The Ass-burns Reloaded

The new television season will be starting pretty soon, and though some shows are just warmed-up remakes of former crap and receive really lousy reviews, it seems the cast just refuses to go away!

From The Raw Story:

Vice President Dick Cheney decided to speak out after learning that President Barack Obama might open prosecutions of former Bush Administration officials, his daughter disclosed Thursday.

Elizabeth Cheney told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that her father decided to speak out after he learned there was a possibility of legal action.

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“He certainly did not plan when he left office to be doing this,” Cheney’s daughter said. “But I think as we watched in those very first days and weeks after President Obama came into office when he released the memos that lay out for the terrorists — the techniques we used to question them. Then when he suggested in the Oval Office itself that he would be open to the prosecution of former Bush administration officials including many who weren’t political appointees potentially, you know really, I think, made my dad realize this was just fundamentally wrong. We had to speak out.”

No, you really, really didn’t!

Cheney’s daughter accused President Obama of having a “September 10 mentality” and said she’d been thanked by a family member of a 9/11 victim following her father’s address.

(Video is at link above)

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33 responses to “The Ass-burns Reloaded

  1. Friend of the court

    the terriorists don’t need to read any memos, before they know how they were tortured. I think that’s just silly.

    • it would be better for the cheney evil coven…i mean family if they would just shut up, go away, and hope that most people forget that they ever existed.

  2. Dusty

    Elizabeth Cheney told Fox News’ Sean Hannity that her father decided to speak out after he learned there was a possibility of legal action. I knew that was the reason Cheney and his daughter were making the rounds, shooting off their pieholes.

    Obama keeps saying it’s up to Holder…but notice Holder isn’t making any public appearances since Obama said that.

    I want a Special Prosecutor damn it!!!!

    • Friend of the court

      the last time this shit was getting any traction, the flu attacked.

    • if they really want to influence the jury pool in deadeye dick’s favor, they’ll have to find a more likable spokesperson than liz. i guess deadeye dick doesn’t have very many friends. you might have noticed that nobody else is going out of his way to defend him.

  3. jeb

    I keep changing channels but these people won’t go away. HELP!

  4. I enjoyed the substitution of one Prince of Darkness and his family for another. BTW, where did you find the image of the iron maiden with a caricature of Cheney’s head? That looks like something too evil for Ozzy!

    • neon vincent,
      i love making posters like these! my favorite part is finding little jokes to put in them and seeing if anyone finds them. i was wondering if anyone would recognize the iron maiden or just think it was some depiction of the devil. when you google image iron maiden, you get past the dozen or so pages of album covers, and you finally get to it! it’s a fine specimen, dont’cha think? 😉

      • So the iron maiden looked like Deadeye Dick long before there was a Deadeye Dick. Now, that’s eerie!

        Speaking of album covers, I don’t think Ozzy himself would ever appear with an iron maiden onstage. After all, he was in Black Sabbath, not Iron Maiden!

        • it’s so funny when you google image something. i was fully expecting to see a bunch of torture devices when i googled ‘iron maiden’. when a bunch of album covers popped up instead, it was a V8 slap to the forehead moment. d’oh!

          also funny was that, last night, while answering one of the comments here, i heard a voice i recognized on the tv. it was this commercial.

          • Heh, World of Warcraft. I should have figured. I’m moderately tempted to play, as there is a Daily Kos Guild called Wreck List. No, I’m not kidding.

            As for the unintended effects of Google search, I’m not surprised. Google “Neon Vincent.” Most of the hits are me, not the original comic strip character from Playboy.

            • i didn’t know neon vincent was a comic strip character in playboy. oh my, you own a massage parlor!? 😯

              • No, but “Neon Vincent’s Massage Parlor” would be the organization line should I ever use the email associated with my Daily Kos account on USENET. As it stands, I might change my LiveJournal name to that.

  5. your most surrealistic yet! bravo!

  6. I like that cute little ape doll. He knows when to keep his trap shut. 😉

  7. OMG Nonnie, these posters were especially luscious. I loved the details.
    I especially loved Mary Cheney in the top photo sitting with her legs wide open.
    And in the second poster, the glass of AB+ was simply genius.
    Posters like these hardly need copy. They truly are worth a thousand words.
    Photoshop should pay you to be their chief spokesperson. You could sell a lot of their software, baby.

    • thanks zippy! i love doing posters with little jokes in them. yayyy that you noticed the ab+ blood on the table! i love puzzles where you have to find the differences in an original picture and one that’s been altered. i guess when i am doing pics like this one, i am paying homage to those.

  8. I like the new GOP logo (the dinosaur) you added & Cheney’s pet with blood tinged chops.

    Cheney realized being prosecuted for authorizing torture “was just fundamentally wrong”.

    You are right, then the distraction of the Swine flu emerged. That would have been a classic ending for the big Dick…. death by Swine Flu. His (mechanical) heart could not take it.

    Yes, it is fundamentally wrong to break domestic & international laws, Dick, and fundamentally, he belongs in jail.

    I don’t like the way the gvmnt is dancing around this issue… a political hot potato.

    Obama~ Civil Rights Champion….. this is a no brainer.

    • fran,
      i tried to think of something that might make a cute napkin holder, and i remembered the goposaur from the big orange. along with changing the dog, i also changed the cat that lizzie is holding. it’s a little hard to see it’s nasty snarl, but i think he looks like one of the family. 😉

      i’m with you. i keep hoping that there are investigations going on behind the scenes in the justice department. if holder doesn’t hold deadeye dick and his little buddies accountable for the crimes they committed, then this administration has failed in its duty to uphold the rule of law. everyone is supposed to be equal under the law. some shlub who hasn’t hurt anyone is in jail for selling an ounce of pot, but deadeye dick and his friends are allowed to get away with torture and murder and going to war under false pretenses.

      • The irony of this is that The Osbornes was all about showing someone with a sinister reputation as a normal family man. Not so with your photomanips of the Cheneys. They look even more sinister.

        • neon vincent,
          can you just imagine a reality show about the cheneys? i honestly think they would be even more hated than they are now, if that’s at all possible. 👿

      • Oh! How did I miss the tabletop guillotine?
        You have a flair for the appropriate nick nacks!

      • Oh! How did I miss the tabletop guillotine?
        You have a flair for the appropriate nick nacks!

        (Ooops I posted a response under the next person’s reply…. Doh!)

        • let someone else pick out the big pieces. i like choosing all the little accessories! it’s the little touches that pull a room together.

  9. great minds think alike
    did you see my homage to the Cheney clan – i posted today

  10. Jeez…. a couple sips of Kahlua & I can’t even hit the correct reply button & it’s mixed with real coffee too…. Whew!