From the Los Angeles Times:

When he announced the other day that he was switching to the Democratic Party, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter offered to return campaign donations from any contributors who might take offense.

Turns out that includes a lot of his Senate Republican colleagues who lent money to the cause.

Georgia Republican Johnny Isakson was first in line — asking Specter to return his $5,000 leadership political action committee contribution. Other Republicans requesting refunds on behalf of their PACs: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky ($10,000), Tennessee Sen. Lamar Alexander ($5,000), Texas Sen. John Cornyn ($5,000) and Tennessee Sen. Bob Corker ($5,000).

Original DVD cover.

“They gave that money to elect a Republican. They did not give that money to strengthen [Democratic Senate Majority Leader] Harry Reid’s majority,” National Republican Senatorial Committee spokesman Brian Walsh told the Washington Times.


No question Republicans are peeved. One Republican official in Hamilton County, Ohio, Alex Triantafilou, was criticized for crossing the line into bad taste when he posted an image of Specter, then bald from his chemotherapy treatments for a brain tumor, next to one of the hairless Dr. Evil from the “Austin Powers” movies. He’s since replaced it with a photo of a frowning child.

Pennsylvania Republican Party Chairman Robert A. Gleason Jr. is demanding that Specter return all campaign contributions, no questions asked.


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23 responses to “Ex-Specter-atin’

  1. That chemo joke is almost as funny as Newt giving he heave ho to one of his wives while she was being treated for cancer. I think they’d all be repaid in canadian pennies if I had anything to do with it. Or Dominican pesos might be better. Either way they continue to behave like the mob that they are and it is highly amusing to me.

    • you have to wonder about people who would vote for someone so vile as to make fun of a cancer victim! if he wants to diss a political enemy, fine, but to use a pic from when he was undergoing chemo is not only unbelievably crass, but it’s incredibly stupid. what a vile piece of shit that triantafilou must be.

    • Don’t pay them in Canadian coins. Canadian money was actually at par with US currency for a while a year or two ago and Canadian coins have long been accepted at face value here in Michigan. Pay them back in Zimbabwean money. That stuff is worth less than the paper it’s printed on.

  2. One of those many, many reasons why I think political parties are inherently destructive —

    “They gave that money to elect a Republican.”

    You know, that Republican had a name. No one should ever just support a candidate because s/he belongs to the right party.

    On a side note, NH has recently abolished straight-ticket voting. I’m pleased by that. I think that people should actually look at each position and choose the best candidate.

    Of course, it was done partly because of the number of people who marked straight tickets and then voted line by line as well … sometimes for people of the other party.

    • amen, wickle! i think one of the biggest problems we have, poltically speaking, is that people vote for an R or a D and not the person. i hate the entire party system. i think alliances are fine, but the party system has evolved into something akin to feuding mafia families.

      • Or sports teams. Mind you, it helps that there are clear ideological differences between the parties (at least we really have two now), but the two parties are more a collection of interest groups than ideological organizations.

        • zactly. instead of parties, we should follow their names with the corporation or interest group that gave them the most money rather than a D or an R. for example, Blanche Lincoln (WALMART-AR).

          • That’s not a bad idea.

            “The Congressman from Bank of America has the floor …”

            • That would add a whole new meaning to corporatist state.

              • here’s a better idea. instead of listing their names like that, we make them wear patches, like they do in nascar. the bigger the patch, the more money they’ve gotten from the corporation or interest group. of course, we also get to charge each group for the advertising, so the country makes money along with the congresscritter! 😀

  3. What’s next, asking for campaign donations back if the candidate loses?
    The GOP is filled with chickenshit bad sports who have no sense of shame or basic manners.
    If I were Specter, I’d say no refunds for losers.
    It’s not like the pikers who’re asking for their money will start respecting Specter if he gives it back.
    As for me, I like political parties because when I see an R by someone’s name, I automatically know they’re pricks.

  4. No one should ever just support a candidate because s/he belongs to the right party.

    No one should ever just support a candidate because s/he belongs to the wrong party!

    • unfortunately, a lot people are too lazy or too busy to do a lot of research before they vote. they see the D or the R, and they harken back to what their parents told them about each party. i actually think the dems did a good job in educating people as to the differences when they embarked on the 50-state initiative. they started reaching out to rural voters who traditionally voted rethug.

      i think the biggest change, though, has to be in the media. they do nothing to educate people. instead, they go for the sensational. think back to the debates. instead of being informative, they were ridiculous. they need to find some decent moderators who care more about getting to the core issues and the differences between the candidates and less about how much time is on the clock or how much drama they can drum up.

    • “No one should ever just support a candidate because s/he belongs to the wrong party!”

      Good one!

  5. Jenn/jlms qkw

    that is one beautiful poster, nonnie!

    poor little old white republicants!!!!

    • thanks jenn!! 😀
      i really should have changed a bit more of the background, but i’ve been a little under the weather, and almost didn’t do a new poster at all. however, when i read the story, i was inspired.

  6. jeb

    Arlen should know better than to offer refunds to politicians. Of course they’re going to jump on it, they’re politicians.

    • like i said above, he should have offered to donate the money to charity. force the rethugs to publicly complain about money going to charity!

  7. His recent cracks about not promising to be a loyal Democrat really bothered me. He’s admitted that he switched parties for political expediency, but if he plans to be a pain in the ass, I hope Obama pulls him to the side and tells him he better shape up before primary time rolls around again.
    At this point, I’d like to buy him for what he’s worth and sell him for what he thinks he’s worth.

    • i think old arlen painted himself into a corner with that remark about not being a loyal dem. he’s giving other dems the opening to campaign for his seat. arlen thinks he’s being all mavericky, but he just sounds like an opportunist. if he doesn’t want to be a rethug, and he doesn’t plan on being a loyal dem, then why didn’t he become an independent? the unions are very strong supporters of dems, and if arlen votes against card check, he’s lost the unions, and i don’t think he will be able to survive in pennsylvania.

      the ironic thing is that, if a lot of high-ranking dems (including obama) campaign for arlen, then someone like sestak can claim the maverick label by running against him while also sewing up the union vote. i don’t think arlen thought this all the way through!