The GOP Displays its Testicular Fortitude

From The New York Times:

On a day when the government deadline for filing income tax returns offered some Americans a timely excuse to vent their frustrations over the sagging economy and ride a metaphor two centuries in the making, 773 Tax Day tea parties were scheduled in cities from Boston to Washington, East Hampton, N.Y., to Yakima, Wash., to protest government spending — namely the Obama administration’s $787 billion stimulus package and $3 trillion budget.

Although organizers insisted they had created a non-partisan grassroots movement, it was argued by others that these parties were more of the synthetic “Game Day Grass” variety, since the occasion was largely created by the clamor of cable news and fueled with the financial and political support of current and former Republican leaders.

Fox News was covering the events and streaming live video as its own commentators Neil Cavuto and Michelle Malkin were headlining the protests in Sacramento, Sean Hannity appeared in Atlanta, and Newt Gingrich showed up at City Hall Park in New York. The web site listed its sponsors, which ranged from FreedomWorks, founded by former House Majority Leader, Dick Armey (R-Texas), Top Conservatives on Twitter, to RNC, to the book from Senator Jim Demint of South Carolina, “Saving Freedom,” giving his “firsthand account of the unsettling socialist shift.”

Original DVD cover.

“Our main goal as far as a national organization — although that’s a tough term to use since we wish we were organized better than we were — is just to facilitate an environment where a new movement would be born,” Eric Odom, the administrator of, said in a brief interview on Wednesday morning.


But it was hard to determine from the modest turnouts by mid-day (especially in the rain-soaked East) just how effective they would be. In Boston, which held its protest in Boston Common, near the State House, about 500 people showed up, fewer than the 1,500 that had responded on the internet.


Curiously, the only organization in Boston re-enacting the original tea party — the Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender group — was not associated with the partisan movement. But instead of tossing tea bags overboard, it planned to dump federal tax forms into the harbor on Wednesday night to protest the unequal tax treatment of married same-sex couples.

In Massachusetts — one of three states where same-sex marriage is legal — married couples still have to file individual tax returns.


Of course, when the small band of colonists dressed as Indians and dumped tea in Boston Harbor in 1773 to protest King George’s import tax and imperial government, that movement led to independence.

All of these tax day parties seemed less about revolution and more about group therapy. At least with the more widely known protest against government spending, people attending the rallies were dressed patriotically and held signs expressing their anger, but offering no solutions.

While conservatives staged tea parties, President Obama marked the April 15 tax-filing deadline by ignoring his critics and instead delivering a sales pitch for what he called “the most progressive tax cut in American history.”

The president emphasized how his tax plan was designed to help middle-class families. While he acknowledged that April 15 “is not exactly everyone’s favorite date on the calendar,” he reassured Americans that he cut taxes for 95 percent of the nation’s workers, supported the reduction of tax breaks to the wealthiest 2 percent of the population, as well as offered tax credits for first-time homeowners.


For his part, Mr. Odom insisted that Mr. Obama was not the focus of the outrage, and that government in general was the target.

“This is a protest that has been in government the last few years,” he said. “Bush himself was guilty of socialist policies.”

Yet featured the Tax Day Tea Party on its web site in the last two days and implored people to send virtual tea-bags (in four categories) to President Barack Obama, Vice President Joseph Biden, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Harry Reid.


And what would a conservative media event be these days without Joe the Plumber, otherwise known as Samuel Joe Wurzelbacher?

In addition to Fox News’s coverage, Pajamas TV — the same network that sent him to Israel — was covering the events across the nation on the internet. Mr. Wurzelbacher, a non-licensed plumber who virtually became the mascot of the McCain-Palin campaign, was the keynote speaker outside the state capitol in Lansing, Mich., where the local newspaper said he attracted thousands.

A tip of the hat to LaughingPlanet for the movie suggestion!


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31 responses to “The GOP Displays its Testicular Fortitude

  1. Is there any irony that Michelle Maglalalang’s first published hunk of shit errrr I mean book was called
    “Invasion: How America Still Welcomes Terrorists, Criminals, and Other Foreign Menaces ?” Ohh, I can think of one in particular…And Newt the new dean of Notre Dame is explaining why Obama shouldn’t speak there since Newt’s third wife has turned him into a Catholic. How is it Dick Armey’s parents knew to name him that ? Great poster.

    • hey rastamick!
      what a nice surprise to see you over here! welcome to the raisin. 😀 i always read and enjoy your comments over at the other blogs i frequent, and i am very glad that you stopped by.

      wanna hear something really funny? if you go to photobucket and try to do a search for dick armey, you get this message:

      Your search term probably relates to adult content. Photobucket DOES NOT host sexually explicit content.

      they have it in very large bold letters with a big exclamation point in a bright red circle, too! 😆

      • jeb

        That’s because he really is a dick. And now he’s complete with teabags.

        • i can’t understand why people aren’t more careful about naming their kids richard. when i was working in a bank, i had to type up loan papers for a customer named richard head. it took me 2 days, because i couldn’t stop laughing. at the very least, call the kid ricky, richie, or rick for short, not dick.

