Nuts and Dolts

From Talking Points Memo:

Rep. Michele Bachmann appeared last week on the right-wing talk radio show of Jan Markell, where she spoke out forcefully against the Obama Administration for not wanting to go after foreign terrorists — and for targeting conservatives through the Department of Homeland Security’s report on right-wing extremists:

    It isn’t that they don’t want to use the word ‘terrorism,’ it’s who they’re using this word against,” said Bachmann. “And as you had stated correctly, in this report — which I have read, it’s about a nine-page report I believe, if I recall correctly — the right-wing extremists report, they include people who believe in End-Time prophecies, pro-life. It is appalling the people that they named.

She later warned: “People need to realize that truly, our freedoms are more at risk than they have been at any other time in recent history.”

(Audio at TPM link above)

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Just in case there was any doubt as to Glenn Beck’s status as a paranoid charismatic who regards himself as a Christ-like figure, last night he predicted his own assassination on television.


Anyone who speaks out against ACORN—including a dissident member of the organization’s Washington, D.C., arm who recently appeared on Beck’s show—is “in danger.”

And Beck is the top target, which is why he told his viewers: “If I’m ever in a weird car accident, or I commit suicide or something, after the media stops celebrating my death, could they check into it? Because I’m not suicidal. And I’m a pretty good driver.”

From CNN:

Addressing the National Rifle Association, [Republican National Committee chairman Michael] Steele warned that “liberal Democrats could control every lever of every branch of government” if Obama picks a “young, activist, left-wing justice.”

“Supreme Court justices hold lifetime appointments,” Steele said according to his prepared remarks. “That is why it is imperative that President Obama take his time and search for a nominee with the wisdom and grounding to interpret the laws of our great nation – not one who will have a knee jerk desire to ’empathize’ with the concerns of Americans. Sounds like instead of another Judge Roberts, the President is looking to put Doctor Phil on the Court.”


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21 responses to “Nuts and Dolts

  1. Okay tell the truth Nonniebooboo, you hoite yo finga poking it at the scene that displayed this bat-poop crazy woman! (Believe me I understand.) You keep the mittens on until you’re all better now— I mean it—
    We can’t live without our daily dose of nonnie-sense!


    • dat’s whut happent!

      the fingers are taped up together, and i now answer to nonnie ninefingers (as well as nonniebooboo and all the other nicknames you’ve given me! 😉 )

  2. Dusty

    Ya just couldn’t be a good girl and lay off the ‘puter could ya Nonnie? 😉

    Batshit Bachmann really needs to get out into public more. The more American’s see and hear her dumb delusional ass, the better off we all will be. 😆

    Steele is relegated to the sale bin..even his own party thinks he is full of shit.

    • i’m not being bad, dusty. 🙂 the doc said that the problem with my hand isn’t from the computer, and he didn’t put any restrictions on my using it. don’t worry, though, making typo after typo is making my comments much shorter here and elsewhere.

      i really think the rethugs are trying to reel batshit bachmann in, but she refuses to shut up. she was left off the list of rethug incumbents to protect, even though she had one of the slimmest margins of victory last election.

      • Dusty

        Ooook then, as long as your Doc says it’s ok..ok. 😉

        Bachmann had a huge lead until she opened her piehole..then folks started coming out of the woodwork and giving money to her Democratic challenger. Too bad he couldn’t pull it off.

        A friend of mine lives in her district..and he says what actually happens is that the Dem’s and Green folks split the ‘normal’ vote and the old neocon’s all line up behind Batshit Bachmann, giving her enough votes every friggin time.

      • Thaddeus McCotter, who represents the next district to my east, is on the vulnerable list. *evil chuckle*

        They’re also going to try to save Cao in Louisiana. That’s a waste of resources given any kind of competent Democratic challenger. Cao only got in because he was running against William “The Icebox” Jefferson. Any other year, and Cao would have lost in a laugher.

        As for Bachmann not being on the list, maybe the NRCC actually thinks she’s not vulnerable. Yeah, right.

        • i think it’s nice of them to identify who they think is vulnerable and where they will be spending their money. that gives the dems time to find good candidates and fund them.

          if they want to invest in batshit bachmann, they should start by wiring her mouth shut.

  3. Bachmann is so over the top batshit crazy it’s beyond comprehension.

    Beck is getting there. What is he worried about Cheney’s Death Squad coming after him? That must be what it is, Pres. Obama isn’t worried about Beck, he knows Beck is a nut job and he doesn’t have to worry about him. Beck will self destruct soon.

    Steele is going to either get run off or resign from the RNC, but I hope he stays around long enough for them to be totally lost for the next 20 or 30 years or so… That would be the best thing to happen to the country.

    • hi annette!
      welcome to the raisin! 😀

      i’ve said it several times before–the rethugs need to rename themselves the republican parody. they’ve become nothing but a laughingstock. amazing how the collective iq seems to be tanking, even with chimpy being gone. batshit bachmann will be gone, and she will take the place of katherine harris in jokes. it’s just a matter of time before beck has a nervous breakdown on the air, and michael steele will be reduced to getting coffee for the staff at the rnc.

  4. The reich wing likes to have a token crazy female in the spotlight, apparently, I get the impression Bachmann is filling in for Sarah Palin, who must be up to her elbows in poopy diapers & primping her daughter to be the ambassador of abstinence.

    • Princess Sarah has other problems. Let Hank Williams, Jr. sing them for you.

      • i’m still amazed that wordpress allows videos in the comments, but i still can’t post an image other than the little smileys. 😕

        • Love that Warren Zevon tune…. I don’t know if the *shit has hit the fan* yet, as Sarah is still able to sell off resources from Alaska.
          I sure hope the Obama admin throws some major environmental study requirements & roadblocks, before she auctions off all of the Wildlife Refuge to the “Drill Baby Drill” crowd.
          For now they are fully immersed in custody battles, over the baby of the abstinence ambassador, sure to be headed for a courtroom dual.
          I thought for sure they would have had a shotgun wedding– but I was wrong.
          For now they are duking it out on the talk show circuit, in true white trash style.
          Sarah P seems to have limited her press exposure to looking governor-ish behind a desk. No baby spit up, diaper changing photo ops for her!

          • i thought bristol and levi would have a lavish wedding redneck style. of course, that would have been after she was led to a manger, riding on a donkey led by levi. they would have been visited by the 3 wise men–rush limpdick, newt gingrich, and karl rove.

            for the wedding, they would have broken out the best snowmobiles, and the rnc would have shopped at all the best stores for the dresses and tuxes. maybe they could have borrowed the giant cross from chimpy–the one he had at jenna and her fageleh husband’s wedding.

  5. oooh, you may have hit on something there, fran. maybe they let batshit bachmann out of her cage in order for princess sarah to look less stupid and inane later on.

  6. Those rethug celebs are as delusional as they get. If they’re on the tube, I can only take about 5 secs of them and I have to turn the channel.

    • the problem the rethugs has is that they don’t have any celebs other than princess sarah, and she’s only a celeb because of tina fey. when the only celeb you have is a laughingstock, that’s doesn’t help to be seen as a viable party. political junkies may know who boohoo boehner, mitch mcconnell, or eric cantor are, but outside their districts or states, most people don’t know them from a hole in the wall. the people who do know them would rather vote for the hole in the wall. 😉

  7. jeb

    Beck thinks they’re out to get him? Wow, he must not realize there are many who would pay to keep him on point spewing BS.

    • why would anyone want to get him? he’s a moron. only morons listen to him. he does no damage to the dems, because he’s just a clown with no gravitas whatsoever. if anything, he’s useful as a distraction when someone doesn’t want to discuss something important.

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