Rush Limbarrgh

From Media Matters:

Rush wasted no time telling us that he was congratulating Obama for his “cool hand” in enacting the daring rescue of Captain Richard Phillips from the Somali pirates. Being more snide and sarcastic than even we thought possible, Rush pointed to an ABC News report that a White House official told George Stephanopoulos that the whole ordeal “would make a great movie,” announcing that he had a preliminary idea for what that movie would look like. Going off his working title “President Obama Turns on Somali Counterparts,” Rush says “President Obama rose to the occasion and saw to it that the Somali merchant marine organizers would not get away with the same tactics that the domestic American organizers get away with.”

Rush then ran through the casting list for his movie — Will Smith as President Obama and as the SEAL team captain. The pirates will be played by Sarah Palin, Eric Cantor, Mitt Romney, Bobby Jindal, Mike Pence, and Rush himself, and in their lifeboat will be a whole bunch of tea. Get it? Like the tea parties! We hope he can write in Glenn Beck somehow. Anyway, there’s also “Deep Parrot” in the movie, a White House official leaking everything to the media so they’ll credit Obama in their reports.

Original book cover.

[…] Rush proclaimed that Captain Phillips will be portrayed as a hero just like Captain Sullenberger was for safely landing a plane in the Hudson River, only this time Obama will be portrayed as a “co-pilot.” According to Rush, the media and the “left” now love the military because it did something that made Obama look good.


Rush suggested that in this era of economic crisis, the shipping company be made to pay the costs of the rescue operations, or that the Obama administration just take over the company. El Rushbo then went after the AP for reporting that pirates have vowed retaliation over the U.S. military operation, claiming that this is the mentality that the left and the media displayed during Iraq — we’re just creating more terrorists.


One more caller before the break, this one wondering when the SEALs involved in the operation will be dragged before a Democratic House subcommittee to answer for killing the pirates. Rush responded by pointing out the Rep. Donald Payne’s (D-NJ) plane came under mortar fire from rebels in Mogadishu, saying: “This sort of puzzled me. I don’t know why community organizers in Somalia would fire on a fellow community organizer from the United States like Congressman Payne. For all they know, they could like the guy if they just had a sit-down with him.”

Closing out the hour, Rush took one more call, this one from a woman encouraging El Rushbo that, unlike that earlier caller, she understood what was going on behind Rush’s praise of Obama. Rush thanked her, explaining why he was feeling a “low-grade depression” about the media coverage of the pirate rescue: “It will result in a series of stories about bravery and military success with Obama as the key player. And these approval numbers that will result from this reporting will be used as proof … that Americans are totally on board for Obama’s liberty-depleting domestic power grabs.” After falsely claiming that “the military budget is being cut,” Rush concluded: “These heroes are being and will be used to advance a domestic agenda of hard leftism. Returning Captain Phillips’ liberty will be used to take away portions of ours.”

Original image.
(left (left?) to right: Rush Limpdick, Mike Pence, Eric Cantor, Mittsie Romney)


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28 responses to “Rush Limbarrgh

  1. jeb

    I thought he’d completed drug rehab. Has he moved on to LSD now?

  2. Jenn/jlms qkw

    my son has read the original book.

    there’s a veggie tales song: we are the pirates who don’t do anything. we just blah blah and lay around., iirc.

  3. You know, I actually listened to 45 minutes of his garbage.

    Congrats to that genius caller who figured out that Limbaugh was being sarcastic … It never ceases to amaze me how stupid dittoheads can be. Limbaugh’s “classic” endorsement of Bill Clinton stands out. Anyone listening should have known it was sarcastic, but he had callers begging him not to do it.

    Anyway … I think he pretty well nuked the straw man. I’m not aware of anyone who credits Obama and not the Navy for the rescue of Capt. Phillips, even if they (rightly) give Obama credit for authorizing the action.

    Sigh … Have I ever mentioned that Rush Limbaugh is one of the top ten reasons why I’ll probably never be a Republican again?

    • hey wickle!
      i don’t understand how anyone can listen to him. he’s all about the glorification of himself. what’s really scary is that, had the caller not figured out that he was being sarcastic, other dittoheads would have made what he said the first time their position. they either can’t or don’t think for themselves.

  4. What’s even funnier than Mt. Rushmo’s skit is the one Al Franken wrote as a combat scene In Rush Limbaugh is a Big Fat Idiot with Newt, Rush and other chickenhawks in a foxhole and Rush keeps shitting himself. Far more plausible than anything his hillbilly heroin addled gasbag of grey matter can cough up.

    • i keep meaning to go to the liberry. i never read al’s books, and i would really like to. i used to practically devour books, and now i have the attention span of a gnat.

  5. Limbaugh may have lauded Obama’s reaction to the pirates initially, but later he went on to ask what the USA would have thought had it been Bush “ordering the execution of Black Somali teenagers.”
    Yes, he actually referred to these punk-ass pirates as “Somali teenagers.”
    What a stupid bastard that guy is.

  6. You know, sometimes I wish I was a homicidal maniac because people like Limpblow would make great targets.
    If we on the left had a character as loathesome as he, one of the rightwing nutters surely would have picked him off by now.

  7. do you think rush teabagged anyone?

  8. When you think about it, do you ever wonder why a 300 pound, cigar chomping slob with a drug habit and extreme rage problems hasn’t blown a major heart or brain vein by now?
    Limbaugh reminds me of a Macy’s Day Parade float that’s been overinflated to twice its PSI maximum.
    Would one tiny >kaboom< be too much to ask?

    • karen,
      maybe because the outrage is manufactured. does he have any real convictions other than his devotion to himself? i don’t think he really gets angry. it’s just a show.

      • I’m constantly told that his ego is just an act … I think that his positions are just an act.

        His business is to build an audience and attract advertisers. To do that, he needs a product. Right-wing drivel on the radio is a product that sells.

  9. That first poster really captures his Eric Cartman persona. The birdbrain is a nice touch too!

    • i bet they all dress up in the cloakroom in their pirate costumes and shiver each others’ timbers. i bet they’re all kinds of kinky, while they portray themselves as the family values party.