Resetting the Crock….I mean Clock

From The Washington Independent:

John McCain, the 2008 Republican Party nominee for president, was not invited to speak at this past weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference. Neither was former President George W. Bush, and neither was former Vice President Dick Cheney.

“Our big effort this year was not to look back, but to look forward,” said David Keene, the chairman of American Conservative Union, a CPAC sponsor, on Saturday.

The 36th annual meeting of the conservative movement — the largest ever, with more than 8,500 attendees, as organizers delighted in pointing out — was marked by its rejection of the past decade of conservative government.

Original movie poster.

The name of the president who left office one month earlier, and who had won the CPAC presidential straw poll back in 1999, rarely escaped the lips of speakers. When it did, it was a token of praise for Bush’s foreign policy or — more often — a knock at his economic record.

“We got big spending under Bush,” said former House Speaker Newt Gingrich in his Friday speech to the conference. “Now we’ve got big spending under Obama.”

The only images of George W. Bush that CPAC attendees could find in the crowded exhibit hall appeared at a booth for The Washington Times, which was offering, at a discount, a new book about his presidency titled “W.”


Conservatives at CPAC restarted their political clock at 1993, the first years of Bill Clinton’s presidency, before the Republican takeover. They also cast the 2008 election as a narrow and unearned Democratic victory made possible by a biased media that defended Barack Obama and destroyed Gov. Sarah Palin. The compressed history agreed upon at CPAC is that Republicans will win the 2010 elections if they utterly reject compromise with Democrats and re-brand themselves as the party of spending cuts and Ronald Reagan.

In a Saturday interview with TWI, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) argued that Republicans had “gotten lazy” during the Bush era. “We just think that we can make a speech and say we’re going to cut your taxes and [Americans] are going to vote for it,” said Sessions, pausing after taking a flyer from a Ron Paul volunteer about auditing the Federal Reserve


Asked why McCain had made that argument in 2008 and yet lost the presidential election, Sessions argued that this had been a problem of message and credibility.


If this sounds familiar, it’s because conservatives argued the same things sixteen years ago, at the first CPAC of the Clinton presidency. “There were eight years of Reagan and four years of [George H. W.] Bush,” said political strategist Ed Rollins from that CPAC’s dais, “and never should the two be confused.” Don Derham, then the secretary of Young Americans for Freedom, told reporters that it had been “tough to sell conservative philosophy under Bush” and that conservatives were now in the “enviable position” of “not having to run government programs but being able to criticize them.”

Conservatives took much the same line at this year’s CPAC, and claimed that Americans were ready for the party to block Democratic bills. “It’s going to take some time for this to play out,” said Rush Limbaugh in his closing address to the convention on Saturday.


Anger at President Obama was open and, occasionally, paranoid. While there was little anti-Barack Obama merchandise on display, speaker after speaker and attendee after attendee spoke openly of the new president as a “socialist,” a “Marxist,” and a threat to the country’s traditions. Cliff Kincaid of the conservative Accuracy in Media, a co-sponsor of the event, used his time at the dais to further a discredited conspiracy that the president was born outside America’s borders.


Many attendees distanced themselves from these kinds of attacks; MSNBC host Joe Scarborough warned the crowd that it would “never get anywhere calling Barack Obama a communist.”


Many conservatives who had felt shut out and marginalized in the Bush years felt vindicated by the defeat of 2008. Immigration restrictionists had a large presence at CPAC, bolstered by a new group, Young People for Western Civilization, and the omnipresent former congressman Tom Tancredo and Team America PAC leader Bay Buchanan.


[Peter Brimelow, editor of an immigration restrictionist web site], like Tancredo, scoffed at the idea that the Republican comeback would come when the party reached out to Hispanic voters. “Republicans fluctuate between disastrous and catastrophic with the Hispanic vote,” he said. “The problem that Republicans had was that they didn’t turn out the white vote, and they didn’t get as large a share of the white vote as they should have. What reason did McCain give them?”

Republican members of Congress said much the same thing. “The time to go-along to get-along is over,” said Rep. Mike Pence, the third-ranking Republican in the House, in his Friday speech. “I can feel it. I can hear it. Our nation’s very revolution itself began with rumblings of discontent.” Mike Huckabee, who followed Pence, called him a “congressional hero,” one of many whose opposition to the September Wall Street rescue package was “spurned by both president Bush and Sen. McCain,” thus leading to Republican defeat.