          • Richard happens to be my real first name. When I finally hit middle age, I decided to ditch it for my middle name, Vincent. I’m much happier, in part for exactly the reason you described. Besides, Dick was my *father’s* name, not mine!

            • oh no! the only think worse than being called dick is being called dick junior! i like the name richard. it’s a shame that someone long ago decided that dick is short for richard and/or dick is slang for…well, you know.

              • You got it. No way was I going to be “Dick Jr.”

                I had a similiar, although more amusing, situation happen to me. I once hung around another Richard who was taller than me. To distinguish us, our friends called him Big Richard, so of course I was called Little Richard. At least I didn’t start wearing eye shadow and singing falsetto.

      • writechicpress

        So you need more than a Dick Armey to teabag photobucket. (writing this down)

        Lord, what’s next.

  2. jeb

    THE LEGEND OF TEABAGGER DUNCES! OMG, I just sprayed beer through my nose Nonnie.

    I’m all for protests against the government. I think they’re very American and the essence of democracy. However when you’re teabagging for douchebags and mixing with people holding signs that make statements about the President’s race, I think that’s probably not something one would want to do. Looking at the TV machine, I noticed quite a few people with teabags hanging in front of their faces. In this internet age, how do they not get the significance (or why everyone is laughing) of that?

    • jeb,
      the movie was laughingplanet’s idea. it never occurred to me. when i gave up on movies with ‘tea’ in the title, the carpetbaggers was the only movie that popped into my mind.

      the protests were so ridiculous. i don’t know how the organizers can feel anything other than embarrassment. the crowds looked just as stoopit as those at the capt underpants/princess sarah rallies.

      • jeb

        Because the organizers are from Fux Noise and a requirement for employment there is that one has no sense of shame.

        • they can’t count either! someone obtained a tape of neil cavuto talking to someone at one of the rallies off camera. both said that there were probably 5000 people there. howevah, when he did his reporting, he said there were probably 2 or 3 times that number present.

  3. writechicpress

    Great work!

    And seriously…don’t home schools and prep schools teach social studies? Obama’s a fascist or a communist. He can’t be both!

  4. Isn’t he an Isalamunist or a Fascocialist ? Yeah that Rev Wright guy he’s one too… Nonnie glad to see your place finally, have snorted thru your comments in the constellation of left leaners as well !!

  5. dusty

    That many of the wingnuts that attended were bitching about taxes just shows they haven’t got a brain in their head and lemmings have nothing on them.

    And, like the left’s protests, there were plenty of yahoo’s that showed up and had their ‘own agenda’ called Obama a socialist, and what have you..lots to choose from, from what I saw the scant few minutes I forced myself to watch Faux Noise’s coverage.

    • dusty,
      it’s easy to get pissed off. however, i would bet 99.9% of the people there who were not bought and paid for by the sponsors have absolutely no idea what they were protesting and why. making a sign is quick. research takes a little longer. i bet none of them would turn up their noses at social security or help from fema. ignorant idiots.

  6. I think it’s pretty hilarious that the GOP has such a paucity of leadership they’re having to bring back retreads like Newt and Dick Armey.
    Even when they reach into the anals (sic) of their leadership, they give us shitheads like these two.
    As for Michelle Malagagalongdong, she’s the perfect spokeslut for the GOP because she has the perfect mouth for teabaggery.

    • karen,
      it is hilarious, especially because they recycle people who nobody liked the first time. while some bought into newtie’s bullshit, he was not and is not likable. as for dick armey, he’s mr. wilson screaming at dennis to get off his lawn, but on steroids. they’re nasty and mean and ugly and completely devoid of warmth. in other words, they’re dick cheney clones.

  7. first – the movie- friggin BRILLIANT

    and the comments — make for a great script to your movie

    • i can’t take credit for thinking of the movie. laughingplanet over at the big orange suggested that one to me. i love the people who come and comment over here. i am entertained, educated, and enlightened by them.

  8. And while we’re on the subject, what man in his right mind would willingly go by ‘Dick’ when his surname is Armey?
    In fact, any man named Richard who willingly chooses Dick usually is one:

    Dick Cheney
    Dick Armey
    Dick Nixon

    See what I mean?

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  10. InterTube Fun Facts. Back when computers first went into the public schools and libraries around here in Tx-24 congressional district it was discovered that our long serving servant of all that is good and proper, one Richard C. “Dick” Armey was blocked from net access by the software that keeps our young children pure and innocent. We don’t even tell them where babies come from. How can you explain to small children what “see dick” or maybe “army of dicks” means?! And that Nonnie is why they had to block your access to those photos lest you inadvertently become a pornographer.

    • i wonder if photobucket’s main offices are located in tx-24. they deleted (3 times!) an image of mine, because it said wet dream on it. it wasn’t a dirty picture or anything like that. i don’t know how they honed in on that particular image (3 times!), but i finally gave up and didn’t bother uploading it again.