Move Over, Darjeeling


Hoping to recapture the grassroots energy of last month’s “tea parties,” Republican Govs. Mark Sanford of South Carolina and Rick Perry of Texas will host a tele-town hall Thursday that’s being dubbed “Tea Party 2.0.”

The Republican Governors Association said it is expecting 30,000 people to participate in the town hall, which will take place roughly one month after the much-publicized anti-tax tea party rallies held in hundreds of locations across the country on April 15, the tax filing deadline.

Oh, the excitement! The boys got up early and started planning right away!

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Sanford and Perry will each speak for several minutes before opening up the town hall to up to an hour-long question and answer session.

RGA Executive Director Nick Ayers said that while the effort Thursday will be on a smaller scale than the April tea party rallies, it still represents “a great opportunity to mobilize that support.”


Sanford, who attended a tea party in Charleston, gained national notice for his high-profile battle with the White House over his resistance to federal stimulus funds designated for his state. The fate of those funds remains undecided as Sanford continues to battle with state lawmakers over how much of the $350 million in funds allocated for South Carolina his state will accept.

Ricky and Mark worked very hard, but they took time out to have some fun, too! Here’s Mark laughing while Ricky pretends to be “teaboarding” a Democrat Socialist donkey!

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Perry spoke at three tea parties across Texas and helped promote the rallies during numerous radio and television interviews prior to the events.

The Texas governor generated widespread publicity after endorsing a state House resolution reaffirming the state’s sovereignty, a veiled shot at the president’s stimulus package.

“I believe that our federal government has become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of our citizens, and its interference with the affairs of our state,” Perry said at the time.

Perry drew praise from the conservative media for the move, but was widely derided by the left for suggesting that Texas may consider seceding from the union in protest of the stimulus.

They worked all day and evening until it was nighty-night time.

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Ayers said both governors “heard the frustration” of the tea party attendees and “understand that our Republican governors are the best positioned to lead on these issues.”

The RGA, Ayers said, is hoping to use the town hall as a springboard for organizing support and fundraising for key gubernatorial races this year in Virginia and New Jersey.

“We don’t have to wait until 2010 to send a message to Democrats in Washington that they are spending too much and borrowing too much,” he said. “We’ll have an opportunity to do that this year.”

While Mark and Ricky were having sweet dreams about their party, there were others who sat and hoped they would get an invitation to the big event.

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26 responses to “Move Over, Darjeeling

  1. jeb

    Poor Mikey, he’s gonna be sitting there and waiting for a long time because those meanies won’t let him come to their tea party.

    • i know, jeb. it’s so, so sad. 😥 i think little mikey should use the time constructively and think up a list of excuses for why he was left out yet again.

  2. Pssssssssssh **spits out tea**
    There is one tea time I’ll be SURE to miss.
    Tea party 2.0???

    Did they pay some marketing genius to come up with that one?

    Old/New… the GOP is hip yet sophisticated???

    Which one will wear the Mad Hatter Hat??

  3. i expected some raised pinkies — perry is that kind of vibe

  4. What kind of egos do these guys have?? They really think they can pull off a successful tea-party without the help of the Alaskan princess? She’s sure to be pouting and possibly planning a better party of her own.

    • and i bet someone has already bought her the perfect outfit to wear!

      • Bought it?? She’s probably got a few good ones to choose from, compliments of the RNC!

        • that’s why i didn’t say she bought it. she might still be hiding the rnc clothes. i think she has most of them stashed until she figures everyone has forgotten about them so she can wear them in public.

          • oops, didn’t catch that, I read too quickly! 😉

            • no worries, ynb! i hope i wasn’t snippy in my answer. i am sooo pissed off today. the a/c guy was supposed to come and fix a vent. i got up early so i wouldn’t miss him, and he never showed up. then, at&t, after 2 weeks of drama, was supposed to install u-verse service so i can tell comcast to kiss my ass. they were supposed to be here between noon and 2. at 3:00, i called, only to be told that the installer said he couldn’t find the place, and he tried to call my home phone and cellphone, but he couldn’t get through. hello? my phone service is through at&t, so shouldn’t he have reported it if there was something wrong with my phone? of course, he’s a lying asshole, as there were no calls on my caller id on either phone. then i was told the earliest they could do the installation was tuesday. i told them to shove their service up their collective asses. i’m still furious and plotting my response. companies are usually not very happy when i get pissed off at them. not only do i get nasty, but i am also factually and logically correct, and they have no good response. they have to sit and listen to me bitch at them.

              i’ll stop now. i’m not a nice person when i’m pissed off. anyway, my apolgies, dear ynb and anyone else i might have been rude to.

              • Oh dear….you certainly did have a pissy day! Cable companies are the worst. They’ve had my blood boiling a few times. They take such advantage of the monopoly they have. Even their satellite competitors don’t make them blink an eye.

  5. So, which of the three are playing the roles of the Mad Hatter, March Hare, and The Dormouse?

    • i don’t know, but i wish they would all drink the stuff that will shrink them so that we don’t have to look at or hear from any of them again.

      • You mean like in this video?

        • omg! i had no idea you could post videos in the comments here! 😯 weird how you can leave a video, but you can use strikeouts.

          i thought that video was going to be just the animated scene. i was pleasantly surprised. i love that song!

          • I am just as surprised as you are to see the video post. All I did was post the URL, not the embed, and it looked like WordPress did the embedding for me!

            • i really should keep up with the news at wordpress. i usually click over when they post a headline, but more often than not, i don’t know what they’re talking about when they get all technical.

  6. Perry is the biggest tea bagger on Earth.
    When that movie ‘Outrage’ mentioned Charlie Crist, Larry Craig and Ken Mehlman as closeted gay Republicans, they completely missed the boat on Perry.
    It’s pretty common knowledge in Austin that Perry’s wife Anita caught him teabagging then-TX Secretary of State Geoffrey O’Connor, a swishy blonde queen who quickly resigned after that.
    Anita Perry wanted to divorce Perry on the spot but a crew of Rebublican operatives showed up at the guv’s mansion with a trunk full of cash and talked her out of it.
    I’ve personally witnessed Perry eyeing the teabags of hoards of gay men at an HRC dinner in Austin. He was loitering in the foyer and his sneaky eyes never traveled above the belt of any man who passed by.
    Then there’s his little adventures on the private yacht of a gay millionaire grocery store magnate-but that’s a whole ‘nother story.
    Suffice it to say, Perry’s eyes light up when he hears the phrase teabagging, and it ain’t about taxes.

  7. Dusty

    That Olbermann made him the star of Friday’s WTF Moment really says it all about Rick ‘the hair’ Perry I think. 😉

    • i missed that, but i just found the video and watched it. that was awesome! once we have relocated karen zippy, i say let texas secede!

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