The Gripes of Wrath

From the Los Angeles Times:

Reporting from Washington — Mac is back.

But now, Sen. John McCain is cutting a new profile — one that is far more partisan than when he became so familiar to Americans months ago as the Republican nominee for president.

As a candidate, McCain cast himself as a uniter of the two parties, willing to buck his GOP colleagues and reach across the aisle to build compromises on immigration, campaign finance and other hot-button issues.


But this week, with Barack Obama in the White House and McCain back in Congress, the Arizona senator has played a prominent and uncompromising role in rallying Republican opposition to the Democratic majority and its stimulus plan.

Original DVD cover.

McCain did not join the small group of centrists from both parties who worked this week to put together a compromise to let the stimulus bill move forward. Instead, he took to the floor and pushed a Republican alternative that was heavier on tax cuts and offered less government spending than President Obama wants.


[…] McCain’s actions in the stimulus debate make for a different leadership profile than he touted during the presidential campaign. His current push for tax cuts as well as spending cuts and his sharp rhetoric are a far cry from his role a few years ago in leading a bipartisan coalition that sought compromise on how the Senate handles judicial nominations.

In debate Friday, he reminded his colleagues that the so-called Gang of 14 he led on judicial nominations was composed of seven Republicans and seven Democrats — whereas the group trying to find a stimulus compromise involved only three Republicans, he said.

“That’s not bipartisan,” McCain said.

“John has been a budget hawk all his life,” said McCain’s friend Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

“He’s been in every gang that’s been up here. But he believes any gang brokered with three or four Republicans is not what the public wants.”

At that point, Lindseypoo got dreamy-eyed, started hyperventilating, murmured something about gangs and bad boys, and had to be carried to a fainting couch to recover. I wonder what was going through his mind….

Day after day, McCain has been on the Senate floor criticizing Obama’s package with the core Republican message. “This bill has become nothing more than a massive spending bill,” he has said. “To portray it as stimulus flies in the face of reality.” He has called the legislation an “unnecessary, wasteful bill.”

Responding to the Republican critique, Obama has said that his election to the White House was a mandate to take a new direction in tax and spending policies, and that McCain’s ideas, which are heavy on tax-cutting, have been discredited by the economic downturn the country is already suffering.

But McCain has a different view of the lessons of the 2008 election.

“We just lost an election, and I will take the responsibility for that,” he said on the Senate floor. “One of the reasons why Republicans lost the last election is because our base, who are concerned about our stewardship of their tax dollars, believes we got on a spending spree.”


“We’re a party without a leader,” said John Weaver, a former McCain aide. “McCain has to carry the banner of the Republican Party and the base. And he campaigned on a conservative economic agenda. It would be hard to walk away from that.”

Boy, that’s a lot of words. I can sum it up for you, kids, with a lot fewer. Captain Underpants lost, he’s pissed, and now he’s trying to make believe he’s still relevant. Plus he’s probably wants to make sure Cindy Lou gets her tax cuts so she doesn’t have to sell any of those 27 or 28 homes.


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18 responses to “The Gripes of Wrath

  1. writechicpress

    LOL!!!! OMG, the title! I wish I’d thought of it!

  2. hey wcp! πŸ˜€
    i was just over at your place and left a comment.

    i actually made the title on the dvd cover the gripes of wrath, but then i thought of sour grapes, and i changed it. howevah, i still liked the gripes of wrath, so i used that as the title for the post instead. i had my cake and ate it, too! screw you, old adage!!!

    p.s. if i wasn’t clear, i was speaking to the old saying about not being able to have your cake and eat it, too. i was not telling the lovely wcp to screw herself and calling her an old adage.

  3. writechicpress

    It’s rough when you have two or more great ideas competing for the same slot! I settle on one for the title and make the second the lead.

    I saw McCain pitching his fit, and if my eyes had rolled any harder they’d have been looking at my brain.

    You nailed it, sister, on both counts.

  4. captain underpants is a petty, small man. some accept defeat gracefully. it’s not in him to do so. don’t know if it’s his short stature or the fact that he could never live up to his father’s and grandfather’s accomplishments that forces him to act like such a blowhard.

  5. writechicpress

    Have you met him? He comes up to my chin.

    I’m just saying…Napolean.

  6. he comes up to your chin? he should at least reach your forehead, just so you can say, i’ve had him up to here (while holding the side of your hand at the appropriate spot). gee, capt underpants doesn’t measure up at all, does he? πŸ˜‰

  7. So Cindy really is taller than McVain?

  8. not sure, neon vincent. i think he wears lifts. it seems we aren’t the only ones who are curious. notice that he hangs around with mcliebercain and lindseypoo. they’re both short, so they can make each other feel manly. πŸ˜†

  9. Linzy-poo is rightβ€” McCain has β€œ. . .been in every gang that’s been up here. But he believes any gang brokered with three or four Republicans is not what the public wants.” β€” we don’t want ANY partisan dead-ender Republicraps in on the deal. When they can demonstrate they know the difference between being a Republican and being American then maybe we’ll consider they’re sentient and worth listening to; and that goes for the Blue Dog twattlers, too.

    But until thenβ€” screw’em. They hide their selfishness and hatred of “the other” behind a false mantra of small government and fiscal responsibility. And when they have control of the government they spend like maniacs and virtually destroy the country for the benefit of the corporate thugocracy.

    The two party system must be fixed, or killed. And the Republicans make a damned good case for killed. So, we can ignore them, do what’s right for the country and mankind, and get on with the real agenda of what it means to be human, mortal, and potentially divine.

  10. Thanks, Nonnie, for the link. I’ll bet she’s just as tall as he is.

  11. saitia,
    capt underpants doesn’t think 3 or 4 rethugs doesn’t mkae an agreement bipartisan when he doesn’t like what they are doing. however, during the campaign, he trotted out joe mcliebercain, one wrinkly unappealing non-democrat, to show proof of how bipartisan he is! he’s a bloviating hypocrite. he knows that a lot of rethugs hate his guts for running the worst campaign in recent memory, so he’ll act like a bully now to try to position himself as someone who still matters. well, you can be a bully all you want, but that doesn’t mean you get the pulpit!

  12. neon vincent,
    she’s a lot taller when she stands on her money! πŸ˜‰

  13. jeb

    He’s a MAVERICK. He’s MAVERICKY. They were a pair of MAVERICKS. You Betcha! Flush the country for your own political fortunes. How MAVERICK like. I’m MAVERICKED out now and have been for quite some MAVERICK-Fuc|<ing time!

  14. jeb,
    not sure about the maver, but he sure is icky!

  15. distributorcap

    maybe he can ope up some of his houses for the people being tossed out on their asses by B of A

  16. dcAp,
    you mean like he did for those people who lost everything in katrina? oh, wait…..

  17. rkurzweil

    sore loser about sums it up. America spoke and told him that we did not believe him or his message. All I can say to him is, “Get a clue.” While he is out their railing against Obama, the people of Arizona are hurting. And what is he doing to help them?

  18. hi rkurzweil!
    welcome to the raisin! πŸ˜€

    the rethugs are acting like petulant children. they think bipartisanship means that they should get everything they want. i guess they have problems with certain concepts. for example, when you lose, you don’t get to call all the shots.

    are those your puppies at the blog you linked to? they are so adorable! i love puppies!