With all that finger-pointing, someone’s gonna lose an eye!

From Politico:

Faced with a high-profile defection and the prospect of political irrelevance in the Senate, Republicans took off the gloves Wednesday for a ferocious game of finger-pointing.

Republican Sens. Orrin Hatch and George Voinovich blamed the Club for Growth for imposing a right-wing litmus test that chased Arlen Specter out of the Republican Party. The Club for Growth blamed Specter — first for helping to ruin the GOP and then for leaving it. A leading Republican strategist blamed the party for turning its back on moderates. Sen. Lindsey Graham sniped at Republican National Committee Chairman Michael Steele. Specter’s pollster blamed the stimulus bill. Karl Rove blamed Specter himself.

Original DVD cover.

And the National Republican Senatorial Committee set about trying to taint Specter among Pennsylvania Democrats by reminding them that he was once aligned with Republican President George W. Bush.


Specter decided to switch parties after concluding that there was no way he could beat former Rep. Pat Toomey in next year’s Republican primary. That made the Club for Growth — the free-market group Toomey once led — a fat target for Republican ire Wednesday, and both Hatch and Voinovich took aim.

Voinovich, a moderate Republican from Ohio who is retiring, said the Republican Party needs to step in more forcefully when the Club for Growth or other organizations try to vilify moderate incumbents in blue states.


Hatch, the No. 2 man at the National Republican Senatorial Committee, said Toomey can’t win in a general election in Pennsylvania — and that by chasing out Specter, the Club for Growth and its backers may have cost the GOP another seat in the Senate.

“I don’t think it had anything to do with leadership; it had to do with Club for Growth,” the Utah Republican said of Specter’s switch.


But Andy Roth, the Club for Growth’s vice president for government affairs, said the Republican Party is at its nadir precisely because it has tolerated the likes of Specter.


“The reason why Arlen Specter left is because of Arlen Specter, not because of the Club for Growth or Pat Toomey,” he said.

Specter edged out Toomey in the 2004 Republican primary. Karl Rove, Bush’s top political strategist, said Specter failed to learn from that close call.

“How about Specter bearing some responsibility?” Rove said in an email to POLITICO. “He won six years ago against Toomey — why didn’t he use the last six years to cement himself better?”

Isn’t this fun, kids? It’s like musical electric chairs or pin the tail on the elephant!

But other Republicans said the party itself has to share the blame — or at least engage in some serious introspection about why a five-term member would switch to the other side.

While acknowledging that Specter’s defection was “about political survival,” veteran GOP strategist John Weaver said the party must be concerned about its “political relevance.”


Weaver said there’s “plenty of blame to go around,” and that Specter himself should receive his fair share. But he also pointed a finger at Steele, the RNC chairman, who undercut Specter by suggesting, in a recent TV interview, that he could be open to supporting primary challenges to Specter and the other GOP senators who supported Obama’s stimulus plan.

“I would remind Mr. Steele and some of our party leaders: Theirs is a job of winning elections, of increasing party strength, not of forming some sort of party purity police so this grand experiment to shrink the base to its purest form finds us confined to a phone booth,” Weaver said.


Steele himself said Tuesday that Specter never talked with him about switching parties. During an appearance on CNN, Steele said Specter had been “disrespectful” and “downright rude” and added: “I’m sure his mama didn’t raise him this way, and it’s a shame that he’s behaving this way today.”

Graham, a Republican senator from South Carolina, said Wednesday that Steele had gone too far.


Senate Republicans, both publicly and privately, have largely absolved McConnell and the rest of the leadership for failing to prevent the defection.


“Everybody views this as a Specter decision about Specter’s political prospects in Pennsylvania and really nothing more and nothing less,” said Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.). “I don’t sense at all that his decision is in any way attributable to the way [Specter] was treated here. … They went out of their way, I think the leadership did in the past, to accommodate him when they needed to.”

Specter’s pollster, Glen Bolger, suggested that once Specter knew how dire his political outlook was, there was no chance of keeping him in the GOP.


“It was the tipping point,” Bolger said.

In the end, Specter’s sometimes quirky personality may also have played a role in his decision.

“Arlen could have woken up and said he was retiring to become a professional surfer and everyone would have said, ‘Well, Arlen is just being Arlen,’” joked a former Republican senator who served with Specter. “There is just no way of predicting what he’s going to do next.”


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23 responses to “With all that finger-pointing, someone’s gonna lose an eye!

  1. Frododaddy

    Read your Goposaur posting on Kos.

    I’m jewish and have an irish name.
    My mother goes by nonnie.

    now, I know you are not my mother, but how many jews have irish names?

    by the way I like your blog!

    • hi frododaddy!
      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      the irish last name is a casualty of a long-ago dissolved marriage. the funny thing is that most people think i’m irish, and they’re surprised to find out i’m jewish. nonnie is a nickname from years back, and i was quite surprised when i went on the internets to find out how many nonnies there are. one day, someone must do a demographic study to see how many of them are jewish with irish names. 😉 whatever the case, i’m glad that all those coincidences brought you over to the raisin. hope you’ll visit whenever you can!

