Dumb Blondes

From USA Today:

Donald Trump says Carrie Prejean’s photos are “fine” and her crown will stay put. “Carrie will remain Miss California.”

The Donald also said at this morning’s press conference: “We had a little bit of a dilemma with Carrie, who is here, lovely, and gave a very, very honest answer when asked a very tough question (about gay marriage) at the recent pageant. It’s the same answer the president of the U.S. gave, the same answer many people gave. It was probably a fair question because it’s asked of many people. If her beauty wasn’t so great, nobody really would have cared. But that’s not the way it worked out.”

Original DVD cover.

Trump also hastened to add that NBC “will soon announce” it is extending its deal to air with the Miss USA pageant for another three years. And he said he’d “love” to have Perez Hilton, the judge who asked the gay marriage question, back next year. Perez immediately Tweeted, “Thanks, Donald, I’d love to be back next year!”

From the Philadelphia Daily News:

OUR NOT-SO-LONG national nightmare is over: Miss California, Carrie Prejean, can keep her title.


We’re still having beauty pageants, dude. We’re fighting over gay marriage. We’re at war with fanatics who stone women for going to school. Are we really in the 21st century?

“It’s the same answer the president of the United States gave,” Trump said of Carrie’s response to Perez’s gay-marriage query. “It’s the same answer many people gave. She gave an honorable answer. She gave an answer from her heart, and I think for that she has to be commended.”

We’re with you, Donald. We have said repeatedly during this ridiculous controversy that Carrie is absolutely entitled to the opinion she stated. It’s a beauty contest, for pete’s (or Trump’s) sake. Carrie was catwalking in high heels, not running for office. She was wearing a sash, not a judge’s robe.

Sure we think her higher authority might frown on the nudie shots and the fake boobs, but that’s just us – and we frown on neither.

So we were 100 percent with The Donald’s decision and with Carrie retaining her title and her important runner-up status should anything happen to whoever actually won.

But then Carrie had to open her mouth.

“On April 19 on that stage I exercised my freedom of speech, and I was punished for doing so,” said Prejean, who described Perez’s question as “politically charged” with a “hidden personal agenda.”

“This should not happen in America.”

Take a breath, dear. Perez’s question was only “politically charged” because you gave him an answer he didn’t want to hear and he made an issue of it. If you want your answer to be respected as coming from your heart, then his question should be respected for coming from his heart.


To review: A real-estate tycoon with an ego the size of the Taj Mahal (the real one, not his), owns a beauty pageant. You, a nice girl from San Diego, appear in it hoping to win fame and fortune. One of the judges is an Internet gossip queen famous for doodling over paparazzi photos.

He asks you a question to expose a viewpoint with which he disagrees. To your credit, you answer his question honestly.

Shazam! One month ago, no one knew you; now you’re being investigated by TMZ.com, appearing on national talk shows, being mentioned as a future political candidate and between 20 and 30 percent of the country loves you – and the handful of people who don’t love you will soon forget about you.

More modeling jobs and paid speeches than you ever could have imagined will soon come your way and surely a book deal is in the works. It also won’t surprise anyone if you score a role on next year’s edition of “Celebrity Apprentice.” One Trump beast, you see, must feed another.

Yes, you had a few weeks of uncomfortable publicity, Carrie Prejean, but you came out the other end of the rabbit hole. You’re set.

And you didn’t even win.

Maybe you’re right. Maybe “This should not happen in America,” but it could only happen in America.

From Associated Baptist Press:

Racy Internet photos have prompted some social conservatives to question the Religious Right’s embrace of Miss USA runner-up Carrie Prejean as a model Christian.


Prejean got a standing ovation when she appeared April 23 at the Gospel Music Association Dove Awards in Nashville, Tenn.

The National Organization for Marriage featured her in a video ad opposing gay marriage unveiled April 30.

Even before semi-nude photos of Prejean from past modeling shoots began cropping up on celebrity websites, some were beginning to question whether religious conservatives’ new heroine sent a wrong message about Christian modesty.

