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From The Dallas Morning News:

A group of Republican women supporting Kay Bailey Hutchison is demanding an apology from the Rick Perry campaign for remarks that they say disparage women. In a letter to the Perry camp, the group accuses adviser Dave Carney of likening the Republican senator’s campaign to a “whorehouse.”

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(l to r:Β  Chimpy, Governor Little Ricky Goodhair, Kay Thrown-Over-for-Princess-Sarah Bailey Hutchison, Anita Stepford Beard Perry, Poppy Bush, Dave Foot-in-Mouth Carney, John Giant Head Cornyn, Babs Let-’em-Eat-Cake Bush, Laura Pickles Bush)

At issue was a story in Dallas Morning News story quoting Carney saying the Republican Party should welcome diverse views — “But that doesn’t mean you take your principles and throw them out the door and become a whorehouse and let anybody in who wants to come in, regardless.”


“As businesswomen, community leaders and mothers, it is always concerning and disheartening when we see people resorting to behavior aimed at belittling women,” said the letter, signed by seven long-time Texas GOP activists, including two former Republican National Commiteewomen — Denise McNamara of Dallas and Penny Butler of Houston. All seven women are Hutchison supporters, according to the campaign’s list of its statewide political backers.

The Perry campaign issued a statement saying consultant’s remarks were not directed at Hutchison, but at the National Republican Party, which Carney said should avoid being “Democrat-lite” by becoming more moderate.

“Dave Carney, a national political consultant and former White House Political Director, was commenting on a story concerning the state of the national Republican Party. He was not commenting on the 2010 Texas Governor’s race and does not speak for the Governor,” said Perry campaign spokesman Mark Miner.

The entire letter is at the link above.

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19 responses to “L’Austin Space

  1. Regardless who the comment was directed at, it was in poor taste, period.

    • it was directed at kbh, and it was no slip of the tongue. it was planned and delivered by the perry campaign. they had someone other than gov. goodhair say it so he could distance himself from it after the point had been made.

  2. dusty

    And we should expect above board remarks from Gov. Goodhair or his minions?

    This is the jackass that loves teabagging and neocon’s. This is the jackass that wants TX to secede from the US, but in the next breath demanded federal help and meds to combat the ridiculous H1N1 flu scare for his state.

    And I too love Zippy! Best thing about TX is Karen Zipdrive. πŸ˜‰

    • zippy is the best!

      i really hate it when someone in a campaign says something incredibly stupid and then the candidate says that the person who said it doesn’t speak for the campaign. if that’s the case, fire him! if you don’t, then what he said was apparently not very offensive in the opinion of the candidate. man up, have some balls, and accept responsibility. it’s like chimpy and deadeye dick blaming torture on a few bad apples.

  3. Believe me, Texas Gov. Dick Fairy controls his campaign advisors like he controls his shellacked helmet of hair.
    He sent out this goon to test the waters with the whorehouse routine. My hunch is, Dave Carney heard Perry say it and figured it was okay to parrot it.
    Meanwhile, Perry and his cronies at the Texas Department of Transportation are trying to figure out how to turn Hwy 281, which we taxpayers have already bought and built, into a Toll Road.
    The tolls won’t be going into the state tills, either. Spain will get the money.
    Can these Texas politicians get any greasier?

    • zippythe best,
      whassamatter? you don’t like the name i gave you in the diary? πŸ˜‰

      i’d be willing to bet that the backroom conversation always has kbh being referred to as a whore, bitch, or something like that. whorehouse was a logical next step. i think the slip of the tongue was deliberate and fully sanctioned by governor goodhair.

    • Zippy's Biggest Fan

      Kay and Ricky fighting over which asshole will run the state reminds me of the fight over who would represent the Rethug party as their Prez candidate:

      They are all bullshit and bravado types..so does it really matter which one gets the nod?

      • i’m going to have to have a chart to keep track of everyone’s new names. πŸ˜‰

        dusty, if a rethug is going to win, i hope it’s kbh instead of little ricky goodhair, if only to serve as a slap in the face to the fundies and the teabagging morons.

  4. This will be like watching a pro wrestling match in terms of guilty pleasure entertainment. At least this match isn’t fixed.

  5. Oooooh! Kay Bailey Hutchison having a showdown with Rick Perry
    It’s kind of like Gone With the Wind….

    Will there be a face slap & a “frankly my dear I don’t give a damn” ???

    • i think mostly nobody will give a damn. πŸ˜† that said, i am looking forward to seeing what kind of dress kbh makes with the drapes. i miss project runway.

      • Project Runway? I used to live with someone who tried out for season two and had a clip from her audition make it into the first show. I watched all of the first three seasons with her and her boyfriend. Was that ever an inside experience!

        • i would love to hear what it was like behind the scenes. bravo has the fashion show now that they’ve lost PR to lifetime, but it’s not the same. when ‘sorry, we’re just not buying it. goodbye, darling’ is the best they could do as the kiss-off phrase, you know the show is not going to be around long.

  6. I have little to say, but I thought your title was brilliant. As a geek, and a classic science fiction geek at that, the “L’Austin Space” title got me right away.

    Well done.

    • thanks wickle! πŸ˜€
      it took me forever to come up with that title. i always wonder if anyone even looks at the titles, so i am very happy that you caught my little pun! πŸ˜‰

  7. There’s something classically tasteless about Rethugs eating their own, even when it’s Ticksass BBQ style.
    But where else can a man wear boots like that.

    • and don’t forget the hats, mh. and fringe! and belt buckles! it’s all about the accessories. hell, i’m surprised that there aren’t more texan guys who are gay! πŸ˜‰

  8. jeb

    Yep, they just gonna jump straight into nasty. Got that Rove playbook open, you betcha.