  2. I loved this cover.
    I recall when Reagan was around (before he went senile) there was an ironclad rule that said no Republican could diss another Republican or any of the GOP platform or proposed legislation without suffering permanent damage.
    It used to aggravate me that my party didn’t have that same rule because I thought the GOP got by with a lot of extra shit because of it, kind of like the Mafia.
    Now I am thrilled that Bush and his cronies made continued GOP loyalty impossible.
    Their drift to the religious right alienated the fiscal Republicans, the zealots distrusted any GOP who wasn’t one of them, the racists hated the inclusionary and the young ones hated the old ones. Then the closeted gay ones fucked things up for the philanderers and hetero pedophiles. Finally, throw in a batch of the most hateful, ignorant and shrill women on Earth and there you have it.
    What we have today is a clusterfuck of dysfunctional extremists who hate one another. About the only thing they can do well anymore is blame each other.
    Look at their leaders:
    Jindal? Pencilneck geek.
    Palin? Ignorant white trash crook.
    Dick? Dick!
    Canter? Weasel.
    McCain? Please.
    Steele? Nitwit.
    Bush? Who?
    So they are forced to drag out the retreads–Gingrich, Delay, Armey. We hated them then, but we’re supposed to like them now?

    It took long enough, but finally these clowns, pricks and crooks have been exposed.
    Neither journalists nor Democrats have to work to expose them anymore. Just put a mike in any of their faces and they’ll rat each other out every time.

    I love it.

    • glad you liked the poster, karen. i loved your comment. you summed it up very well (even if you forgot mittsie! 😉 ). i thought the article read like one of the old keystone kops movies. everyone just running around and into each other! 😆

      • jeb

        That’s because mittsie is so forgettable.

        • Mittsie has two major downfalls.
          He was a venture capitalist or had some kinda smegma-job before he went into politics
          …and he’s a Mormon.
          Mormons are not tolerated by WASPY white men and women, AKA the GOP.
          Between the magic underwear, the sister wives, the homemade 1890’s clothes and the general creepiness of the LDS, they make the Southern Baptists, the snake handling Pentacostals and the Jehovah’s Witnesses look like Episcopalians.
          Mitts ain’t got a chance.

          • he also has 5 healthy sons who never joined the military, even when they were touting the war. throw in a long history of flip-flopping and saying stupid shit, and i think mittsie can hang it up.

    • Friend of the court

      and yet, so smug, still.

  3. this is one of your best — i just LOVE it — and i cant wait for the sequel

    i just love the circular firing squad. it is amazing – karl rove’s eternal republican party is now down to a bunch of idiotic lunatics who all hate each other — while the country drifts away, the dig their heels in deeper.
    this is actually ofun to watch

    • dcAp,
      i think this is absolutely hilarious. it’s even funnier than princess sarah and captain underpants trying to stick it to each other when people ask why they lost the election. 😆

  4. I caught Manatee and Pat “Loose” Buchannan yukking it up on the car radio last night. Manatee with the slow pitch over the plate sets up Pat with : Is it REALLY a big deal after all that Specter left the party ? ( The party he spends half his time claiming he is really not a member of anyway…) Buchanan points towards the left field bleachers and cues up his Irish Barrooom loudmouth laugh : ” Sean, he’s been gone for a long time…” Haw haw haw. (Yeah and I don’t care if she stiffed me on our prom date and went with that steroid inflated football team captain either…)Whom are they shitting ? I say every day, this is sooooo much better than I expected it to be, I guess I was lacking the audacity of hope. Peace

    • rastamick,
      once pat starts his nervous laughter, you can bet he’s lost his argument. at that point, he has nothing left but deriding the target of his wrath. when it happens when one of his bretheren is conducting the interview with nobody there to counter what he has to say, you know that he really, really, really has nuthin’!

  5. Thanks for making me laugh, I love the latest cover 🙂

    • hello nunya!
      welcome to the raisin! 😀 i always love to hear that i made someone laugh. i’ve been to politicky bitch quite a few times. that video you posted of hillary defending women’s health care was awesome, and i thank you for bringing it to my attention.

      hope you’ll stop by again! 🙂

  6. Certainly I’ll be back, and thanks for visiting my blog also, 🙂

  7. Jenn/jlms qkw

    this is fantastic! i love the flower in lindsey’s hair!!
    and love the newspaper specter has! and the bumper stickers on his shopping bag too!

    • oh jenn,
      you are so, so wrong! 😥 that’s not a flower in lindseypoo’s hair! it’s a barrette! 😉

      thank you, though, for noticing stuff like the headline on the newspaper and the stickers on the suitcase. 😀

  8. jeb

    I still can’t believe that he didn’t go with the option of joining the Lieberman party. Guess you have to be Lieberman to do that.