Building Bridges

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – The governor of America’s largest state and the mayor of its largest city called on the federal government on Sunday to dramatically boost its spending on bridges, sewers, high-speed rail and other infrastructure.

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, along with Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, said on NBC’s “Meet the Press” the United States needs to spend up to $1.6 trillion to make up for decades of neglect and stay globally competitive.

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The $787 billion stimulus package signed into law last month includes $80.5 billion to fix roads, bridges, mass transit and waterways. President Barack Obama also put $72.5 billion for transportation spending in his budget proposal for 2010.

But those figures are far short of the $2.2 trillion that the American Society of Civil Engineers estimates is needed to repair highway, transit and water projects after years of neglect, let alone new projects like high-speed rail.

The three leaders said Obama seemed supportive when they met with him at the White House on Friday.


Obama has proposed $5 billion in seed money for an infrastructure bank with an independent board to pay for capital projects. He is expected to explain his complete transportation plan in April.

Obama faces growing public disgust with the mounting cost of the financial industry bailout at a time when he also is planning an expensive overhaul of the healthcare system and new environmental restrictions.

But the three leaders said taxpayers would support additional infrastructure spending because it delivers tangible benefits. Breached levees in Iowa and New Orleans and the 2007 Minneapolis highway bridge collapse vividly illustrate the perils of allowing infrastructure to crumble, they said.

“The American people aren’t against spending, they’re against spending they can’t see,” said Rendell, a Democrat.


They said the government should try to attract private investors to help pay for new projects, but they did not rule out raising gasoline taxes if necessary.


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12 responses to “Building Bridges

  1. i have to admit, bloomberg has been a pretty good mayor — i just am so against the third term power grab.

    welcome to america – where laws are for mr whipple

    • bloomberg has been good, but i don’t like the idea of the law changing just so he can have a third term. if he’s that indispensable, then let the next mayor hire him as an adviser. either that or have a puppet mayor who’ll let bloomberg make all the decisions.

      • have a puppet mayor who’ll let bloomberg make all the decisions.

        Like Putin? Isn’t that saying that Pootie-poot has at least makes more of an appearance for following the rule of law than Bloomberg?

        • i didn’t mean to say that i endorse that policy. however, i find it less offensive than changing the law just so bloomberg can have another term. of course, i would want the puppet to openly admit to being just a puppet. the people of new yawk city can then decide if they want the law changed or not.

          my preference would be for new yawkers to find someone else who is capable and talented (in a city that big, there has to be somebody). if they decide they want the law changed, bloomberg can run again later on.

  2. Jenn/jlms qkw

    bloomberg is looking kind of like chavez with this extra term stuff.

    nonnie, do you ever use TV series covers? i would like to see some republicans or wall street types portrayed as ferengi, i think.

    thanks always!

    • of course i use tv series covers. remember gilligan’s island and green acres and the addams family, for example? however, i have no idea who ferengi is.

      • The Ferengi are the goofy looking little aliens with big ears who infest the Star Trek revivals–The Next Generation, Voyager, and Deep Space Nine–especially Deep Space Nine, where two Ferengi are regular characters. They’re a bunch of greedy dwarves with profit as their highest value. About the only good thing about them is that they see revenge as evil; if there is no profit in an activity, then it’s immoral.

        Here are two links to images of them.

        • that first one looks like fred thompson. it figures that i didn’t know who they were. i stopped watching star trek after the first series. why did they name them ferengi? that sounds like an expensive italian sports car.

          • Why Ferengi? From Memory Alpha, the Star Trek fan wiki:

            The word “Ferengi” is derived from the Arabic and Farsi word farangi, which meant “frank”, as in the French/European traders who made contact with Arabic traders; the word later came to mean “foreigner” in general.

            “Foreigner (alien)” and “trader” along with the Arab/Farsi (Persian) name might all have contributed to the choice. These guys were supposed to be the next big enemy race for the Federation. Instead, they ended up being comic relief.

  3. Gee, only $1.6 trillion to make up for decades of neglect and stay globally competitive?

    I’m down. . . But I still want to know who got $3 TRILLION from the Fed and who’ll get 5.7 more TRILLION from the Fed.

    And by the way, Nonnie. I want your new readers here to know what a superwoman you are; taking the time from your great photoshop work to visit, read, and comment, not leaving lighthearted one-sentence comments over at our place, but thoughtful, paragraphs of ideas. You rock.

    • ehhh, what’s a few trillion among friends and people who will grease your palm and put money in your campaign accounts?

      and thank you, saitia. 😳 that’s such a nice thing to say. the reason that i write more than a word or 2 over at your place is that the posts there are thought-provoking. it is a compliment to you and propagandee. you guys rock, too. 😀