over for team sports, the Rethugs will do everything they can to stifle progress.

  8. How ’bout picking ONE day next week and write something FUNNY and light…

    Life is getting to all of us… and I think we need a LITE-day…

  9. The sad thing is, although there are only three Repug stooges teh stoopid enough to stick their heads out right now, there’s at least thirty more of the same sick caliber lurking behind that curtain.

    I wonder if they have even an inkling yet that when they start pulling the same ole $hit that got them where they are today, they are going to look and smell like political pedophiles and legislative lepers, and the destruction of the Repuglicans will keep accelerating until they reach their own special Thelma and Louise cliff ‘O Doom. . . Now that’s a movie I can’t wait to see.

  10. dusty,
    the rethugs are grabbing at any strings they can get their grubby little hands on. it doesn’t even matter if they don’t believe what comes out of their own mouths. they don’t understand how to run on issues, so they will stir the fear pot or malign those who disagree with them.

  11. gee, just meee~, i thought i was being funny and light. sorry you didn’t think so, too.

  12. saitia,
    the sad thing is that there really are some rethugs who are not like the idiots who are yelling the loudest. unfortunately, they have never moved beyond the rove handbook. they have no strategery other that to obstruct at every turn and to belittle and mock those they perceive as enemies. let ’em keep making fools of themselves. it’s just a matter of time before their constituents wake up and realize they have been doing themselves no favors by voting for guys who do nothing but waste everyone’s time.

  13. Now that Bush is gone from politics, that wimpy dimwit John Cornyn is trying to step up as Texas’s leading Republican asshole.
    I saw an AP photo of an animated Hillary Clinton speaking to Cornyn. I’ll bet she was describing to him how she planned to remove his heart with a dull knife and feed it to his wife.

  14. karen,
    john cornyn should retire and rent his forehead out as a billboard. at least then he would serve a purpose. his face is huge! he should relocate to easter island where he’ll fit right in.

  15. Hey, that poster had three Moes on it!