The Non-Legislators in the Legislature

From Digital Journal:

Democratic National Committee expresses frustration with the Republican Party’s empty rejections of President Obama’s plans. No is not enough in the business of solutions.
House Republican Leader John Boehner is fond of saying no. The New York Times reported today that Congressman Boehner and his colleagues refused to offer an alternative to the Obama team’s plans, specifically including President Obama’s budget. Rep. Boehner defended this position, stating that his party’s lawmakers are not obliged to offer any plans and that they “ought to get the idea out of their minds that they are legislators.”

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Democratic National Committee Communications Director Brad Woodhouse said, “John Boehner’s claim that his Party has no responsibility to legislate or offer any plans of their own – despite the economic crisis facing our country – are exactly the kind of typical Washington political games the American people rejected last November. The American people want leaders who will work together and bring practical ideas to the table. If we are going to confront the challenges we face, America cannot afford more of the same broken politics from the Rush Limbaugh-led obstructionist wing of the Republican Party. Instead of petty politics and empty obstructionism, Republicans in Congress should either support the President’s budget or present their own plan to create jobs, fix our schools, reform our health care system, and make America energy independent.”

From The New York Times:

WASHINGTON — Congressional Republicans are engaged in a highly coordinated political assault on President Obama’s budget, but they are not so united when it comes to offering an alternative to the spending plan they have been shredding as irresponsible.

Breaking with the House, Senate Republicans say they do not intend to offer a full counterproposal to Mr. Obama’s sweeping $3.6 trillion spending blueprint, a decision that will spare them from outlining potentially painful decisions required to bring federal books more in line with their call to hold down spending, cut taxes and reduce the deficit.

“The responsibility of the majority is to produce the budget,” said Senator Judd Gregg of New Hampshire, senior Republican on the Budget Committee, “and we think it is more constructive to point out how we would improve their budget.”

With a month to go before Congress is supposed to pass a budget resolution, Democrats say the absence of a competing Senate Republican plan makes Republican complaints about the Obama approach ring hollow.


“They are long on criticism and short on a plan,” said Rahm Emanuel, the White House chief of staff. “They have a communications strategy instead of an economic one.”

House Republicans said they intended to deliver a comprehensive alternative to the Obama plan to show how they would respond to the federal government’s deepening fiscal difficulties but were not ready to provide details.

As they try to reassert themselves as guardians of fiscal discipline after their own years of deficit spending, Republicans have been providing a steady stream of complaints depicting Mr. Obama’s plan as spending too much, taxing too much and borrowing too much.

The effort is being made with more than the usual level of cooperation between House and Senate Republicans, with Republican leaders of the two chambers appearing in tandem and lawmakers repeating their antibudget criticism almost as a mantra.


“Republicans in the House and Senate, with some degree of cooperation and collaboration, are going to attempt to both challenge the assumptions and the content of the president’s budget,” said Representative Mike Pence of Indiana, the No. 3 Republican in the House.


Some Republicans acknowledge that the constant repetition of their budget message could turn it stale in Washington, but they say such persistence is required to break through with the general public.

With their majorities in the House and Senate lost, Republican leaders say that an effective communications strategy is their best hope. They say they have little ability to influence the legislative debate, particularly in the House, if Democrats are determined to press ahead with Mr. Obama’s plan to take on health care, climate change, education, transportation and other major issues.

“As I told my colleagues, we don’t have enough votes to legislate,” said Representative John A. Boehner of Ohio, the Republican leader. “We are not in the majority. We are not kind-of in the minority; we are in a hole. They ought to get the idea out of their minds that they are legislators. But what they can be is communicators.”


Republicans are taking a political risk in offering such relentless resistance to Mr. Obama’s agenda, given his popularity and the gains Democrats made in Congress last year.

But they say they believe the public is becoming alarmed at the level of spending being pursued by Democrats. They intend to use the next month of budget debate to reinforce that impression.

“The question before the American people is whether the American family can afford the Democrats’ spending, the Democrats’ taxing and the Democrats’ borrowing,” said Senator Lamar Alexander, the No. 3 Republican in the Senate.


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52 responses to “The Non-Legislators in the Legislature

  1. Nonnie, I’d suggest your next poster should be Dr. No with Boehner as Dr. N0, except that it has already been done with Boehner as Bond.

  2. Just for the record, we’re all glad every time a republican obstructs Obama/Pelosi/Reid etc…

    It makes us very happy :0

    With that said, and this is not a plug, my traffics fine thank you, but I would like your thoughts on this post. I shared here and at Dandelion Salad and Stephi’s Blog because honestly, your the only lefty blogs that are at least somewhat civil, (except for that Night Owl) <<– 🙂

    • no, buffy, you really wouldn’t like my thoughts. trust me. 🙂 you need to stop watching faux news and listening to rush limpdick.

      • so America falling under UN control is cool with you?

        • stop the hyperbolic nonsense, buffy. the US is not falling under UN control. 🙄

          • Non… so Law of the Sea Treaty and Kyoto II are completely “noble” endeavors that will benefit American interest?

            • ~sigh~ we live on a planet with other countries. entering into treaties with them is not a bad thing. protecting the oceans and having rules that all countries must abide by are not bad things. you might want to read this.

            • jeb

              Well, never mind that something needs to be done to ensure good management of the resources in the world’s oceans and also in carbon output (whether or not you believe in global warming), but I recall this whole discussion in 92. Clinton was a socialist with a UN-globalist agenda out to destroy the country blah, blah, blah. Wait, that didn’t happen? Looks like it really will this time!

              • jeb,
                dontcha know that if it’s anything to do with the UN (which i am not a huge fan of, by the way), then conservatives have to hate it. it’s in the bylaws.