“That moment was not our best moment,” said Huckabee. “It would have been our best shot at winning the White House, a chance to offer a true, authentic, conservative choice, rather than a meek, me-too way of doing things. We missed our chance.”


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18 responses to “Resetting the Crock….I mean Clock

  1. Condi actually looks good as a Goth vampire. The only problem is that she should be snuggling up to W, not Darth Cheney. Speaking of W, where is he? Or is that the point of the poster?

    • i thought that i did condi a huge favor. she never looked so good. i also had qualms about her snuggling up to deadeye dick, but, since the decade was forgotten anyway, i thought i could take artistic license.

      i guess you didn’t recognize chimpy, because you can’t see his beady little eyes behind those shades. 😉

      • I kept looking at the guy in the foreground, thinking it had to be Bush, but I just couldn’t see it. Without his hair and beady eyes, he’s completely unrecognizable!

        I like your interpretation of Condi’s pose. It makes perfect sense.

  2. For a moment I thought that little weasel Gonzalez was Blogo, and that Cheney was an 80 year old Billy Idol. And Condi IS snuggling up to Chimpy in her imagination; look at the longing in that wasted mind’s eye. . .

    • gonzo does look a lot like blago! 😆 there’s another interpretation of the juxtaposition of condi and deadeye dick. look at condi’s eyes. they are definitely looking in chimpy’s direction. she isn’t cuddling up with deadeye dick, she’s trying to get past him to get to chimpy, and she’s sad, because deadeye dick doesn’t want anyone else influencing his little puppet.

  3. “The problem that Republicans had was that they didn’t turn out the white vote, and they didn’t get as large a share of the white vote as they should have. What reason did McCain give them?”

    Yes, the problem the Republican Party has is that it’s too inclusive. There’s someone who clearly has his finger on the pulse of the public.

    Sigh …

    Maybe David Duke’s time has finally come? He and Tancredo would make quite a ticket.

    • this is why i like you, wickle. we don’t agree on many things political, but i truly respect your integrity. those remarks are disgraceful, but there are plenty who would defend them only because the speaker has an R after his name.

      • Well, that’s why I went independent. I can’t bring myself to be a Dem, but the Reps disgust me. I agree with the Reps on more issues (even that’s changed over the past 10 years), but I respect the character of the Dems more often.

        The fact that they can listen to the thrice-divorced (or is it four, now?) Rush Limbaugh talking about how they’re the party the values families and not boo the jackass off the stage shows everything you need to know about them.

        They moralize about John Edwards and celebrate serial adulterer Newt Gingrich.

        We used to complain about violence on TV, until Jack Bauer started torturing “ragheads,” now it’s cool.

        Ahem … Sorry. I got ranting.

        • no worries, wickle. rant away! i almost turned independent, as i am pretty sick of both parties. it seems that you have to be independent before anyone cares what you have to say. however, i remained a dem for purely nostalgic reasons. that doesn’t dictate who i vote for.

  4. culturepress

    Nice. I love it! Cheney’s ‘hawk is especially awesome.

  5. How humiliating that all the GOP big hitters turned out to be such dicks they were not invited.
    And now who are their stars?
    Limbaugh? Steele? Jindal? Palin? What a mess of losers their up-and-comers are.
    Every time I think I’ve seen the worst, another one comes along.
    Simply put, the Republicans got nuthin’.

    • this would be a good opportunity for some moderate rethugs (if there are any left) to come out as reasonable human beings who actually care about the country over politics. i can’t believe that seasoned politicians have rolled over for morons like boohoo boehner, eric cantor, and michele bachmann. they really deserve everything they get for being such cowards.

  6. again, if it wasnt so scary – these assholes would be funny. how about trotting out that 13-year old to espouse their values…

    that was child abuse – and torture on america

    • dcAp,
      i think it’s getting less scary, at least for now. i think most people are onto the fact that the rethugs are only out for themselves. unfortunately, the economy had to tank for people to realize that fact. there are just as many rethugs out of work as there are dems, and they need their unemployment just as much.

      as for the 13-year-old, he’ll still be a virgin when he’s 40. for his sake, i hope he can make it through high school without getting beaten up daily.

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