Mixed Wingnuts

Hey kids! Have you heard? The Rethugs have a strategery! Nope, I’m not kidding! Don’t believe me? Well, maybe you’ll believe the guys at Politico:

Peril awaits any first-term lawmaker who ventures to the House floor unprepared for a duel, but Ohio Democrat Mary Jo Kilroy had a particularly rough go of it the other day.

Kilroy took the floor to support an amendment to a popular public-service bill — only to face an ambush from Rep. Virginia Foxx (R-N.C.), who hit her hard for her vote on an unrelated American International Group measure.

It wasn’t an accident.

Foxx is part of a team of Republican members that House Minority Whip Eric Cantor (R-Va.) has put together to create embarrassing, YouTube-worthy moments for vulnerable Democratic freshmen.

Original DVD cover.
(Pictured: Eric Cantor, Louie Gohmert, Jason Chaffetz, Virginia Foxx)

Cantor’s floor staff has created a photo album to help identify the 42 most vulnerable Democrats. The aides send daily e-mails to the members of the attack team and alert lawmakers when these targeted members are speaking on the floor. They even draft quick scripts to help focus the questioning.


Democrats have begun pulling their vulnerable members from the floor as soon as the attacks begin.


The Foxx-Kilroy smackdown was so rough that Majority Leader Steny H. Hoyer (D-Md.) tapped Rep. Anthony Weiner (D-N.Y.), a ferocious debater, to play the part of Foxx during a subsequent exercise with his freshmen on floor procedure.

Team Cantor says it’s just holding Democrats accountable.


The floor can be a scary place for first-term lawmakers in both parties. Voices quiver as they read awkwardly from scripts drafted by their staff. Many are flustered by the rules, particularly those requiring lawmakers to avoid a direct dialogue with colleagues on the other side of the aisle by instead addressing whoever sits in the speaker’s chair.

Nervousness — and a lack of familiarity with the rules — make it tougher for new members to deflect political attacks when they find themselves in the cross hairs.


Since January, Republicans have been trying to capitalize on that uncertainty.

The strategy took root during a briefing Cantor organized earlier this year with former Rep. Bob Walker (R-Pa.), whose mastery of floor procedure frustrated Democrats again and again during the GOP’s last stint in the minority.

As it evolved, Cantor and his floor team recruited members, like Foxx, to request time to speak when vulnerable Democrats, like Kilroy, offer amendments or bills. The goal is to put these Democrats on the spot to answer tough political questions on sensitive topics. Under the rules of the House, the targeted members are forced to answer the questions or risk embarrassment in front of C-SPAN viewers and YouTube surfers.

The group of attackers includes members such as Foxx, freshman Rep. Jason Chaffetz of Utah and talkative Texas Rep. Louie Gohmert — lawmakers who enjoy mixing it up in public.

Of course, these attacks don’t always work out. Virginia Rep. Gerry Connolly, a veteran of party politics, quickly turned a Chaffetz challenge against his attacker. The Utah freshman also appeared flustered when Kilroy left the floor recently as he launched another line of questioning about her AIG vote.

Democrats are now hip to the scam and rarely take the bait. A top aide to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) quickly ushers most junior members out of the chamber whenever Republicans launch an attack — even if the member is controlling debate.

But the guerrilla tactics — which are just about all the Republicans have — are sure to continue as long as Democratic leaders, in a time-honored bid to help junior members look productive, keep encouraging them to offer amendments and bills.


The majority leader plans to hold a follow-up briefing for freshmen shortly after members return from the two-week spring recess, a senior leadership aide said. The focus of this next meeting will be on teaching these freshmen to hit back when Republicans put them on the spot — citing Rep. Barney Frank, the sharp-tongued Massachusetts Democrat who regularly embarrasses any lawmaker who questions him on the floor.

“It’s not just getting them off the floor,” the aide said. “It’s teaching them to hammer back.”

The Swamp at The Chicago Tribune has the video of the Virginia Foxx/Mary Jo Kilroy confrontation.


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16 responses to “Mixed Wingnuts

  1. YouTube-worthy moments, huh?

    So, the GOP, roundly criticized for not being Net-savvy, has decided to learn how to become flaming trolls and get on YouTube?

    The term “bottom-feeder” comes to mind.

    • hi wickle! 🙂
      the most hilarious thing is that almost nobody goes to poor little eric’s youtube channels, and, when they do, they tell him what a moron he is! i went there last night, and it was hilarious! by the way–so far, he hasn’t posted any britney spears videos! 😆

  2. “The trouble with the Republican Party is that it has not had a new idea in thirty years.”
    — Woodrow Wilson (December 28, 1856 – February 3, 1924

    Still true to form.

  3. Dusty

    Cantor and his wingnut buddies need a hobby or something. Christ almighty..these Repubes are such losers..why don’t they try doing something they were elected to do?


    Hey, I got a photoshop contest going at my blog..check it out if it piques your interest. 😉

    • it seems movie making is their new hobby! apparently they like writing scripts and hamming it up.

      i just left my entry over at your place dusty.

  4. jeb

    I saw this on Countdown the other night. I disagree with the “Nut Farm” theme (although I love the poster).

    They are just mean and selfish. This is why we call them reTHUGlicans. They will burn the house down if they don’t control it. Their party’s theme in the last election was “Country First.” That’s an absolute joke. It’s only country first if they run the country. If they don’t, they’ll pull the country down in an attempt to get back in power. For them it’s all about victory and power. To call them poor losers would be an insult to all of the poor losers in the history of the world.

    Cantor/Boner/McConnell, et al – The country is in real trouble. Stop obstructing and try to actually do something to help or STFU and sit down!

    • jeb,
      i have been dying to use this movie poster since i found it weeks ago. i thought this was my golden opportunity. i agree with you that they are coming from a place that is mea and vindictive and selfish. however, that doesn’t mean what they’re doing isn’t nutty.

  5. urbzen

    Good lord, is Cantor taking his political cues from the movie Mean Girls?

    This is some seriously juvenile shit.

    • hello urbzen!
      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      cantor is a britney spears fan, so is it very far off to think that he gets his cues from mean girls? 😆 he certainly isn’t making decisions based on serious thought.

      damn, urbzen! i have a thousand things i have to do today, and you are making me sit here watching puppy cams! i can’t tear myself away! i must, i must….

  6. I saw that and couldn’t wrap my mind around how sophomoric and ridiculous Canter and his buddies are.
    America has real issues that require all legislators’ concentration and best efforts to get us through it.
    These fucking nitwit GOPs seem to be trying to outdo each other in the world’s biggest asshole contest.
    Someone should have put an end to their antics while they were happening–points of order be damned.

    • karen,
      it would be to any dem’s advantage to cut them short and keep screaming over them no matter what the rules say. there would not be any rational american who would be upset with him/her. a nice little speech about stopping the nonsense and doing the people’s business is in order.

      it’s like the house of representatives is no longer a place of deliberation and serious debate. i’d say that it’s now delta house, but bluto and his pals had more smarts and gravitas than this bunch.

  7. when i saw this i knew that Cantor reminded me of Niedermeyer from Animal House…..

    we just need to get to cantor’s horse.

    what a dipshit….

    • dcAp,
      i’d bet anything that cantor was a real ass-kisser all through his life. he’s a nasty little shithead with no sense of right and wrong. it’s all about what’s best for him and his ambitions.