“Is anyone else puzzled by the response to our new family values spokeswoman?” Warren Throckmorton, associate professor of psychology at Grove City College in Pennsylvania, said in a blog. “For taking a position against same-sex marriage in a beauty contest, she gets invited to the Dove Awards and offered a scholarship to attend Liberty University during her senior year by Chancellor Jerry Falwell Jr.”


[“…] unless religious conservatives have some kind of answer to our girls about how they can lionize a Miss USA contestant and stress modesty at the same time, I do not see the virtue in giving her the platform.”


Writer Dave Welch added comments on the conservative website World Net Daily in his article, “Is Carrie Prejean Really a Hero?”

“I respect Miss Prejean for her stand and her willingness to testify of her faith,” Welch wrote. “However, I much more highly admire, respect and esteem my wife, my daughters and all the girls and women who have chosen the higher road. They are determined to show that their worth is not in how they look in a bathing suit but that they are wonderful creations of a loving God who designed them with meticulous detail as they are.”

Focus on the Family founder James Dobson interviewed Prejean for a two-part broadcast aired May 11-12, in which she described what went through her mind when she was asked the question about whether all states should legalize gay marriage.

“Honestly I felt that Satan — and I don’t want to say that this person represented Satan — but I felt as though Satan was trying to tempt me in asking me this question, and then God was in my head and in my heart saying, ‘Carrie, do not compromise this,'” she said. “‘You know, you need to stand up for me. You need to share with all these people — if there were 95 percent of the people in the audience who were gay — you need to witness to them, and you need to show that you are not willing to compromise that for this title of Miss USA.’ So I just knew right there it wasn’t about winning. It was about just being true to my convictions.”

After the pageant, Prejean’s pastor gave a sermon comparing her experience to the Old Testament Book of Esther, a story about a Jewish woman who ascends to the Persian throne and manages to save her people.

Asked about the comparison, Prejean asked Dobson, “I think it was a beauty contest she was in, right?”

Dobson said it was. “He was choosing a queen, and he chose Esther,” he said. “She won the contest. So the parallel there is really interesting.”

Thinking about it, Prejean told Dobson, “I feel as though God had chosen me. In the top five in Miss USA, he had trusted in me that I would have spoken out. I was going to stand up. I was the only one in that top five that wasn’t going to be politically correct.”


“The media is going to try to destroy you,” Dobson warned. “That is why I ask our listeners to be in prayer for you.”

“They did everything they could to destroy Sarah Palin for much of the same reason, the fact that she dared to bring a Down syndrome child into the world instead of aborting that child like 90 percent of Down syndrome children are,” Dobson said.


Dobson told listeners [Prejean’s semi-nude] photos became public after his interview with Prejean was recorded but before it aired.

“Focus on the Family has been a strong supporter of modesty and righteousness in the culture for many years, and yet we have chosen to go ahead and air these two programs after Carrie explained that the pictures were taken when she was 17 years old,” Dobson said “She’s now 21, and in fact will be 22 on Wednesday, and she regrets doing it and said that she would not do it again. Most of us did things when we were teens that we’re embarrassed about, too, but life goes on.”


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27 responses to “Dumb Blondes

  1. She considers herself the “chosen one” for sticking to her beliefs. Interesting. Conceit with a smidgen of arrogance sprinkled on top. Pass me the Poupon, please.

    • she’s a liar and an opportunist. she lied about the pictures. it’s very obvious she posed for each and every one of them. she lied to the officials of the pageant. i guess she never read that thing in the bible about bearing false witness (or baring false boobs! 😉 ). when she started getting invited to the religious right’s whackadoodle circuses, she saw an opportunity to become carrie of arc. amazing how the fundies can twist their beliefs so easily to excuse a narcissistic liar.

      as for the other blond, donald trump is a misogynistic piece of filth.

      • Donald just set the stage for the future of the Miss USA label. Now, other states will probably start cashing in on the publicity with their own homegrown contestants in future pageants. More silicone and controversial questions. No more sweet innocent girl next door types. The poor girl who actually won this year’s pageant has been totally pushed aside. Who is she? Does anyone even know?

  2. Hasn’t Trump been married to Melania for a few years now? He’s wayyy overdue for a divorce due to infidelity. Maybe he’s boning this dimwitted Prejean seahag.
    Would anyone be shocked?

