The Party of Personal Responsibility…except when it comes to accepting responsibility

From Greg Mitchell at Editor & Publisher:

NEW YORK (Commentary) In the months after the November election, and then gaining even more attention as Barack Obama became president, are charges that the media helped elect him by attacking, of mocking, Sarah Palin. Numerous pundits and conservative activists have alleged that she had given John McCain a big boost in the polls when first named and that she would have help drive him to victory if not for the later treatment by Katie and Tina and Charlie Gibson and all the rest.

But this is not true.

Original DVD cover.

In fact, she never really helped him except with his “base,” which he would have won over anyway. She never had broadbased appeal and,[…] McCain had been fooled by false media coverage of the purported huge number of Hillary Clinton fans (women and the working class) who were eager to bolt Obama for the GOP. This never came to pass.

In reality, the undermining of Palin happened well before the networks and SNL got to her. Her home state paper, the Anchorage Daily News was quick to expose elements of her past that raised questions and just days after she was named the Fairbanks, Alaska daily called her choice by McCain a silly one.


Here is an excerpt from my book from September 1, 2008, on the surprising poll results just as Palin was gaining the GOP nod and well before the negative stories in the national press appeared.

A new CNN/Opinion Research poll released today shows that he contest between Barack Obama and John McCain — after the twin “bounces” of the past few days — remains essentially tied, with Obama leading at 49% to 48%. But what’s most intriguing are the results regarding McCain’s choice for veep, who was expected to draw more women to the GOP ticket.

In fact, men seem to be more impressed with this move than women. Just now, this seems to be confirmed by a CBS poll, showing Obama with a 48% to 40% lead overall — but with a wide lead among women, at 50% to 36%, which has only widened. Only 13% of women said they might be more likely to vote for McCain because of Palin, with 11% saying they are now less likely.

CBS also reports: “Before the Democratic convention, McCain enjoyed a 12-point advantage with independent voters, but now Obama leads among this group 43 percent to 37 percent….The poll shows an increase in the number of Obama voters who are enthusiastic about him.”

As for the CNN poll: “Women now appear slightly more likely to vote for Obama than they did a week ago, 53 percent now, compared to 50 percent,” reports Keating Holland, CNN’s director of polling. “But McCain picked up a couple of points among men. […] The Palin selection did not help among women — that may come later — but it did appeal to Republican loyalists.”


“If McCain was hoping to boost his share of the women’s vote, it didn’t work,” Holland said. And USA Today/Gallup has just released its post-Palin poll showing that Obama has widened his lead from four points to 50% – 43%.

Here is an excerpt from the CNN report: “Is Palin qualified to be president? Fifty percent say she is unqualified to assume the presidency if that becomes necessary; 45 percent say she’s prepared for the White House. In recent history, the only running mate to earn less confidence from the public was Vice President Dan Quayle in 1992.

“Three quarters of all voters think McCain chose a female running mate specifically because he thought adding a woman to the Republican ticket would help him win in November.”
Greg Mitchell’s new book is “Why Obama Won.”


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18 responses to “The Party of Personal Responsibility…except when it comes to accepting responsibility

  1. Ram Venkatararam

    The media “treatment” she received? Perhaps if she had been able to form full sentences she wouldn’t have been such an easy target…

  2. but…but…but, ram! they asked her really, really hard gotcha questions that she couldn’t possibly know the answers to–like what newspapers she reads. how on earth was she supposed to know that?

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  4. nightowl724

    Well, golly gee, yawl aint heard t’last of dat der sweet n smartee-pantz Miss Sarah! Gosh durn librel ee-leets… I mean, shez a-smarter dan my best cow an a-purtier dan my meanest sow an datz a-sayin sumpin. AN she kin SHOOT. Datz a-cuz shez got dem eyes sharp nuff to see all de way to Russky terrtory. Not only dat, her eyes — she uze em fer udder good tinks like a-winkin and she doan a-waste em on stuff like a-readin. No, sirree, she caint read an datz how usns like em our gals. Cutz an igernant ceptn fer a-cookin a-cleanin a-shootin a-makin chllens an a-pleasin der menfolk. So derz!

    Miss nonnie, I do n-deed cotton to yer fancy drawins! Classick asses is sumpin I kin unnerstand fer sure a-cuz not only do I ownz one I IZ one! Hey lil woman – I seen you duz be a-carryin a gun. Ifn ya doan no how ter handle it right, I kin a-learn ya how to shoot offn my rod ifn ya getz what I mean wink wink. Now now wait just chere a lil minute and doan be a -hittin me s-hard, Miss nonnie! I din mean nuffin by dat. Iz jus a-trying to help a purty lil lady in distress an awl…

  5. don’t be fussin on my account, nightowl. i ‘preciate yer kind werds, and yer ‘splanation ’bout that there guvner from alasker. much obliged, ma’am.

  6. nightowl724

    Aw shucks Miss nonnie. Twernt nuttin. Nuttin at awl…

  7. pshaw, miz nightowl, twas downrahgt neighborly of ya.

  8. nightowl724

    So, duz dat mean I kin at least show ya my rod I meanz gun? Itza biggun ifn I do sayz so myseff… An doan let my gurly nikker-name cornfuse ya. I kin shoot wiff da best of em.

  9. Sorry to interrupt the Nonnie and Nightowl show, but here’s an item about Princess that might inspire another poster.

    Palin’s Favorite Store Forced To Change Its Name From Out Of The Closet To Second Run

    ANCHORAGE, Alaska — Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin’s favorite consignment shop has been forced to change its name after she brought the trendy, upscale Anchorage boutique unintended legal problems during last year’s presidential campaign.

    Out of the Closet owner Ellen Arvold said she was served a cease-and-desist letter by a Los Angeles-based chain of thrift stores with the same name _ same trademarked name, it turned out _ after Palin mentioned her store in an interview.

    Rather than fight, Arvold agreed to change the name to Second Run. The change is effective Saturday, the store’s fifth anniversary.

  10. i read that yestiddy…i mean yesterday, neon vincent. looks like princess sarah ruins things for people everytime she says something. out of the closet is a cute name, second run is kinda stinky. i think they could have thought up something better than that.

  11. nightowl724

    Well, hey, Neon. Didn meanta scorch yer drawers!

  12. Ram, Princess could form full sentences on her own. They just didn’t have any content. She needs to stick to reading off a Teleprompter. She knows how to do that.

  13. That’s OK, Night Owl. You and Nonnie were having a lot of fun and I really was sorry to interrupt.

  14. jeb

    I asked this when she was named but I’ll ask it again. Sarah who?

  15. neon vincent,
    she could form complete sentences (sometimes), but they were memorized, and she had no idea what they meant. just once, i wish someone had asked her to explain the differences between socialism and any other -ism. she loved to throw the words out, but she had no clue as to what they mean.

  16. jeb,
    the better question is–sarah? why?

  17. this is why we have to stop watching cable news — they do NOT have a true picture of the world