Eric Recanter


Eric Cantor spent his Sunday morning telling CNN that the Republican Party plans on launching a listening tour.

Said the House minority leader, “What we’re trying to do here today is kick off a series of town-hall forums so that we can get back to listening to the people.”

Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh didn’t like that one bit and on Monday said the GOP shouldn’t take such a tactic: “We do not need a listening tour. We need a teaching tour. That is what the Republican Party, or, slash, the conservative movement needs to focus on. Listening tour ain’t it.”

Original DVD cover.

Does this mean that Eric, Mittsie, and Jeb don’t get any more pizza?

Well, Cantor must have gotten the message, because he told MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough this morning that the party’s rebranding does not amount to a listening tour: “You know, Joe, really, this — this is not a listening tour … What the National Council for a New America is, is an opportunity for us to go out across this country to talk about our conservative principles and to appeal to as many elements in our society as we can, and to really talk to them at a higher level.”

Watch the video at the WOWOWOW link above.


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27 responses to “Eric Recanter

  1. jeb

    When will they learn? Check with Boss Limbaugh before speaking and then you’ll have the message and not have to spin later.

  2. “And really talk to then at a higher level”??
    Like, higher as in, smoking oxicotton*??

    Eric, you ignorant skank!
    Take your proboscis outa Limbot’s buttcheeks; please.

    *Street slang for the real thing.

    • he meant decibel level. they think that if they say the same stupid shit more loudly, some moron somewhere is gonna believe them.

  3. Friend of the court

    “talk to them on a higher level….”, I don’t think I could get high enough to listen to a lecture from these flying sea monkies.

  4. I just happened upon your site…..great stuff! Will be back fo’ sho’!

    • hello yorksbeans!
      welcome to the raisin! 😀 i stopped by your site a little while ago, and i’m in love with your little bra-fetish doggie! he’s adorable! hope to see you here again very soon!

  5. With Republicans quitting the party in droves and the youth market totally turned off by the GOP’s message, by all means they should refuse to listen and insist on teaching.
    In fact, instead of going on any tour at all, the GOP should just direct members to listen to Limbaugh’s show, since his opinions are the only ones that count in Republicanland.
    Why listen to a dweebie little Jewish nebbish when they can sit at the feet of a great big fat Christian man and learn all there is to know about everything?
    A listening tour is so wimpy. Manly men like Limbaugh never have to listen–omnicience had its perks.
    I think the National Council for a New America should change its name to National Council of Limbaugh Dick Suckers.

    • the funniest thing is that the NCNA is getting bashed–by rethuglicans! cantor hitched his wagon to captain underpants, and most rethugs hate him for losing the last election so badly (not that they were that crazy about him before then). huckleberry is using this as a kick-off to his presidential campaign, so he’s bashing NCNA as a way of indirectly bashing cantor, mittsie, princess sarah, et al. ken blackwell is bashing them just so he can get some attention in the press. other rethugs are bitching and moaning off the record either because they were not invited to join or because they’re deathly afraid of rushbo. it’s really hilarious to watch them eat their own! 😆

  6. Can you hear me now?

    I can just envision the “listening tour” photo op– Cantor wearing industrial strength ear plugs, saying- “Tell me more”, to the general public, while lobbyists are stuffing his pockets with cash.

    Money talks…. right?

    But seriously– does anyone fall for this bogus, town hall staged forum crap?
    They only let in prescreened, card holding GOP members, and often hand out the questions they are told to ask.

    Mr. Cantor, do you prefer Diamonds or Pearls?

    Pearls or Swine?

    I can’t hear them!
    Must be one of those “dead zones” they refer to in Verizon commercials.

    • 😆 fran, that would be perfect! verizon has to do a commercial using the members of the NCNA! i think cantor has dug his own grave. instead of quietly working his way up the ladder, he jumped up and down screaming look at me! look at me! and had his pr people working 24/7. now he’s got all the attention focused on him, so he’s going to get all of the blame. he’s going to be the rethuglican whipping boy, and they will throw him under the bus at every opportunity to deflect criticism directed at themselves.

      the thing that i find the funniest is that i think boohoo boehner is the one who thinks up most of this shit, and he convinces cantor to carry them out. remember when you were a little kid, and you had a friend who would think up grandiose schemes but always talked other people into actually doing them so they got in trouble instead of him? cantor is like mikey in the old life commercials. the older brother knows he’ll try anything.

  7. Good boy, Eric. Listen to the dog whistle.

  8. Jeebus, Nonnie, that one made water come out my nose. Sheer brilliance!! I love the “one finger in each ear” that capped it for me. Yesterday someone on Countdown/Rachel’s show said that the GOP have lost an entire generation. And that until and unless someone in the GOP stands up to Rush they will never ever move forward.

    The fools have decided to go extreme right. So stupid, I’m loving it of course. Someone on those shows I mentioned above also said that going to one extreme – left or right – has never worked in this country. So good luck, dopey GOP. And good riddance for at least the next 40 years.

    • i think they need to corral all the remaining fundies and rightwingnuts and herd them all to…let’s say wyoming. let them have their own little country and leave the rest of us alone. let’s see how long they last with no help from the federal government.

  9. this is one of your BEST — the HMV with eric sticking his schnozola is the best.

    the GOP is filled with tons of douchebags – but NONE are as douchier as eric cantor. what a major embarrassment to our tribe

    can we vote him out, can we get the moyel to snip again, a little further

    • hey dcAp! 😀
      it broke my heart to replace nipper’s head with eric’s melon. 😥 however, when i read about how he capitulated to the fat bastard, that’s the image that popped into my mind.

      it’s a good thing that other members of the tribe on the other side of the aisle more than counter that little bastard’s evil speech and deeds. i think we need to send him to a new reality show, america’s top mohel. he can be the volunteer for the stunt they do in the car going 100 mph over potholes. 😉