Paging Bobby Jindal!

From Politico:

Bobby Jindal has a wunderkind resume: a Rhodes Scholar appointed assistant secretary of Health and Human Services at age 29, elected to the U.S. House at 33 and governor of Louisiana at 36.

Increasingly, though, he’s being likened to Kenneth, the dweeby page on “30 Rock.”

Original DVD cover.

The politically devastating comparisons started popping right up after Jindal delivered the Republican response to President Barack Obama’s address a joint session of Congress. And they’ve spread like wildfire on the Internet.


Now the wunderkind governor, who’s often mentioned as a GOP presidential prospect, is struggling to overcome his association with this generation’s version of Gomer Pyle. And his predicament is organic, as opposed to the biting parodies of Sarah Palin on “Saturday Night Live.”

Several Facebook groups dedicated to the comparison have sprung up. The latest, “Bobby Jindal is Kenneth the Page,” had more than 20,000 members on Friday. In comparison, nearly 34,000 people list themselves as fans of Jindal on the social networking site.

Nine YouTube videos splicing the governor’s speech with clips of Kenneth the Page have been viewed by at least 10,000 people and the video of the Kenneth responding to Jindal on “Late Night” in which he calls Jindal a “goober” was featured prominently on The Huffington Post and other sites.


In Louisiana, the governor’s communications director sought to play down the comparisons.

“Being compared to Kenneth the Page is a whole lot better than what past Louisiana governors have been compared to,” Melissa Sellers said. “Kenneth sounds like Clark Gable.”

The content of Jindal’s speech was not the major issue, though it was also panned by some. It was his appearance and awkward delivery from the Louisiana Governor’s Mansion in Baton Rouge.

Huh? It was the content, not just the delivery.

Appearing on CNN amid all the speech fuss, Jindal told Larry King that he hoped people would “look at the content of the speech, not just the delivery.”

“You know, for years, I’ve been told I speak too quickly,” Jindal said. “Now, I’m told I speak too slowly.”


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9 responses to “Paging Bobby Jindal!

  1. jeb

    I don’t know about Kenneth the Page but I loved Jon Stewart’s take on Jindal on The Daily Show. He interspersed segments of Jindal’s entrance and speaking with Mr. Rogers. It was screamingly funny.

    • the mr. rogers comparison was hilarious and apt, but, jeb, trust me, if you ever saw kenneth the page, you would laugh hysterically.

      speaking of screamingly funny, tonight’s colbert report’s better know a district with wyoming’s rep was absolutely hilarious! that woman had no idea what colbert was talking about when he was being alternately obnoxiously sexist toward her and just plain making a fool of her. i think it was his best ever.

  2. Booby doesn’t seem as smart as his resume indicates. I wonder why?

    • maybe he needs an exorcist, neon vincent! 😉

    • jeb

      Because he joined the Republican Party?

      • jeb,
        i don’t trust little bobby j at all. there’s something missing in him. that’s why he felt compelled to convert to catholicism, and, like most converts, he became completely immersed in it. the same thing with his rethuglicanism. he’s completely saturated in it, and he can’t see things from any other perspective. he’s just like chimpy who traded his alcoholism and drug habit for his new drug, religion. i think he went right back to his alcohol, but that’s neither here nor there at this point.

  3. I hate to mention it, but the GOP is stacked with white folks over 40 who are just barely getting used to Black people being in power.
    If the GOP thinks a geeky Indian dude is gonna grab any votes as a presidential candidate, they have no idea who their members are.

    • karen,
      the goopers are in such disarray right now that they cannot possibly decide on who the leader is. what is there to lead? they have no ideas, and just saying no is not going to get them anywhere. republican is really a pretty meaningless word right now.

  4. nightowl724

    Jindal led an “exorcism.” ‘Nuff said.