    • melania sounds like a tumor.

      i wonder what the asshole would do if people talked about his daddy-dependent daughter the way he talks about other women. only the opinions of attractive people count? then why the hell should anyone listen to donald trump? i despise that sonuvabitch for so many reasons.

  3. she might be the one person that makes Sarah Palin look like Madame Curie. Dumb as rocks – no , dumb as shit, maybe, dumb as bush – definitely. speaking of bush – fake boobs, i would assume fake blonde

    we have really entered the twilite of this country when this is the most important news of the day

    • i think she and princess sarah should get together with miss south carolina (not lindseypoo graham, the one who was sad that american students don’t have maps, such as) and form their own girl singing group. they can call themselves the bimbettes or something like that.

  4. Effing beauty queen pageant bullshit.

    Carrie ” gave an answer from her heart”
    Her heart, it turns out just happens to be dark & twisted & harbors prejudice & discrimination.

    “This should not happen in America” is what the vast majority of the country should be saying about the recent torture disclosures- along with a demand for independent trials/prosecution.

    Did I mention that I *hate* this effing beauty queen pageant bullshit?

    This story is getting more attention than the 5 soldiers who were shot dead by a fellow soldier who cracked in his 3rd tour of duty.

    • i like what the guy from philly said–maybe she did answer from the heart. she has the right to her opinion. however, perez hilton asked the question from his heart, and he is no less deserving than she is to his opinion. if character was a prerequisite to get into a beauty pageant, she would never have been a contestant. she’s a whiner, a liar, and a hypocrite.

      the same can be said for the priest in miami who got his dinky stinky. shame on the media for putting inconsequential people in the limelight.

  5. jeb

    OK, here’s an idea, let’s do all of that pageant thingy over again only without anyone working there who’s gay. Hmmm, bet there won’t be a pageant and no Carrie either.

    I wish The Donald would just go away.

    • that’s the best idea i’ve heard yet! who would do carrie’s hair and makeup? oooh! maybe the person who groomed katherine harris is available!

  6. She’s a distraction. Now what are we really missing while people are pissing and moaning about miss plastic titties?

    • hey nunya! 😀
      the vast percentage of what’s on the news nowadays is just distraction from what’s really important. this moron will wind up as another spokemodel on faux news or as a B celebrity on some reality show. most people won’t remember her name when she’s an answer in trivial pursuit.

      • “a B celebrity on some reality show”

        Donald Trump still co-produces “The Apprentice.” I’m sure he can find a role for her there, although not as a contestant. She’s not qualified for that.

        BTW, great photoshop. It really does appear like Carrie and The Donald are looking into each other’s eyes.

        • neon vincent,
          he owns that crappy show. it’s a good thing, because his son and daughter need the jobs.

          you give me too much credit. the reason that carrie and trump look like they are looking into each other’s eyes is because this is a rare case where i actually used 2 people from the same photograph. they actually were looking into each other’s eyes. i just repositioned their heads to fit the new pic.

  7. I don’t… Oh, God, I hope she doesn’t make it into a trivial pursuit question…. eeeh.

    • don’t worry, nunya, nobody will even remember her name a month from now. that is, unless they make her the new joe the plumber. he left the rethug party, so they have an opening for a new moron. 😉

  8. Michael

    I’d like to know……… How far down the Donald’s dick did her Krixstain lip descend, before he changed his mind?

  9. What a difference a year makes (weakly review) Micheals question can finally be answered thanx to the exboyfriend and the box-o-porn revelations that put queenie on the outs, much like Dobson who has been squeezed out of his FotF position for being so fuddy-duddy and a complete idiot. Which brings to mind his co-founder and homo expert who seems to have won the Great Nancy Award last week in Florida. The moral of the story or as Kyle would say ” we learned something today” is, girls, remember that spicy photo or polaroid you did for your boyfriend who swore he would never show it to anyone. Yea, that one. He didn’t have a ‘puter in those days. And there was no such thing as MyGirlfriend either. Just sayin’.

    • trump is having all the miss america contestants pose in skimpy lingerie, posing on beds. if the ratings continue to drop, he’ll have them pose for pix that will make sister carrie’s pix look like yearbook photos.