                • jeb

                  I know Nonnie. There is lots that could/needs to be fixed with the UN but I get really aggravated when the solution is to claim that any international outreach is a surrender of US sovereignty.

                  • it’s not like we live in the 13th century. we’re not isolated. and we can’t just ignore the other countries out there. i like the concept of the UN, even if there is a lot that can be improved.

        • Got a Grip

          Why so paranoid, Buff? Too much caffeine?

          • Heyyyyyyyyyy Gotta!! Too much something fer sure! This is directed at Non earlier but I haven’t watched Network/Cable television in months. I intentionally severed those ties in an attempt to purify. I am guilty of a steady diet of Limbaugh and Savage however. Augmented mind you with liberal doses of Kos, myDD, CNN, MSNBC and I even contain my stomach content for a humorous dabble into the diseased world of Olbermann…

            Back to am I too paranoid.. how can you not be concerned?

            • Got a Grip

              Oh, honey, I am concerned. Just not about the same things you are. You really do need to limit your consumption of Rush and Savage. They are liars and idiots (not to mention unspeakable pervs).

              Believe me, I’m watching what’s happening in this administration just as closely as the last one. There are important things I want to see them do and they’re not doing them yet. I’m not sure they ever will. But the odds are better that the current administration will make things better instead of worse for people like us. That wouldn’t be the case if McCain had been elected.

              You worry about the wrong things, Buff, and blow off the right ones. We’re just going to have to work on that.

              And go easy on me for a while, I’m not myself yet these days. But I’m getting there…. 😉

  3. Hi,
    Im really lovin the site.
    Keep up the great work.

  4. Jenn/jlms qkw

    republican’ts. gopon: grand old party of no.

    when will the buffoon Jason Chaffetz make your posters? 😉 he voted against Pi Day!

    from greasy oily hahahahahaha.

    • jenn,
      tonight’s diary was originally going to be about those rethugs who voted against pie day. i couldn’t find a poster i was thrilled about, so i did this one instead. maybe jason will show up in another poster on another subject soon.

  5. The less “legislating” they do, the better off we all are.

  6. Got a Grip

    Hello, nonnileh! Please forgive my long, long absence. I’m starting to feel well enough to help you kick Buffy’s a$$ if need be. I see he’s still as well informed as ever….. 😉

    Kisses. I’ve missed you.

    • gotta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀
      oh, how i have missed you!!! there’s nothing to forgive, as you have nothing to apologize for. i’m just happy that you’re back. i’m sure buffy will be thrilled, too. 😉 just jump in whenever you can.


    • Friend of the court

      Hay Gotta!!! good to see your voice, I’m glad you are feeling better.

  7. jeb

    Nice to see that the Rethugs have their usual petulant five-year old behavior to contribute to the national discussion.

  8. Note to Buffoon- please keep holding your breath until we tell you to stop.

    As for John Boner, I have a very bad feeling about this guy. He gives me the psychic shpilkes, like I know he’s got some dark secrets just waiting to be discovered.
    It may be money, it may be women, it may be underage boys or girls, but mark my words–this guy is not on the level.

    • NNoooooonnniiiieeeeee Karen is picking on meeeeeee

    • karen,
      there is something not right with boner, but i just don’t know what it is. maybe he’s a secret drinker or pill popper. he seems to cry at the drop of a hat. is he depressed? is he self-medicating? i know i would be depressed if i had to hang around with rethuglicans all day. 😥

      • Got a Grip

        I think it’s booze. There’s something about his saggy eyebags that just says booze to me. I could be wrong. But there’s definitely something going on that makes him burst into tears all the time. He11, even my two year old granddaughter doesn’t bawl as much.

        • his eyes always look like allergy eyes to me. that could be booze, too. however, he seems so boring to me. i can’t see him ever partying. maybe some nyquil every once in a while when he wants to go nuts.

  9. nightowl724

    Dag nabbit! I missed the reunion!

  10. I’m all for opposing bad laws … but offering alternatives is what makes the difference between looking like a statesman and looking like a 2-year-old brat.

    Sigh …

    As I said, if the GOP doesn’t shape up, they’ll finish themselves off. If the Constitution Party or the Whigs, or even the Libertarians, could just make a little more noise, the GOP would be done, methinks.

    I suspect that that’s okay with most of the readers here.

    • hey wickle! 🙂
      i don’t understand how the rethugs don’t understand that they are coming off as a bunch of whiners (hope phil gramm doesn’t mind me borrowing the word 😉 ).

      i really think now is a very good time for a total reshuffle of political parties. the extremists are too loud, especially on the right, and reasonable people are not being heard. i think it’s important to have an opposition party, but there’s more to that than just opposing everything.

      i think it would be a good thing if there were 4 or 5 major political parties. the more ideas, the better.

      • Friend of the court

        If nothing else, it would make the bribes smaller.

      • Well said.

        The two major parties have managed to rig the game against everyone else, but I think that we’d be a lot better off if the Democrats and Republicans had to compete with the Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and Greens.

        Sadly, the only way for a “third-party” candidate to make news is if s/he is insanely rich, which also usually comes with being insane (Ross Perot, for example).

        I voted for Nader in 2000, hoping that the lack of charisma being run by the two major parties would turn into low enough turnout that the Greens would hit the all-important 5% nationwide. I think, then, that the Democrats would be hurt badly, and that this would inspire the Constitution and Libertarian parties to pull the GOP apart.

        … None of which is likely to help the Prohibition Party, though.

        • wickle,
          i still have my perot button! 😆 that was from before he went nuts. that was actually the first time i took part in a political election. i actually made phonecalls for perot.