The State Department Goes Low Carb-No More Rice!

From The Washington Post:

Hillary Clinton’s first day at the office was nothing short of a triumph. Greeted by cheering throngs – many of them old hands at the State Department convinced that under her leadership at new day dawned for diplomacy – she did not let them down. Not only did she bring with her the polish and panache of seasoned celebrity, she delivered the message they wanted to hear.

Original DVD cover.

First, she assured everyone that with her at the helm, diplomacy and also development would be front and center.


Second, at every turn she acknowledged the contributions of the subordinates who stood before her. Third, she told her audience that, far more than before, they would be part of the process. “This is a team,” she insisted, “and you are members of that team.”


But Hillary Clinton’s debut at the State Department was not all about her being a good leader – it was also about her being a good follower. To the delight of those present for the occasion, she produced for the occasion President Barack Obama (and Vice President Joseph Biden). For the assembled to witness, she testified to her fealty.

“I am honored,” Clinton said, to help the president fulfill his promise of “robust diplomacy.” She went on to tell him what a “high standard” he had set in his inaugural address, and she pledged to him that everyone at State “will give you our best efforts.”


Obviously, the new Secretary of State has her work cut out for her. She faces great challenges abroad. And she faces great challenges at home – not least of which is managing her outsized team, including men like Richard Holbrooke, who is himself outsized, and used to having wide latitude and direct access to the president himself. Still her presentation of self at State gave evidence yet again of Hillary’s Clinton’s strengths and smarts. Even the big boys would be foolish to underestimate her.


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28 responses to “The State Department Goes Low Carb-No More Rice!

  1. LOL, I love you raisins… I’ll just never understand you……

  2. “Return to Sanity”… that’s rich indeed….

  3. hey trm!
    i was just thinking of you the other day, wondering whether you were curled up in a little ball somewhere, sucking your thumb. ๐Ÿ˜› of course i mean that in the nicest way. ๐Ÿ˜€ stop by any time you need a hug.

  4. writechicpress

    Did you see Stewart show video of Hillary freeing the State Department and being greeted as a liberator?!?

    Sounds like they spent Rice’s entire reign in the fetal position.

  5. i love the daily show, wcp. i have never missed an episode, dating back to when craig kilborn was the anchor.

    i didn’t see even one sad face in the crowd at the state department. i think that says it all. i bet there were no big parties for condi when she left, but plenty of them when she was gone.

  6. jlms qkw - jenn

    love the wings!

    may the state dept fly!

    i wonder if they can find a statue to topple!

  7. nightowl724

    What a nice cover, nonnie! Hillary looks glorious! I think that her days at State will be her best yet – thank goodness for us all! Like Obama, Clinton is a mere mortal faced with Herculean tasks. I don’t know how either of them have the courage, energy, or optimism to even try.

  8. nightowl724

    Hi, TRM! For my charitable deed of the day, consider yourself {{{hugged}}}!

  9. jenn,
    the placement of the wings was purely accidental, yet that’s what everyone notices first. i was just trying to be true to the original cover. however, i sorta like how it looks like hillary has wings.

  10. thanks nightowl. i know that hillary is not your favorite person, so it does my heart good that you have faith in her. i think that you are correct, and her days at state will be her most constructive. i wish her the best of luck, especially because her luck will translate to luck for the entire world, not even just this country. i think she will do very good things for women, and i think women will be the peacemakers.

  11. nightowl724

    Well, I certainly like the idea of her as SoS rather than POTUS and I do have faith in her. However, I still think she might have been at her best in HHS. Everyone in the Obama Administration (Doesn’t that have a nice sound to it?) must succeed for the US and the world – most especially BHO and HRC.

  12. —-> Makes his way into room fighting off hugs ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
    you know… Satan is often pictured with wings as well….

    No nonnie, not in the fetal position, actually I spend my days polishing my .50 cal in the bunker I built in the front yard… I’m waiting on the Pardon Pimp, Eric Holder, to try and send someone to take my guns…..
    I can’t wait!!!!

    On second thought… gimme those hugs so I can plant a Haliburton tracking device on you all!!!!!!

  13. Dusty

    Hopefully Hillary will right the state dept ship…its been listing horribly for eight fuยขking years.

  14. in2thefray/Alfie

    hopefully she doesn’t get fired at when she goes on her diplomatic journeys like back in the day. Of course seeing as O has absolutely no faith in her and has appointed two other guys to do the hard jobs eehh.
    State is a pretty unique animal and I don’t know if I believe “it” cares who is sitting in the main office or up the street .

  15. nightowl,
    i don’t think she would be as effective at hhs. she would already have a target on her when the health care business comes up for debate. i think it’s better for daschle to handle that hot potato.

  16. just remember, trm, you can hug your guns, but they can’t hug you back. ๐Ÿ˜€

  17. dusty,
    morale makes a big difference, and the employees at state looked a lot happier with condi gone.

  18. hi alfie,
    it sure looked like they cared when hillary made her speech. i think she will make a difference. she’s worked on women’s issues for many years, and she is well-liked throughout the world. that kind of stuff counts.

  19. Nonnie my guns lub me very much thank you…

    What do you guys think about your new Treasury Sec? The fact that if it were you or I who cheted on our taxes we’d be in jail instead of being put in charge of the Treasury?

  20. i must admit, trm, geithner is no henry paulson…… ๐Ÿ˜€ he’s no henry paulson!!!!!! that’s good enough for me!

  21. yeah, I fear they are birds of a feather, but at least Paulson didn’t get caught….

  22. Being a Hillary supporter in the primaries, I’m happy that her new little nest is filled with happily peeping chicks who seem to love their Mother Hen.
    And all’s well that ends well- I think President Obama is an amazing man I’ve come to admire and respect.

  23. same here, karen. i’ve always liked hillary, and obama has grown on me. i trust both of them and honestly believe that they will do what’s best for the country.

  24. Nonnie,
    Would I be in trouble if I said I’m watching the comments here and it is taking every chromosome at my disposal not to laugh at some of the remarks?

    I guess because I don’t haunt that many lefty blogs I am amazed at some of the comments… Hillary and Barack have the best interest of the country in mind?


  25. trm,
    you’re not in trouble. this is a lefty blog, and we allow people to speak their minds.

    it’s been a week since the new administration took over, and the country has not turned into the soviet union yet. you need to relax.

  26. I’m just amazed at what has happened to our once fine republic…
    don’t worry, there’s a seat in my .50cal bunker for you and a few other select raisins…

    we’ll need someone to do the wash and cooking ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
    KIDDING!!! Now am I in trouble?????

  27. trm,
    you trust us to prepare your food? ๐Ÿ˜ˆ