With a name like Tucker, he’s got to be rude.

From Crooks & Liars:

Seriously, is there anyone more annoying than Tucker Carlson? The least self-aware pundit on TV, still nursing his own bruised ego from the thorough spanking he received at the hands of a comedian that took down his show, cried that Jon Stewart is nothing more than a partisan hack in “attacking” Jim Cramer. Mr. “I’m an ideologue, not a partisan” repeats the favorite GOP meme that Cramer was only attacked because he dared to criticize Obama’s budget. Hmm … repeating GOP talking points … but Carlson’s not speaking on behalf of his party, no sirree.

Original movie poster.

Leave it to Carlson to completely miss the point. Despite Stephanie Miller’s and Baltimore Sun’s David Zurawik’s multiple attempts to reason with the petulant, whiny man-child Carlson devolves into, Tucker can never grasp that the whole event was precipitated by Rick Santelli’s rant on the trading floor and that Stewart’s focus was not Cramer so much as the responsibility CNBC holds in informing the public rather than giving corporations carte blanche to propagandize on their channel.

From Perrspectives:

Of course, Jon Stewart’s weeklong diatribe against CNBC was initially triggered by the network’s Rick Santelli slandering troubled home mortgage owners as “losers.” And as it turns out, it is Tucker Carlson who has made a career out of doing someone else’s bidding. That someone else is the Republican Party – and his father Richard.

The scandal surrounding the outing of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame and the subsequent conviction of Cheney chief-of-staff Scooter Libby provides case in point. Few voices on television were more strident in Libby’s defense than Tucker Carlson. But throughout, he remained silent on his father’s leadership of the Scooter Libby Legal Defense Fund.

From the beginning, Tucker Carlson aimed both barrels at Libby prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald. In November 2005, he insisted Fitzgerald was “accusing Libby – falsely and in public – of undermining this country’s security,” adding, “Fitzgerald should apologize, though of course he never will.” Reversing his past position in support of independent counsels, Carlson in February 2007 blasted “this lunatic Fitzgerald, running around destroying people’s lives for no good reason.”

With Libby’s conviction and sentencing in 2007, Carlson the son echoed Carlson the father. Richard Carlson, a former U.S. ambassador and past president of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, couriered a check to Libby on the day of his indictment.

From Media Matters:

During a March 15 discussion on CNN’s Reliable Sources about Comedy Central host Jon Stewart’s recent criticism of CNBC host Jim Cramer for his coverage of the current financial crisis, MSNBC political analyst Tucker Carlson asserted: “This was a partisan attack. He went after — he went after Cramer the moment Cramer criticized [President] Obama’s budget. That was the mortal sin. That’s what kicked off this entire feud.” According to a March 13 Politico article, Carlson similarly told Politico: “[Cramer’s] real sin was attacking Obama’s economic policies. If he hadn’t done that, Stewart never would have gone after him. Stewart’s doing Obama’s bidding. It’s that simple.” In fact, as Media Matters for America has documented, Stewart criticized Cramer at least as far back as March 17, 2008, for claiming that investment firm Bear Stearns was “not in trouble” less than a week before the company collapsed — the same remarks that Stewart has highlighted on recent editions of his show.

During the Reliable Sources segment, host Howard Kurtz noted to Carlson that in 2004 Stewart “went on your old show, Crossfire, the now-defunct CNN program Crossfire.” Kurtz then aired a clip from that appearance in which Stewart claimed Carlson and his Crossfire co-hosts were engaging in “partisan hackery” and told Carlson he “need[s] to go to” journalism school. Kurtz then said that Carlson has “been on the receiving end of a Jon Stewart lecture” and asked Carlson: “[D]oes that color your view at all of his perspicacity?”

    1. CARLSON: It’s all the same. I mean, to call me a partisan hack is ludicrous. I am the least partisan person I know.


CARLSON: I have zero interest in party politics — zero interest. I spent half my life attacking Republicans. I have — I’m an ideologue, truly. I have ideas that are distinct from partisan politics.

Watch the video and read the transcript at the Media Matters link.


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17 responses to “With a name like Tucker, he’s got to be rude.

  1. Friend of the court

    I am not a violent person but, I really would like to slap Tucker’s mug. Do you think that will get me in trouble with O’Reiley and the TV cops?

    • i’m not violent either, fotc, but i would really like to help you. don’t worry about bill0 or the tv cops. they’re all talk, but a well-placed kick will bring them down in no time.

    • Got a Grip

      Hey, count me in, too. He’s more than just a waste of space, he’s a bloated, self-important idiot. In other words, your typical rethug pundit….

  2. Got a Grip

    Teh Stupid! It BURNS!!!!!!!

  3. Jenn/jlms qkw

    a greasy oily production! for sure!

  4. Hey, Nonnie, you found a Smithee Award nominee for your original poster.


    The Stuff (1985)

    Nomination Year: 1992
    SYNOPSIS: Description of the movie’s “plot” goes here.

    Most Ludicrous Premise

    Col. Malcom Grommett-Spears Tells It Like It Is
    “America is under attack by an alien substance which represents itself as a popular dessert known as The Stuff.”

    “Wanna Run That By Me Again?”

    And the Only Way To Prove Gravity Is To Shoot You Twice and See Which Way You Fall
    “They don’t process it. They pump it right into the trucks. And the only way to prove it is to steal one of those trucks.” Huh?

    Best One-Liner

    Who Needs a Good Poke in the Eye?
    “You know why they call me Moe? ‘Cause every time someone gives me money, I always want mo’.”

    Acting Appropriately Stupid

    Finger-Lickin’ Good Stuff
    A white, viscous substance is bubbling from the ground at the chemical refinery. A night watchman discovers it. What’s he do? He TASTES it, of course! Mmmm–creamy!

    Those look like good awards for Tucker, too.

    • neon vincent,
      every once in a while, i find a movie that i have never heard of and am curious as to what it’s about. the stuff was one of them. i read a little bit about it, and i was very surprised at the cast. michael moriarty, danny aiello, and paul sorvino? putting aside my surprise, consuming some crap until you can no longer think and become a zombie–can you think of a more apt description of mothertucker’s political thought?

  5. Between the bow tie and his brief appearance on “Dancing With the Stars,” this guy is one perp walk away from a Larry Craig scenario.
    The Log Cabin Republicans must be licking their chops with this prime candidate.

  6. jeb

    OK, morning Joe Scabro is a close second but yes, Mothertucker is a shrill irritating hack.

    • jeb,
      i don’t know what goes on at msnbc. it seems that, if you have a parent who was in politics or journalism, then you are automatically given a job, no matter how moronic you are. mika, mothertucker, willie geist, and luke russert. all of them have no talent, add nothing to the discussion, and are irritating to listen to.

  7. I love it, Nonnie, that one looks like it was a lot of work. Hilarious!!!

    Fucker Carlson is near the top of my list of most hated non-pundits.

    Man he hates Stewart so much he can’t see straight or even make sense. LOL!!

    • helen,
      i always wish that everytime little mothertucker is having one of his tantrums, his bowtie starts to spin really, really fast. it will buzz right through his neck unless he gets his anger in check within a few seconds. it would be so much fun to watch! 🙂