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Nuts and Dolts

From Talking Points Memo:

Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared last week on the right-wing talk radio show of Jan Markell, where she spoke out forcefully against the Obama Administration for not wanting to go after foreign terrorists — and for targeting conservatives through the Department of Homeland Security’s report on right-wing extremists:

    It isn’t that they don’t want to use the word ‘terrorism,’ it’s who they’re using this word against,” said Bachmann. “And as you had stated correctly, in this report — which I have read, it’s about a nine-page report I believe, if I recall correctly — the right-wing extremists report, they include people who believe in End-Time prophecies, pro-life. It is appalling the people that they named.

She later warned: “People need to realize that truly, our freedoms are more at risk than they have been at any other time in recent history.”

(Audio at TPM link above)

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