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Cereal Liar

From Talking Points Memo:

Recess is a time when members of Congress go home and say the darnedest things to their constituents. Take Michelle [sic] Bachmann. Please.

“The concern is that this energy tax will hike up the cost, not only of our energy bills by an average of more than $2,500 for the typical family of four in Minnesota according to one study, but of everything else that we buy.”

This is peculiar. First of all, there’s no study that says anything like this. Second of all, there is a study that Republicans are citing as a source for their claim that a cap and trade bill will cost the average household $3,128 a year–but the study doesn’t say that either. It says that a cap-and-trade program will raise a certain amount of revenue (over $350 billion at the outset) and Republicans have divided that by the number of households they claim are in America. Of course, the authors of the study say this is all terribly, terribly wrong.

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